Realty Income Stock O is OK! 5.8% Yield

REalty Earnings Stock NYSE: O is an okay REIT with a 5.8% dividend yield.

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Stock O is OK! 5.8% Yield

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    1. If you don’t understand why he recommend it, you can’t complain. If you understand why he recommended it, you wouldn’t complain.

    2. @Liam Reeves so no one can ever say anything? I am saying what he says can’t be given great credence with an example.

    3. exactly, you should never trust anyone, only yourself! That is the first rule in life, then everything gets easy!!! Thanks for watching!

  1. Sven, a reit etf like AWP dividend yield at around 12%; expensive net expense ratio of 1.19% but at current market price of $3.62 trading below its NAV price. I can see less of a risk holding reit at the moment? Not all reit only pay a yield of 5-6%, what if you can get a stable higher yield in indexed reit etf? Maybe do a video on this!

    1. keep in mind the moving factors, NAV is based on 3% interest rates, not 6%, thus half that and then check at what it is trading to NAV. Plus, according to the next video I am making, you wish not to be invested into anything leveraged!

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