Real Estate Should Have Crashed 25% Or More (Housing Banking on Hope)

The realty markets should have crashed 25% as interest rates increased. It happened in Sweden however not in Europe or the US. It is most likely people are still hoping the FED and the ECB will keep rates low for eternity.

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Real Estate Should Have Crashed 25% Or More (Housing Banking on Hope)

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  1. Why would I sell my current house with a 1% interrest for a new house with a 4% interrest? (Supply/Demand)

    1. You can keep your current interest rate. Only if you need additional captial you need get a new loan, but only for the capital you need extra.

    1. @E G Ahh ok. Might be on the may then. But then again, if there is a housing shortage the prices will always be a bit higher

  2. Nice video and thank you for breaking it down!! Even with the current dip, I’m still glad 😊 I can smile back at my portfolio of $66,700 made from my weekly trade within a short

    1. Absolutely true at these very moment that the crypto markets is bearish, it’s very likely for investors to lose money. So far this year, I have gained around $60k for the past few months with the help of Virginia Sterner trading strategy.

    2. Virginia’s trading strategy is also working for me at the moment. I’m pushing it already up $50,000 in profits so far…

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    4. This is the kind of information that We don’t get from most Youtubers will get in Touch with her right now.

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  3. Should there be a decrease in prices only in the value of houses or also of industrial or logistics-related properties?

  4. Hope and maybe also still the phase of denial. People don’t want to sell their property for less because they got used to the over-inflated prices.

  5. Perfect break down of why housing prices are still high even with higher rates. Everyone is anticipating lower rates and they can just refinance after 2 years (what every YouTuber is saying). These prices at 3% mortgage are not crazy but they are crazy at 6% so the question is how forward looking/forward efficient is the housing market. Sweden is short term efficient and US/Euro is either inefficient or very forward looking

    1. This, in the US it’s the opposite. People sit on 30 year loan with low interest rate and cannot afford to sell.

  6. I don’t think you are right about comparing Sweden to US. Sweden has one of the highest priced real estate sector in the world, people smarter than me say only Australia and Canada compare to it. Sweden for example has had these eternal mortgages where you only pay interest expenses. You cant get those in US.

  7. hmm… it looks like that the sweden house price index was falling around 18%. Instead it should rise 25% to reach those old highs.

  8. So the big question is, are they right, will rates be able to go down already then or not. I hope not. But impossible to know I guess…

  9. USA has a housing shortage. It has millions of new immigrants arriving each year, you have many houses that are now uninhabitable because of recent natural.disasters – floods, hurricane, tornadoes – plus a very large number of homeless people.
    Sure interest rates are up a lot, but the market is still tight for habitable homes

  10. Everyone is talking about house prices, car prices, xyz prices – has anyone bothered to look at prices in real terms, i.e. adjusted for inflation, if you do look then there has been a massive drop in REAL house prices, due to inflation.

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