Real Estate Now Looks Like 2007 – Very BAD….

Buying real estate now doesn't look terrific as costs are still high but rate of interest are much greater than over the last years.

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Real Estate Now Looks Like 2007 – Very BAD….

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    1. Why so much? Norway exported expensive oil and gaz to EU. Moreover, you have $2T sovereign wealth fund. And Norway has a 5 milion population and a huge mass land and sea water. It is easy to show off. You could easily live with $20.000/year wealth fund.

  1. Great work Sven
    In one of your videos you showed how REITs outperformed all the others it will be nice to have your perspective on REITs (non-mortgage REITs) going into 2023

  2. You can rent it out, but Covid here proved that the tenants don’t have to pay the rent, while you are still on the hook for the mortgage.

    1. that is life everywhere, you need to assume 10% vacancy whenever you rent, you should learn something about the business before buying :-))

  3. Great advice as usual. Keep evaluating public companies intrinsic value for all us who like to follow your point of view Sven, esspesialy 2023 which l think could be the real time to load up on great free cash flow companies at good entry prices! Happy holidays to you and family 👍

  4. You seem to ignore taxes and regulations in your video’s – maybe you just see that as ‘costs’ but in this case it might be helpful to explicitly mention it. Your example is from the Netherlands and we now facing a tsunami of regulation and tax reforms. Tbh – buy to let is basically killed. It is not 2015 anymore. For anyone in the Netherlands – please don’t believe the narrative in the media that real estate is always profitable. Do your due diligence before entering the market. In the current environment (mortgage, box 3 taxes, transfer tax, rent regulation) it is not that easy anymore to find a very good deal in the Netherlands – you’re probably better off investing in the stock market.

    Still hoping to see a new REIT video 🙂

    1. well, you just made 150% on whatever real estate you owned in the last 5 years, and yes, now the focus is on the tsunami of taxes – the government will try always to get some, but please don’t complain:-))
      On RE now, yes, as said, it isn’t a great risk and reward perspective to buy now 🙂

  5. In the Netherlands you can only get a mortgage 4.5x your yearly income. Middle income is 38K yearly. 2 people who earn that give you around 340K of mortgage. A family house would cost around 400K. So without cash on the bank no chance at all. Also the past years, you would need to bid 20 or 50K over the asking price to even make any chance.

  6. 0% in the Netherlands is not correct. You need a down-payment of 10% total sum or buy a bank guarantee to buy a house which costs 1% of total sum and you will only get that if the bank is sure about it.

  7. Merry Christmas! Nice to see you back!
    You’ve done a few videos on reits but quite a while ago. REITS have done tremendously well over the last couple of decades but what do you think the future holds for them this decade with interest rates climbing so fast? Most reits pull back a bit but the sector still looks expensive to me. What’s your opinion?

  8. At the moment in Southern Germany the fixed rate is around between 3,5%. You need a 20% downpayment and a new single house costs between 800k to 1 Milion euro, which makes buying a house close to impossible if you don’t have an old house to trade in.

  9. Hi Sven, that was really good summary of property market. What do you think about buying for investing (I will buy and rent the condo) in next months?

  10. Sven I just started my PhD in the Netherlands, wish me good luck ✌️

    I could start a mortgage there (also with previous money) but I will possibly move to another country in 5 years. Does it make sense?

  11. In the US you can get very low down payment but that usually requires that you pay a PMI fee (I think I read it’s like $1000 per year) until the value of the house is above the loan amount by some % and then maybe can get the PMI removed, Unless, you have a special loan like for retired army (VA) or like I got my house in 2012 because of the 2008 mess there was a program of no PMI on 5% down payment so that is what I got but that program ended a long time ago. However if you get a loan like FHA you have to pay PMI the entire loan so say 30 years but in exchange you get very low down payment and also get higher debt to income ratio I think it is something like 56% instead of the usual 50% or whatever it is for a standard 30 year loan. That said, the debt to income ratio is the limiting factor in the US. If you can only get a loan of 2000 a month because your income per month is 4000 and you want to buy a home that costs 3000 a month then you have to put down larger down payment in cash to reduce the loan amount.

    1. Before 2008 the debt to income ratio was much higher and as a result I think home values perhaps might fall faster now in 2023 than in 2008 because of this change. Is that good or bad for the economy? I don’t know but considering how the FED acts, fast and large interest rate hikes maybe it fits in the game plan better. A fast and steep recession instead of a slow and long recession. Perhaps this leads to less risk of the public and companies running out of cash reserves during the recession and thus lesson the damage during the recession but that is just my guess.

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