Portfolio Strategy: Currency Debasement Is A Given

When it concerns cash, it is a provided our currencies will lose buying power, those are made in that way, absolutely nothing weird there. However, when it concerns investing, more specifically to a portfolio, it is not practically safeguarding, it is first and foremost about the rate of that protection.

My enthusiasm is to try to find low threat high benefit investment opportunities. I use my accounting skills and investing experience in order to find interesting financial investment concepts that provide the possibility to lead me towards my monetary objectives.
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0:00 Currency Worth.
1:04 Cost of Protection.
3:56 Stocks.
5:16 Structure.

Portfolio Strategy: Currency Debasement Is A Given

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  1. La diversité des horizons représentés ici est vraiment remarquable. Cela ajoute une telle richesse à la conversation.🍭

    1. they were late 10 years. stock market goes up 20 years than is time for gold for 10 years afterward stock market goes up 20 years and again and again. the cycle started in ’50-’60s with stock market, ’70s gold, ’80s-’90s stocks, ’00s gold, ’10s-’20s stock, ‘2030s gold again, then ‘2040s global war again…@@afonsodeportugal

    2. Nah gold price is made by digital markets but gold is not digital. There is 100 time more digital gold than real gold. The only Asset where you can proof that it is not manipulated is Bitcoin. Thats why bitcoin will take the place of gold over the next decades

  2. I have about 5% of my portifolio in AAPL stock, any advice on any other that I can grow my $200 k capital to a million dollars?

    1. As a beginner, it’s essential for you to have a professional to keep you accountable. I’m guided
      by Andras Bohm a widely known crypto consuitant.

    2. I have heard a lot of wonderful things about Andras Bohm on the news but didn’t believe it until now

    3. I managed to grow a nest egg of around 120k to a decent 💲950k in the space of 3 months… I’m especially grateful to Andras Bohm, whose deep expertise and traditional trading acumen have been invaluable in this challenging, ever-evolving financial landscape..

    4. I’m willing to make consultations to improve my situation. What is the most reliable medium to reach him please?

    5. Andras Bohm is the licensed fiduciary I use. Just research the name. You’d find necessary website to work with a correspondence to set up an appointment

  3. If you look what gold did in its previous bull markets nominally 1971-1981 and 1999-2011 its doubling between 2016-2024 isnt much anything. Bitcoin is interesting. In 10 years its either a billion or a ~zero.

  4. Thank you for the great video as awalys, what about ETF’s like SCHD, that has a methodology of picking value stocks, more profitable companies with higher dividend yields, and less debt, in theory that should work as an automatic value investing strategy

    As an example, SCHD gets reconstituted once a year, and this time it swapped AVGO for BMY, it sold expensive stock for a more value stock.

    Would be great to hear your thoughts about it!

  5. Thanks again for the education! From 6:04 to 7:13 especially, really made me stop and think: The chart and discussion here, re “…increasing my lower level wealth over time…” is profound and very well said. Critically important to have that framework…Reminded me a little of your excellent video discussing Mark Spitznagel’s strategy….Appreciate it Sven !

  6. BTC was halved, so this spike in price is like a reverse split of stock, not a real doubling in “market cap”.

    1. Nah, Bitcoin wasn’t halved. The new supply of bitcoin gets halved. Every roundabout 4 years the new supply gets halved. It started with 50 BTC every 10 minutes then 25>12,5>6,25. The next time it gets halved is going to be 04/20/2024 +- 2 days and it will be halved to 3,125 Bitcoin every 10 minutes. So the market cap is real

  7. It makes sense that money gets debased, I think of it the following way: when you create value in the system you expect to get equivalent value back in return by the system, but just like when you do a favor for someone that value fades away with time and eventually it is almost completely forgotten. You cannot and should not be able to save value in currency forever. Your contribution to the system fades away with time just like money.

    1. Its not like your “work” is gone. It just gets stolen by the central bank by printing more money without creating new value in the system, just to use it for their profit.

      Why you shouldn’t save your value in a currency? Your work doesn’t get less valuable just because you did it yesterday.

      The best money is a currency where nobody can print money out of thin air. (Bitcoin 🤫)

  8. I have wondered if a essential commodity company like ADM is, in essence; holding oil or gold since they all go up when inflation pops.

  9. Hello Sven, thankyou for the videos as always!
    Im from Indonesia and i own First Pacific’s subsidiary
    Yeah its a very good, strong, essential business
    And it’s cheap (6ish PE, 5-6% yield)

    1. The company looks interesting, but has generated no share price appreciation over a quarter century! That’s quite disappointing, isn’t it? Is it because of constant dilution? Even with the fairly low payout ratio? That would not be an efficient allocation of capital!

  10. Thank you again for your analysis of Rubis stock. I think It was a good example of risk and reward . 👍

    1. It was… but what about their plan to invest €2.7 Bn CapEx (comparable to their market cap) in photovoltaic capacity in Europe, with 85% leverage and just 7% unleveraged IRR? I am not enthusiastic about it…

  11. I’m so happy I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever,hoping to retire next year.. Investment should always be on any creative man’s heart for success in life

    1. You’re right, with my current crpyto portfolio made from my investments with my personal financial advisor Fergus Waylen, I totally agree with you ,

    2. Yes I’m familiar with him. Fergus Waylen demonstrates an excellent understanding of market trends, making well informed decisions that leads to consistent profit

    3. YES! that’s exactly his name (Mr Fergus Waylen) I watched his interview on CNN News and so many people recommended highly about him and his trading skills, he’s an expert and I’m just starting with him….From Brisbane Australia

    4. Waylen has to be the best mentor I’ve met. He’s copy-trading has been the best because I hop on it with $3000 and I’m up with $35,000 in profit. He’s insights, information and versatility in the market is super ,

    5. I’m surprised that this name is being mentioned here, I stumbled upon one of his clients testimony on CNBC news last week

  12. Thanks for always sharing your knowledge and helping new investors. Thanks to all the YouTubers you guys are my inspiration going into cryptocurrency is the best thing that has happen to me why do some say b.t.c is a scam for me it changed my life maybe I was lucky Robert layla’s guidance mad me winner with little start up Bgt of $1000

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