Our YT Portfolio September 2022 Update (Rubis, Meta, Devro

YT Stock Educational Portfolio Update For September 2022

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Introduction of what I do (Research Study Platform, Performance, Portfolios, Strategy).

What is this channel all about? Value Investing:.

My 5 Core Stock Exchange Investing Beliefs.

My passion is to search for low risk high benefit investment chances with a long-term business owning like focus. I use my accounting skills and investing experience in order to discover the very best organizations to own that use the possibility to lead me towards my monetary objectives.
If you are a sophisticated investor looking for in depth, independent stock analyses and investing concepts, here is my STOCK MARKET RESEARCH PLATFORM (service research study and danger reward analysis, from my covered stocks list, my portfolio):.


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I am about long-lasting investing however my partner has to do with something even more important; long-term health! Naturally Ana YouTube Channel:.

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I typically get asked about brokers, here is a low fee broker, a global one that enables you to purchase on worldwide markets, and likewise offers intricate services like alternatives for when your investing skills grow. In the meantime, it is among the best options I have found for international financiers, likewise based upon your comments and inputs:.

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Always remember: "Investing involves danger of loss".

Our YT Portfolio September 2022 Update (Rubis, Meta, Devro

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  1. Everything is on sale right now. I can’t sell to change positions, but I am definitely doubling down on new positions.

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. a foreign market noob question, but how do I buy the Euro stocks? My exchange portal doesn’t list them (Merrill Edge).

    2. Some of my stupid investment ideas didn‘t drop as much as the great long term investments. I‘m using these days to get rid of these positions to reinvest the money into better businesses. It is painful to accept that some of my ideas did cost me a lot of money but at the end it doesn‘t make any sense to stay in businesses like Alibaba if you have no connection to these businesses and the stock is just moving sideways or dropping

    1. ah, hard to work with currencies, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But we have been discussing to get away from the EURo since ever 🙁

  2. Hi Sven! Could you make a video on how to manage cash right now?
    I am not fully invested (50% cash, 4% SP500 and 45% according to some stocks followed in the research platform) because I think there will be further declines in the market.
    I’m not trying to time the market, but the fundamentals of the global economy do not seem in line with the stocks prices (it is really complicated to find hidden gems right now). A recession is inevitable and in Europe we are in very, very bad shape (I live in Italy … I let you imagine)

    1. cash is cash, there is not a way to manage it except for the few percentage points that should be irrelevant in the big scheme. Currencies – sometimes you win sometimes you lose!

    2. If you think there will be further declines then sell put options to collect premium and/or buy at cheap prices…

    1. for me it is irrelevant I started in July 2022 with a million, you can compare it to the S&P 500 yourself. Plus, this is just 20% invested for the moment so not comparable at all!

  3. Hi Sven great vid as always. On a different note, EconomyApp shared the following today:
    DCF models are broken and flawed. Why? Imagine building a DCF for $AAPL in 2006. Analysts assumed a linear deceleration of iPod sales.
    ❌ No iPhone.
    ❌ No Watch.
    ❌ No AirPods.
    ❌ No App Store.
    You can’t put innovation in a spreadsheet.
    From my experience it kinda makes sense for innovative tech stocks, I´ve seen this play out several times in the last 15 years, but I would love to know what you think.

  4. Love this series, but have mixed feelings about a paper trading account. It looks like YT portfolio strategy doesn’t match your own real money portfolio and/or decision making, because if it would you would use real money. If this is true, can you please make a video and explain what are you doing differently in your personal portfolio in comparison to YT portfolio?

  5. Can it outperform the market over a 10 year period? If so you would win against Warren Buffett’s challenge for stock picking 😃

  6. Good thing it’s a paper portfolio… AAPL is at 150 now, not 157… WMD 11.79… NEM 41.28… META 140.43… BRK.B 267.97…

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