Oil Stocks (XOM Example Analysis) For 2024

Here is what you need to understand before purchasing stocks for 2024.

0:00 XOM is A BUY
2:08 Service Developments
5:11 Financials
6:02 Sector
11:06 Valuation
13:06 Investing

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(XOM Example Analysis) For 2024

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  1. Nice video as always Sven.
    Really appreciated your perspective and I fully agree. I think the “oil to 100 because inflation” is weird, since inflation hits the cost aswell, like in 1973 oil was 5$ a barrel and it was considered crazy high. It putting the carrige before the horse. High oil prices, bring inflation and money for big oil, not the other way around.
    US companies are lowering their cost compared to the others (because shale).
    I think owning oil can be good to offset geopolitical risk and get some cash flow, but a pure value investor can do better right now.
    Same for Chevron

  2. 9:40 So prices will go down unless there is war in the middle east. Something that we can argue Iran would keep pushing up.

    1. Also a good dividend end low debt. I cannot see the risk there, but it must be some risk. Can you please point out their risk?

  3. Are you concerned about the divergence in GDI and GDP? Do you care much about recession indicators or do you completely disregard timing the market?

  4. Totally agree. I dca-ed exxon during 2020 and 2021. I was just starting my investing journey and didn’t know anything about investing. But i knew oil was ridiculously cheap. So i put all of my extra money into exxon during that period. Now I’m just holding, collecting the dividend and waiting for prices to fall again.

  5. I agree on several points you made, but why do you think Buffett keeps buying OXY if “this” (meaning the sector) is just a “hold”? Maybe he sees something on the geopolitical front or the supply/demand (low investments for the past 10 years) that others are not seeing?

  6. Sven I would recommend to you to read the OPEC oil report, because you have your numbers wrong. Oil consumption 2023 was already at 102.1 million barrels per day. For 2025 OPEC projects 106.2 million barrels per day. It is essential in investing to read and get the numbers right.

  7. 14:00 The stock goes down because earnings decline. As earnings decline there is less/no money to do buybacks. What you would have to do as a CFO is retain earnings in good times and use that cash to do the buy back in bad times. That should actually be a no-brainer for cyclical companies. But for some reason common sense doesn’t seem to be that common.

  8. My Dad had me a little late and he should be retired but the economy won’t let him. What would be the best route, Stock,a business or what.

    1. First of all you need to stop thinking you will get financially successful on your own and put up your big boy pants and learn/make better profits with a Licensed professional

    2. Yeah you can, there is a popular one called NATHAN TRAVIS COOK. He is licensed and has over a decade of experience, he also works with all economic class of people.

    3. I’ve heard positive things about Nathan Travis Cook. I sent him an email, and he promptly responded, offering to schedule a consultation.

  9. Question about buybacks:

    As value investors, should we be worried if a company we own does buybacks at a “too-high” price?
    We can just sell some shares to offset the effect. Or do I miss something?

    (Further, if we own it, we think it’s probably at a reasonable price!)

  10. 2010’s was not that good decade for oil, i think 2020’s will be a lot better. There is no shale revolution now and capex spending was missing in the 2010’s. Just think what will happen to e.g. russian production couple of years from now. Exxon likely isnt a good investment at these levels, i think you are right. There are many cheaper ones though that may be?

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