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Here are my leading from my research platform, inspect it out, see how it fits you and let me understand. If you are a sophisticated financier trying to find in depth, independent stock analyses and investing ideas, here is my STOCK EXCHANGE RESEARCH PLATFORM (service and sector danger and reward analysis, my portfolios):.


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I often get asked about brokers, here is a low charge broker, an international one that permits you to purchase on worldwide markets, and also provides complex services like alternatives for when your investing abilities grow. In the meantime, it is one of the best options I have discovered for worldwide investors, likewise based on your comments and inputs:.

0:00 Method.
3:20 Example.
6:15 How It Works.
7:36 Performance.
10:10 Offer.


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  1. The return on invested capital for Acomo is not that high it appears and it does not grow. That business is 100 years old but still only 500 million market cap ? 100 years and no compounding, what did they do with the money ? I bought WSM one year ago for a PE below 10 for example, but WSM has very high returns on capital which I think usually drives stocks up over time (because somewhere the money from the high returns must go, at least if it arrives in cash) and gives some safety too I think ( that worked usually for me, based on my limited investment experience). That WSM buy worked quite ok. I think WSM will go down a bit again, and the market is way too optimistic at present, but over the longterm the high returns should bring a positive outcome. Acomo is cheap but cheap like a car with a weak engine, when you compare the returns on capital with the engine of a car, not like a sports car cheap I think.

  2. Sven you should better start marketing courses, believe me this fits you more. You are far better advertiser than investor.

  3. Sven loves Charlie Munger’s investing style, yet he doesn’t practice it. You figure it out!!!

    1. This is entertainment only. Not defending it. But everybody should know. As it is for all other financial YTers. Actually it is for all YTbers that if they were excellent in their job, they would not be on YT. E.g. SW development.

  4. I see Airbnb, Palantir, Roblox and Paypal in this persons portfolio and can’t just stop my first assumption on where could this person have gathered his information.

    But for your actual topic on your pick of Acomo as top pick. Intresting pick, but very specific. First of all its a smallcap, which alarms me because there is minimal growth and the only upside is the 6% dividend. Also aren’t spices getting extremly expensive, if we look at cocoa for instance, crazy numbers! Lastly aren’t we getting more troubles with shipping (not just Mearsk incident or Evergreen) the ships are getting heavier and they barely can handle the demand.

    I only can shake my head and rewatch sven vid on cyclical play ; *). You make great educational vids.

  5. Maybe you could have told us atleast one stock that u think will go up today ? then we would how see your strategy works and we would enroll in the course to see more stocks, u don’t even need to tell us the best one, just 1 of the five.

  6. Jesus, this portfolio at 12:00. Is this based on your recommendation? How can anyone let losses accumulate that horribly big?

  7. I lost over $80k when everything started to tank. Not because I was in an exchange that went belly up. I was just stupid to hold and because that’s what everyone said. I’m still responsible. It just taught me to be a better investor now that I understand more of what could go wrong. It took me over two years of being in the market, I’m really grateful I found one source to recover my money, at least $10k profits weekly. Thanks Kathleen Chandler.

    1. Wow. I’m a bit perplexed seeing her been mentioned here also Didn’t know she has been good to so many people too this is wonderful, i’m in my fifth trade with her and it has been super.

    2. What impresses me most about Kathleen Chandler is how well she explains basic concept of winning before actually letting you use her trade signals. This goes a long way to ensure winning trades.

    3. As a beginner what do I need to do? How can I invest, on which platform? If you know any please share. I’m new at this, please how can I reach her?

    4. I just withdrew my profits a week ago, To be honest it was an amazing feeling when the profits hits my wallet I wish I could reinvest but, too much bills

  8. the grift is real. unless you can show 3rd party verification of performance (claims he beats the market but won’t verify) you are no better than all the other clown finance youtubers

  9. Don’t mind, Sven! The comments are not fair. Everybody wants that you name stocks, but they don’t consider that there is serious work behind and that you are living from that work. The price they need to pay is low and even everyone can get it for free first few weeks but they still don’t want to invest the effort. Don’t give it for free, Sven. You save us a lot of money buy teaching us what not to buy for free. That should be more than enough.

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