My Opinion On The Market In 3 Minutes

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My Opinion On The Market In 3 Minutes

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  1. Market i overvaluted , in my opinion, because the effects of high interest rates are underestimated from markets. High interest rates will have a massive effect on economy after 1 year , more or less , from last highest rate. Maybe after 6 months starting from September 2023 we will “see” e deep drawdown because economy will see the real recession

  2. Hi Sven, you are the best channel i follow. But i hope you are not getting to sinical on your own work.
    Keep making the best content, and hope to follow you for the years ahead.

  3. Your videos are always relevant and they are much appreciated! I also really like the research platform, thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Exchange method from vt works perfectly for me, i was able to swap 1 BTC to 154 ETH in my wallet without sending a penny to anyone ⚒️😍

  4. Actually the “hot stocks” should be most irrelevant. Because when you see that something is hot. It’s most likely 99.9999% certain that it’s too expensive and you will not get good long term returns from it

    1. I think people are mixing up “Trading” and “Investment”. They are quite different things.

      I personally just have some index funds I put my money into mainly because I don’t have the time Sven has to spend on his analysis. But it is good to understand the thought process behind it.

  5. The investment made in those children could pan out to be the greatest investment you ever make.
    I salute you, Sir.

  6. This is a great video 💪 I’ve been doing Crypto trading for a while now but not working out for me because am lacking a good trading system. And I have thought it much that I need a good orientation of trading system.

    1. After accumulating $78k in a week with Taylor Quellet signal, my passion in real estate business was revived. if I can put in more work and resources, I see trading as a way to overcome poverty.

    2. I have tried to trade on my own but all to no avail. I’m gonna say she’s trustworthy and her strategies for negotiating is really good from my great experience with her.

    3. Trading with an expert is the best strategy for newbies and busy investors who have no time to monitor trade.

  7. I’ve been following you for almost a decade now. You’re awesome. Even if I don’t buy the stocks you recommend, I still love your analyses! This is from a fellow PhD to another!

    Btw: I don’t understand people who come just to leave negative comments. But, on the bright side they contribute to your views and total number of comments, so you still win!

  8. I I am a member of your research, grateful and I am loving it. It’s up to me and saves a lot of time researching for myself.

  9. Hey Sven, I have been reading your book and really enjoying it. Such nice insights. I learned so much. Thank you!

  10. It is not surprising that the current market sentiment is extremely pessimistic. I was really hopeful of my investments this year, but I followed some stock suggestions that didn’t go so well, I’ve been studying the market crashes and I realized some investors made millions from the recent recession and I was wondering if such success rate could be achieved in this present market. I’m open to ideas about investing for retirement.

    1. I grew to a 7 figure well-diversified portfolio. I buy quality firms, anticipate to hold them regardless of what happens, pay up but not too much, keep track, sell only when necessary, and be ready to course correct. also ignore the forecasts and market views which are at best entertaining but completely useless. I’m forever grateful to Trisha Jean Webb my F.A… Investing has no one way to it.

    2. @Randy Pelletier Did a quick web search, she has a pretty decent bio, I wrote her and I’m waiting on her reply.

  11. Lots of irrational exuberance in the market. Fear of missing out and watching certain stocks hit their all-time high. it’s great until it’s not.💰💵

  12. With all the bad news in the market, i’m still pondering if now is a good time to acquire more Stock/equity? Got about $300K set aside for this but we all know that Recession and Inflation have more immediate effects on people’s level of living than a crash in the stock or real estate markets. It should come as no surprise that the market is currently so pessimistic. We must receive help immediately if we are to survive in this economy. Like the housing market, the ETF and stock markets continue to be highly volatile.

    1. there are strategies that could be put in place for solid gains regardless of economy or market condition, but such execution are usually carried out by investment experts or advisors with experience since the 08′ crash

    2. The problem is that the majority of individuals have the “I want to do it myself mentality” yet are underprepared for a crash, thus they end up getting burned. Financial consultants are typically the best candidates for investment positions, and in my personal experience, my portfolio has produced significantly in ROI since January 2020, during the Covid virus outbreak, totaling seven figures

    3. @Zoey Tank this is huge! think you can point me towards the direction of your Consultant? Been looking at advisory management myself.. seeking ways to invest and make more money with the uncertainty in the economy.

    4. @Trazz Palmer Salvatore Fortunato Sofia is the Consultant that oversees my portfolio. She’s been able to gain some reputation and online recognition with over 3 decades in service, so it shouldn’t be a hassle to find basic info.

    5. This recommendation came at the right time, very much appreciate it. Curiously inputted her full name on my browser and found her site top search, no bs.. 31 years of experience is certainly striking!

  13. Sven, you’re always looking for the best global opportunity. What’s up with the unique China concern where even the most ardent Value Investors stay away saying regarding China it’s different this time? Why is China different than any other marketplace? Is there not opportunity? I believe there is. Charlie Munger just cares if the cat catches mice. Curious if you see value the same way when geopolitics is involved.

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