My Opinion On Ray Dalio

is most likely the very best explainer of the present economic situation from a long-term point of view. Anticipating him to get all things right is the incorrect focus, he is great at describing what he sees and there is his value. I don't personally find the all-weather portfolio suitable for me for instance but always enjoy listening to .

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My Opinion On Ray Dalio

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  1. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

    1. Sven you mentioned you are Dutch. What do you think about Dalio’s understanding of Dutch Empire? The youtuber MoFreedom made a video where he claims doesn’t understand history and just cherrypicks certain facts to fit his narrative

  2. I really enjoy listening to Dalio. I’ve been learning Economics since highschool, but I only loved the subject after reading The Changing World Order. Looking at Economics in a historical context seriously changed how I view the world.

    Dalio taught me that Economics is literally just a study of human nature and which doesn’t change much over the centuries.

    I think The Changing World Order is one of the most important books anyone in the field of Finance could read.

  3. Hi Sven, if possible to compare your portfolio in these charts to visualize the growth and difference of your portfolio with other portfolios. Also please discuss MCD as it was once Buffett holding and praised this company

  4. thanks Sven, been waiting for this video, appreciate for all the years you have been also guiding and teaching us value investing., hope one day you can replace Ray Dalio and we can invest in your fund 🙂

  5. I did read the book of Dalio a while ago. I love the historic context en connections he made in his book. He also made me feel more comfortable to invest in china. But thats is what he is doing too for a part of his portfolio. Probably thx to reading this book i picked up a babba position @ $90
    and soms etfs i shamelessly cloned after look what fitted me. I have a 15% china allocation some thing like that 😀
    But love Dalio’s book and he is a great writer for sure!

  6. Sven, can you cover ASOS? The company used to be a growth stock but is now expierencing major headwinds bc of supply chain issues, inflation, a weak sterling and a 4% loss of revenue from ukraine and Rusland. The stock has taken a beating and is now trading at 8 times 19/20 earnings. Also the company is financed conservativly with low debt.
    However, a moat is likely non existend and the growth seems to have slown down. And fast fashion seems hard to predict.
    Nick sleep used to own it btw, but the old CEO and foundet left the company last year

  7. third time reading “changing world order”, an amazing book. still trying to digest and extract knowledge from this book.

  8. Thanks for sharing your opinion and I like your differentiation on the topics – something that apparently got lost nowadays.

  9. Great video Sven!!! I love the “MY OPINION SERIES” … also BEST INTRO EVER too!!! I kept watching it over 🕺🕺🕺🥰🥰🥰❤️

  10. Nice video. Here’s my 👍 for both you and Dalio. Both championing the sharing of knowledge to everyone.

  11. Sven, your vibes and videos keep me alive and make me want to continue living, never stop and upload more!!!!

  12. Good evening Sven. How much time it took you to find your own specific way at the stock market? I know that smart people like you constantly learn. But when was actually the moment you understood that you are good in investing and decided to stick to it?

    1. From the first stock I bought! They say, it is likely genetical as we discussed in the Klarman video!

  13. Honest question, following the all-weather portfolio theory, what would be the intrinsic value of a business whose profits are not greatly affected by an economic downturn?

  14. I’m an organizational scientist. My job is to study management strategies and analyze their success/failure scientifically. Firing the bottom 10%, “rank and yank” policies, have not been shown to work in any company I’ve worked for. (I’ve worked in nearly every industry in both the public and private sectors.) Further, we have good theoretical reasons to believe it’s a deleterious policy. In fact, we think we understand exactly why it doesn’t work. The short answer: Regression to the mean when it comes to job performance.

    Much of below average performance happens simply due to chance. Statistically, about half of the people fired during rank-and-yank simply underperformed because they had overperformed in previous months and they’re regressing back to their performance means. When people are fired, they feel it was capricious. This sows distrust across the organization, reducing cooperation and teamwork (“organizational citizenship behaviors”). You can think of org citizenship behaviors as reducing internal transaction costs in organizations. Information sharing plummets, as work teams become more competitive, sometimes attempting to undermine each other.

    In nearly every dataset I’ve looked at, yank-and-rank causes employee engagement to plummet, and it’s accompanied by increases in voluntary turnover (which is extremely costly for companies). So yeah, both Dalio and Jack Welch himself are flat out wrong about this, but their big personalities and success make these ideas seem more persuasive than the data suggests.

    1. That is the kind of reasonable, well argued and polite comment that has no place on the internet 🙂

    2. I worked in education and some people are simply not cut for that but hang it there just for the saleary!

    3. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. As someone who has worked in many sectors I can tell you that people turning up the for salary is there in 99% of organisations pvt or public sector. Let me ask you a simple question – how many people do you know would do their job for nothing and then ask yourself how many hang in there just for the pay?

  15. Hi Sven, thank you for sharing and reminding your point of view on Dalio.
    I’m wondering if this topic is a sign for a video on Chinese companies coming soon? Unfortunately most of the companies are significantly up from the recent lows, but there are still interesting opportunity. For example, I watched your recent video-analysis, and a few times you mentioned Verizon and At&t. The future of the technology is there, the dividend too, the debt, well there is also debt (a lot). However, there are alternatives in the sector that might be overlooked by the broad market because they are in China. Here there are 3 main companies (in order of size): China Mobile, China telecom, China unicom.
    Let’s take China Mobile as an example since it is by far the largest of the 3. The future of the company is clear: not only is deploying 5g infrastructure faster than any other, but is already working on the 6g (as far as I know, no other countries are already investing in 6g technologies). They make a ton of cash, have basically no debt, and a dividend we can dream in American stocks.
    The RISK? You sign a pact with the devil. All these companies are controlled by the government. They will not go busted. Not even in the unfortunate case China would attack Taiwan or directly support Russia in Ucraine. However, the interest of the party come first compared to the interests of the shareholders. If the worst scenario materialize we need the stomach to handle something similar to Russian stocks at the end of last February. If the risk doesn’t materialize, I’m happy to sit on a healthy fat dividend, plus the upside when the market will recognize the value there. I think there is a interesting opportunity and a lot to talk. It doesn’t all fit in a comment, but may fit in one or two videos. I hope you can appreciate my comment.
    A big hug from Shanghai.

  16. Thank you for the video Sven, smashed the like button of course. We need one of these on diva Michael Burry.

  17. Dalio is great, really smart, and they earn a lot of commissions! To have that kind of low volatility is very hard to obtain, billionairs can sleep well with him, very important for them.

  18. I think you are spot on! he always has great macro insights and understands the world really well but in the end, he doesn’t invest in companies, his portofolio is more a reflection of the global situation than anything else

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