Market, Economy, Fiscal, Inflation Outlook Q1 2023 JPM Slides

Stock market overview, economic overview and fiscal.

0:00 JPM Guide to markets
0:46 Stock Market
6:23 Economy
8:18 Fiscal
11:00 inflation

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Market, Economy, Fiscal, Inflation Outlook Q1 2023 JPM Slides

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  1. Where do you find all these charts? Also. What is avarage company earnings of chinese stocks vs USA stocks for last 20years? It’s amazing how much less chinese stocks have went up because I don’t think the earnings are that much less?

    For example it would be cool to know how much Hang Cheng index company earnings have differed from s&p500 for example

  2. So amazing to see your point of view in such detail. Cant wait for that commodity crash to happen so we can do some bargain shopping!

  3. Sven, do you have any view on AIM listed Serabi Gold? Gold miner making profits with a PE ratio of less than 3 and new mines on the horizon.

  4. Thanks for the video Sven. If you would like to have feedback thats the kind of videos that I enjoy the most. I know you need to feed the algorithm. CRASH CRASH CRASH!!

  5. Hello Sven, great video as always, would you be willing to do a new video some time on SPGI and MCO?

  6. Interest rate is currently around 5% (8th rate hike since March last year) inflation at 7% and mortgage rates over 7.5% yet minimum wage remains the same, my retirement portfolio has been stagnant and the question is, how do senior citizens retire comfortably, let’s say $3m in such unstable economy?

    1. smart people actually increase their investment contributions during this kind of market, but its wise to seek an advisor if you dont know what the heck you’re doing

    2. @KIING I couldn’t agree more, having an invt-advisor is the best way to go about investing especially for near retirees, personally I lack the time and skillset to deal with market fluctuations, hence consulted an advisor two summers back. Thankfully, I’ve realized so far over $600k in savings, after subsequent investments.

    3. @Gary Hill never understood the stock mkt, I only invest in certain things and let them work on there own, at this point I need people doing this at astronomical level considering the financial recession… mind if I look up your advisor pls?

    4. @Melissa Angulo Her name is ‘’Katherine Nance Dietz’’ she’s well grounded with 20 years experienced in the financial market, and extensive knowledge of portfolio diversity. I recommend researching her credentials further on the web.

    5. @Gary Hill curiously searched her full name on the web and thankfully, her site showed up without sweat, she seems impeccable. I’m 29 and think it’s only right to start investing asap for my future

  7. Excellent video per usual. I deeply respect how you keep emotion out of your analysis and outlook of the market, yet at the same time, work hard to create top-notch quality videos that are always so engaging. Recently I have been executing decent volumes of trade making a great ROI with strategy and insights from Judith Sherwood and it’s been an amazing feeling doing it MYSELF. I have over 270k in USDC and it keeps growing with his approach. One has to work on it! Time in the market vs. timing the market. If you keep that mentality as an investor, you will stay calm during the storm!

    1. So nice to see others who trade with Judith Sherwood, Currently I own a well-diversified portfolio (over $400k) with the help of Judith Sherwood.

    2. I will forever be indebted to Judith Sherwood, I was able to build a massive income stream during the covid-19 pandemic trading with course. She revolutionized my trading experience.

    3. Most failures and loss on Investment usually happens when you invest without proper know ledge of the market. I was able to recover my losses with Judith Sherwood

    4. Wow. I’m a bit perplexed seeing Judith Sherwood been mentioned here also. Didn’t know she has been good to so many people.

    5. Thanks for keeping it light and real at the same time.  Much needed for us traders in times like these!

  8. Thank you mr. Sven! It is fascinating to watch your macro videos and this one was another excellent one which I truly enjoyed. I do pause at the graphs always.

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