Margin Of Safety Chapter 4 (MARKET BUBBLES & EBITDA)

Chapter 4 – utilizing junk bonds from the 80s as an example of what constantly occurs on Wall Street. How stock exchange bubbles are produced and how those pop, how EBITDA is a problematic step and how when you hear collateralized, you must flee.

0:00 Margin Of Security
2:30 Describing A Bubble
9:59 EBITDA is Flawed
13:02 Collateralized


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Margin Of Safety Chapter 4 (MARKET BUBBLES & EBITDA)

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  1. What can we expect from a great QT?
    The dolar will recover value? If that occurs there will be deflation because there will be less money in the market.

    If that occurs there will be a great price compresion.
    And if that occurs the stock prices will fall from this exhuberance to levels of 2008 perhaps.
    All will depend on how much amount will be destroyed by QT.

    We dont know.
    But imho, there is the point.

    Have seen the S&p graph from 30 years up to know?
    Who can imagine that the graph will continue to grow forever!!!????
    Its has a “tulip ” shape!!!
    The fall will be as hard as the Fed destroys the money.
    But, we dont know how much willbe destroyed.
    There is the clue, imho.

    Of course, in some years the QE will come again.
    Unfortunatelly i am older know, when i understood this.
    I am 50.

    But stay away now, or buy real companies as DOw or basf, there is the value, perhaps not irrational grouth, but they will be there for years.
    Walmart too, etc etc

  2. I have some cannabis stocks and although I think they will do well business-wise, part of my thesis is future hype when they are listed on NYSE. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. @Sven I think you can summarize two chapters per week? Two days per week you can create videos, Plus we can move to next book faster!

    Appreciate the content!

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing Great advice! Do you believe that investing in shipping companies are good investments? And at what point do you think a shipping investment is a No brainer?

    1. when you own a ship, then have the company go bankrupt, and then buy out the remaining holders for a quarter of what they paid for the ship! That is how the industry works !

  5. EBITDA was created by John Malone to value the viability of his telecom bussines, in that sector i find it useful, in other sectors it hiddes a lot of costs and should not be used

  6. Hi Sven, I read that Michael Burry used the metric EV/EBITDA in his early days as a starting point to do a loose screening of companies for value investing. What do you think of this metric as a screening method? Could you explain what it is supposed to do?

    I heard it is a pretty popular one too… If you think it is garbage, could you explain why some good investors use this one? I don’t think Burry listened to investment bankers…

  7. Shaq was crap at free throws. Teams actually used it against him. If late on in a game they where behind they would foul Shaq cause he’s probably miss one of the free throws and you get the ball back with more time left on the clock

  8. Your last video wasn’t bad, nor other videos. Some people are too fool to get the value you provide.
    Just keep going with your great work.

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