Margin Of Safety – Chapter 2!

Margin of Security Chapter by Chapter – Seth Klarman
Chapter 2 – The Nature Of Wall Street Functions Versus Investors

Chapter 1 –

Margin Of Security Book Playlist –

ETF Danger –

Introduction of what I do (Research Platform, Efficiency, Portfolios, Method).

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My 5 Core Stock Exchange Investing Beliefs.

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My enthusiasm is to search for low danger high benefit financial investment opportunities with a long-term business owning like focus. I apply my accounting skills and investing experience in order to find the very best services to own that provide the possibility to lead me towards my monetary objectives.
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Constantly keep in mind: "Investing involves threat of loss".

Margin Of Safety – Chapter 2!

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  1. Thank you Sven for showing this book. Now I started to read it and then I’m watching your videos. It helps to focus on some moments I haven’t noticed or repeat important things.

  2. I should have read this book in the year 2000. Unfortunately I was too busy with destroying my portfolio. 😂

  3. The worst part is fads always look best at the top. Tricking a lot of new and even seasoned investors. Sven sees them more clearly than most. Thank you for that.

  4. Hi Sven. Just got finished with the intelligent investor after TWO YEARS of on-off reading:) It has been a big eye opener for value investing and buying stocks with a margin of safety. However 2 years is too long. Do you have any tips on how to read more often? I want to move on to other books

  5. “Use the broker for the quality services that fit you, but don’t allow the broker to use you”

    Excellent advice 👍

  6. seems like “finance youtubers” dont make money in their portfolios, they make money in their courses and youtube check

  7. Hey Sven! I was wondering how do you invest in the Turkish markets? I have found no brokerage who want to trade Turkish businesses OTC.

  8. Hello Dr. Carlin !

    I LOVE your subtle humour, it is often there in your videos even though investing is serious business, I like the way your personality spice up your videos without compromising the content.

    Congratulations on your move and hope you strike the right balance for your research platform in 2023 !

  9. I have to admit my watching of your videos started waying 6 months ago but these new ‘Sven Carlin is an Idiot but here is the truth’ videos thus last few weeks have been refreshing

  10. There’s only 2 real Lithium ETFs out of the list you showed, the rest are mostly tech and EV OEM, a large holding of some of them id Apple and to my knowledge Apple doesn’t produce lithium, I’d hardly call 2 lithium ETFs a fad.

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