Margin Of Safety Book (Chapter 1) WHERE MOST INVESTORS STUMBLE

by Full Introduction – Chapter 1 – Where The Majority Of Investors Stumble

3:25 Book Goal
6:25 Who Is An Investor
11:57 Speculators
17:20 Investments vs Speculations
20:25 Benefit of Mr.Market
27:25 Costly Emotions
29:14 Financial investment Formula

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Margin of Security Book Videos:
Chapter 1 – Where Most Financiers Stumble
Chapter 2 – Following Friday!

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  1. I’m so happy that you are going through each chapter of Margin of Safety! I got a lot of value out of your videos on Lynch and Graham so I’m looking forward to your modern take on Klarman. Great new digs!

  2. Seth Klarman has severaly underperformed over the last decade though. Where do you see that he’s been performing well ? Warren Buffet’s historical return far shadow’s Seth’s.

    1. It’s also about risk adjusted returns not just Total returns. You look extremely smart taking on risk and getting returns until suddenly you don’t. Most people don’t account for risk since you can’t really calculate/ put a number on it but that doesn’t mean risk isn’t there. it’s better to underperform and still be able to play the game then go for max returns and get wiped out.

    2. It is also about the job he is doing. Go back to 2010, think as a billionaire – it is not about chasing the best bull market in history, but it is about carefully managing risk and reward!!!

  3. I’m actually reading the book as we speak (obviously a PDF printed version, as the real book costs 1000€). Excellent job in summarising it!
    Please everyone, read the book. It has basically the same information as the intelligent investor (1949), which is quite a testament to the value investing inmutability over time. Sure, some things are improved or changed, but the mental framework’s the same

  4. I love the chapter about chasing performance and how it is a reflection of herd mentality. Really insightful book.
    You might also enjoy tobias carlisle’s aquirers multiple. Even though it discusses a deep value strategy there is still a lot to learn about trends and changes in fundamentals. One thing that stuck with me, was how it is more reasonable to assume a mean reversion of roic instead of extrapolating the current trend into infinity. Give it a try if you havent already.
    Enjoyed the video by the way!

  5. Thanks alot for sharing! Investing is not only about risk and reward in businesses, but also risk and reward in ourselves

  6. Thanks for the summary, Sven! Looking forward to the other chapters.

    This is so valuable, also because I don’t want to pay $1000 for the book 😅

  7. Currently reading the book, the videos are a nice addition. This book goes up side with Peter Lynch’s One upon Wall Street

    1. for value investors, Margin of safety is much better – for all others, Peter is likely the top!

  8. Nice book, when I finish “The most important thing” which is also liking me a lot I’ll start that one. On the other hand, it would be nice a video about Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM). Not an easy bussiness, with a lot of parts, but very interesting expossure to a wide selection of real assets. More even when they spin off the Asset-Management Unit in the near future.

  9. Sven, this is one of the best videos you’ve ever produced and having in mind the high quality of your content, that really says a lot! I can’t recommend Margin of Safety enough – it’s an amazing read for any value investor, both aspiring and seasoned. Keep up the great work, I think we’re all getting tremendous value from your videos!

  10. Great video.
    My father told me ( he is in his 80s), that his father told him as well, real estate is king. Does not matter where in the world. I wish I listened to him more. I still have 50% of my portfolio in RE, but that 50% is much better performance and pays me monthly rent vs my stock portfolio. Stocks are hard to control, but RE is when you buy, payoff and collect rent. It’s the only way to go.

    1. the problem is you are not using the same approach on stocks that you are using on stocks! You likely see stocks as a gambling casino! Focus on the same factors, and stocks will do even better!!!!

  11. Hey Sven, when do we get another analysis for the Youtube fund :)? Thinking of stocks that have been battered the last few months like Royal mail or Micron that have some good fundamentals but a lot of noise.

    Thank you for your great value content!

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