Lump Sum or DCA Into Crashing Stocks Today (My Situation)

If you have any money you should be believing whether it is smart to put all of it into the market now or wait or dollar cost average gradually. Here is what I would do!

0:00 Stats
1:02 Lump Amount Now
3:38 Capital Security
5:12 Owning Businesses
5:47 My Situation

Buy Now With Economic Downturn Ahead
lump amount vs DCA

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Lump Sum or DCA Into Crashing Stocks Today (My Situation)

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  1. Scary that the valuations are still so high by historic standards even after all of the corrections this year.

  2. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  3. When you are getting enough for your money just start buying and the price will take care of itself.

  4. Hello Sven from NY love your videos!
    Quick question.. during this time is it better to drip all stocks in an IRA rather than collect dividends as cash ? I currently have all in drip mode to fatten them up during this time for future passive income. What’s your thoughts ? Thx in advance 😬

    1. thanks!
      it all depends on what you DRIP into:-))) But if you like what you own already, no worries!

  5. Why is so difficult to answer this question. 99.99% of the people get a salary each month. Which means that DCA is the only option.

    1. lol he didn’t even answer such simple question .. watching the video to hear him saying do whatever you feel :0 .. however i know what i want to do but really was curious about what would he suggest, yet he suggested nothing

    2. @Wael Othman ehh when it comes to investing sum or dca, it really comes down to individual cases. There’s no general conclusion he can give you. If you want more detail analysis based on your situation you would have to hire a financial advisor.

    3. @SlimJim JimSlim i definitely do not need one.. but my point is what is the outcome of this video or what is the point of it.

      Cheers 🥂

    4. Why is so difficult to listen to what the video actually says?
      0:05 *_”Sven, if you have some money now, what would you do?”_*
      Notice how he says “money”, not “income”. *_Obviously_* it’s financially impossible to spend a lump sum if you don’t have a lump sum to spend. Sven assumed (incorrectly, it seems 🙂) that you were smart enough to know that. 🙄
      And it’s not 99.99 percent income. People get inheritances and stimulus checks, they sell large holdings like real estate, get Christmas bonuses, lots of things happen to dump large-ish sums of money into people’s laps all at once. Or maybe they just sold a bunch of stocks a few months ago and they want to know what to do with the cash going forward.

    5. @Wael Othman I had the same feeling until I saw the title of the video “my situation” 😅 so this is more like from his perspective. And for him he has some stock he plan to lump sum at certain period because he feel it’s best for him. But he included a link for how lump sum can achieve better result than DCA during a regular market. However since we had a exuberance period, all the company are high valuation so he showed the graph how high valuation gives less return and always have a recession historically. At the end for him he will lump sum most of his money since he can find good valuation. So Find good business, good valuation, and maybe lump sum if you are comfortable with a 7% return. See the chart 03:36 . I have a different strategy since I’m new. I Dollar value average. It’s similar to DCA but I put more when stock is low and less when stock is high. The money is from both regular income saving and a small fortune I acquire from selling during pandemic

  6. Hi sven,
    Often we joke about those with a strong bull thesis during the height of a bull market. Those who say things like, “this time it’s different”.

    With the current bear market i feel like those with a strong bear thesis will say “this time it’s different”, as well. Then they sometimes make apocalyptic predictions.

    Is this bear market different than all the others? Is it a mixture of types in the US’ past Or is it like Ray Dalio says that it’s unique to the US but not history? Thanks!

  7. sven, i’m really appreciating this many amount of vids. I follow your channel since at least 3 years ago. I cant show how much thankful I am for your teachings.

    1. Same here bud. You have earned our respects and hopefully one day when the money is right our business. Thank you sven!

  8. Sven–I often hear you say to make an investment that is “right for you and your goals”. I totally agree in the abstract. I would love to hear you break this investing maxim down into a concrete example(s) of how you establish a goal and then go about assessing the investments that are a good fit for that goal. Obviously a higher-risk higher-reward might get you to a goal more quickly, but may not be the best approach in balancing the risk and “stomach” you need to live with along the way. I love the content and the approach. Keep them coming.

    1. it is about the best you can find. for some it is 5% and be happy with 5%, for some it is more. but most people don’t get it! Good suggestiong!

  9. Hey Sven what do you think about NASDAQ: WHF? I like the first lien senior secured debt they have, and the dividend is ~10%. In their investor presentation they said that the higher interest rates will benefit them. Etc… Currently I am holding ~2k of them but I am thinking of increasing. I am very new to this and trying to learn, so any advice would be appritiated. 🙂

  10. i’ll be honest with you there have been times. When sitting in cash has been worth it. one of which was in 2007,2008. When i pulled my whole portfolio down to At that point everything looked like flaming garbage

    1. yes, I think there are times to get out and wait, but those are few. 2000, 2008, 2020, all in the space of a month or so each. Worked for me in Feb-March 2020.

    2. Between 2004 and 2009 I invested 0 in stocks and collected close to 5% from savings. Now looking back best thing I did. From Feb 2004 to Feb 2009 Nasdaq was down 10%.

  11. Even Dalio literally said about cash recently, its still trash, but stocks are trashier! 😀 Makes sense, my 1 USD is still nominally 1 USD a year after, but stocks could be down 20/30/40%. If you lump summed and it never or even in 10-20 YEARS returns to the same price level you are in a bad position, hope the dividends – if the stock pays those at all – cover for it. With DCA you can buy during these down times and average a good price on good businesses.

  12. Sven, Do you know a good free stock screening site that will help calculate intrinsic value and other good value ratios to uncover good company canidates?

    1. dont’know 🙁 Except for my research platform 🙂 but that is not free

  13. Love it. most of my investments have P/B around 1 to 1,5 😉 China petroleum and chemical corporation have P/B 0,47 and a insane dividend yeald this year %____%

  14. Hmm. Interesting comparison between lump summing and dollar cost averaging…I think I lump sum, but do it every few months with dividends, so on a regular schedule with a fairly steady amount, so a bit of dollar cost averaging in a way…almost exclusively in dividend paying stocks, perhaps LUG next ( based partly on a video of yours!) or more SRU.Un on the TSX…I really like the development they have in their pipeline. I am finding the volatile market doesn’t bother me as much now that I have better businesses and steady dividends. Anyway, thanks for all the advice over the last few years!

  15. Clearly, some Western nations are headed into recession over the next 12 months or so, and that will create buying opportunities for your cash holdings in the stock market. It is probably better to tactically invest your cash this year rather than DCA or lump sum based on the incoming economic news. Assets like tech stocks may well have further to fall.

  16. Hey Sven, I’ve been telling you since 2020… when central banks start increasing interest rates the crash will come. I told you:) stocks won’t do that well for the next decade now, that’s my prediction. However if you keep buying good companies every month then by the next decade you should be a rich man 🙂

    1. I really don’t care what stocks do, my businesses will do well no matter what ;_))) so we agree :-))

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