Lost Decade Ahead Is OUR BEST Life Investing Opportunity!!

A lost decade ahead is the very best opportunity one can imagine.

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Lost Decade Ahead Is OUR BEST Life Investing Opportunity!!

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  1. “We will be the ones buying when everyone else has capitulated” yes Sir 🙋‍♂️ “good day fellow (and savvy) investors”.

  2. I assume the 1.7% dividend yield for the S&P doesn’t include buybacks? All things being equal, the S&P will likely continue to increase due to buybacks. Something that wasn’t present in those historic long periods of the S&P being flat.

  3. We live in interesting times, Sven. In Auatralia the current tax structure favours dividends, as we receive a franking credit representing the corporate tax rate paid by the company. So Australian companies tend to pay dividends in the order of 5-10%. Things might change if and when China stops buying our rocks though.

    1. the world will likely keep buying your rocks, so the great divs might keep flowing. Just compound those!

  4. The problem with lost decades is that they are lost for a reason… usually that reason results in ordinary people like us not having much disposable income to buy stocks.

    1. They are not lost. You can invest in yourself to have a better income job. Also if you apply value investing there are no lost years or decades. There are still swings volatility in the market. If a low swing crosses your margin of safety you can invest.

    2. that is also a point, but then again the point in life is not to be ordinary, as harsh as it might sound!

  5. As long as we humans continue to innovate and commercialize innovations, I guess the index will only go up. We have many problems which we will continue to solve and the fixes for these will provided by companies that make a lot of money doing it. This is the core fundamental analysis for me buying in every month when the paycheck hits my bank account 🤠

  6. Dollar cost average into the SP is easier that picking the few right companies out of 1000+ It may not be the best but “picking the right” companies is multiple times more difficult. I am doing a little of both but I am significantly loosing on my company selections.

    1. yes it will do good, but also lead to average returns over time, especially from the current levels!

    2. or, to give you a harsher but truer answer: psychologically what you said is just something you say in the hope that it actually works – confirmation bias – keep in mind the conviction comes from a 40 year bull market that has happened, doesn’t mean it will repeat itself!

  7. For me, the first steps are…
    1) Being frugal
    2) Keeping the JOB
    3) Taking little risks in life and investing.

    Also, 50th! Not sure if it counts. 😅

  8. People forget it is not a linear, that is why it is a great time to accumulate. Obviously, if you have the disposable income.

  9. What concerns me long term is a rapidly aging demographic in most advanced economies (+ China….) which might reduce productivity and increase costs.

    1. Wondering if senior homes are good investments bc of high future demand, or bad investment bc nobody will be able to pay them..

    2. @JDR Probably bad short term because of higher rates and possible recession. Long term even worse because less people to live in them.

  10. Hey Sven! Thanks for the video. In a previous video you mention that you believe the central banks will pivot and QE will comeback. I agree with your assessment of finding undervalued companies and buy to them, but if you think QE will come back why do you state in this video that it is now the time for “value” investors?

  11. I know tge market is like technically flat but I never liked that phrase just because it’s like tge market isn’t staying at the same level for a decade it’s deflating and so even buying indexes just lowers your unit cost. As an investor though when it hits a certain level is irrelevant only getting into a position from which the dollars you put I safely abd steadily compound at higher rates than can any other opportunity available to you.

  12. Guys, if you’re younger than 50, you should be cheering for a 10 year long bear market. This is how fortunes are built. The GFC crash was too short to build wealth (5 years), the Covid crash, super short. This is the time.

  13. Doesn’t the huge inflow of money by all those people passively buying ETFs monthly support the market in an way which hasn’t been there before in previous eras of years of zero returns?!

    1. the market was much smaller in the past. plus huge inflows can also be huge outflows at some point!

  14. It may be a lost decade for passive investing, but I think stock picking will do fine.

    During the 2000-2010 decade, had you invested a lump sum in January 2000 (1465$ SP500), without DCAing, you would have breaken even on May 07, 7 years later!

    But if you had invested a fixed amount from January 2000 to 2007, you would have breaken even as soon as December 03. “Only” 3 years later.

    Of course, after that there was the 2008 event…

    But in any case, the worst thing you could have done is keeping your savings in cash.

  15. Most people think that investing in stock/crypto is buying and holding until it rises, after the recent crash and recession, the best investment you can make right now is to invest in Forextrading and Crypto Futures, although stocks and cryptocurrencies are good, but ever since I swapped to Forextrading and futures trading I have seen so much difference.

    1. You are right! I diversified my $400K portfolio across various market with the aid of an investment coach, Josef Dennis. I have been able to generate a little bit above $1.2m in net profit across high dividend yield stocks, ETF and bonds during this red season.

    2. Trusting Josef Dennis with handling my investment was one of the best things I did for myself. You stand to monitor your investment and request payouts at any time.👏🏻 👏🏻

    3. I was so big on gold and Silver but a few months ago I discovered Bitcoin and Ethereum. Listening to lots of stuff from Josef Dennis. has been really helpful in my journey.

    4. What impresses me most about Josef Dennis is how well he explains the basics concept of winning before actually letting you use his trade signals. This goes a long way to ensure winning trades

    5. Building a good investment portfolio is more complex so I would recommend you seek Josef Dennis support. This way you can get strategies designed to address your unique long/short-term goals and financial dreams.🙏🙏💯

  16. I would love a lost decade my companies and etfs keep growing their dividends and are already yielding 2.5-8% this will help us achieve FIRE sooner

  17. Hi Sven, I also suppose that even though dividend yields are lower, this is offset by the fact that the SP500 has more growth oriented stocks. This reduces the likelihood of the index from being flat over the coming years like the 70 inflation period. Not to mention that the typical companies that can pass on inflation will continue to do so.

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