Learn From My 15 HUGE INVESTING MISTAKES!!! (free lunch for you)

are a vital part of , however it isn't up until you take a seat, go through them, that you understand what a moron you are. So, here are 15 of my most idiotic financial investment errors !!! Enjoy, I hope my mistakes prevent you from making the very same as I did.

Videos discussed errors:
Amira Nature Foods (fraud):.

Nevsun -.
Thank You Nevsun -.

Qudian -.

Solar -.

FB a buy once again.
YouTube Portfolio.

10 stocks to buy -.
3 stocks to buy -.

GSH -.

Intel -.

Alibaba BUY -.
Alibaba $100 -.

Baidu – .

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My 5 Core Stock Market Investing Beliefs.

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Always bear in mind: "Investing includes risk of loss".

Learn From My 15 HUGE INVESTING MISTAKES!!! (free lunch for you)

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  1. Ich finde es toll, dass es solche Videos gibt. Es ist viel wichtiger, wenige Fehler zu machen, als zu versuchen, immer richtig zu liegen. Investieren ist in die Zukunft schauen, da kann man eh nicht immer richtig liegen.

  2. Great video. Good lessons. btw, i brought scatec at 14 and now its sitting at 10. I am holding the position and planning to buy more. Same with alibaba- when it hit bottom, i ran out of cash to buy more.

  3. This might be my favourite ever video, thanks so much for all the great lessons!

    I also made the same mistake on intel which i kick myself for because I knew that semi’s were at the top of the cycle put I was reassured by hearing Pat Gelisinger on the conference call saying effectively this time is different and blah blah blah against my better judgement so I am definitely a big idiot too

  4. One of my favorite quotes: “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T. S. Eliot
    Great video.

  5. This was your best video to date Sven. Congrats for the courage and candidness. I see a great future for grandpa Sven

  6. do you think focusing on value too much could also be a mistake? i start investing in 2010 with one portfolio value and one portfolio growth. Since covid value preformance is catching up but for 10 years it lagged behind growth signifigantly. 10 years is a lot of time to underpreform

    1. Value often pays an OK dividend, its sort of a hedge, yes. Same goes for commodities, gold, etc. Now if we don’t see economic growth go back soon growth stocks might stay down and go lower for quite some time.

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. Your fundamental flaw has been applying value investing principles to developing and politically risky market companies..from India .. to China to Russia. Shame.

  7. Your new approach is taking shape and there is a kind of consistency to it that is reassuring as a research platform subscriber. You have spoken often about having a very concentrated portfolio of your three or five best ideas. If you do that you absolutely have to accept the least possible amount of risk. Otherwise a short run of bad luck (anything can happen to one company) could leave you with a permanent loss of capital. That’s recoverable if you have $10k and add $1k/month. Not if you were a few years from retirement and now have to work until you die. I would love to see on the Research Platform (NOT on YT) an analysis of all of your current holdings/recommendations, that only speaks about their worst-case downside risks. We already know about the potential upside in each business. It’s true that each business analysis also discusses the risks, but it would be fascinating to see them all together. How much is the exposure across the whole portfolio to one event, and how much is isolated operational-type risk in each business.

    1. that is a great idea!!! Klarman also says the risk analysis has to be separated from the reward analysis!

  8. Interesting vid Sven, nice. Thanks. I remember Amira Foods , 3 words – related party transactions
    Some quotes that sum things up for me:

    ‘We learn from failure not success’ – Bram Stoker;
    ‘ A man who never made a mistake never tried anything new’ – Theodore Roosevelt; and
    ‘You’re useless and will never amount to anything’ – my Dad

    In other words, mistakes and failures are part of life, as are critics. It’s how you react to these things that matters

  9. Thank you for sharing your mistakes with us. I can relate to many of them. Hopefully we will become less of an idiot as you said.

    It takes a lot courage to admit your mistakes out in the open like this. I admire you as an investir but even more as a person.

  10. Great video Sven, I’m a member of your research platform. I wish my mistakes we were more like yours. Thought you still did pretty well

  11. This is gold, thank you! I am guilty of most of these, too. Let’s be less idiotic together (hopefully)!

  12. You are very good Sven, I have learned alot from you, and mistakes are made by everyone even the best, minimising mistakes through knowledge is very important, to me you act more like a swing trader with the occasional long position and l can’t knock it because you make money! I prefer a different style, the style that Peter Lynch touched on when he said something like “there was a survey done of 100 stock market investors returns and surprisingly the best performer’s over a long period of time was the portfolio owner’s who had died and left their positions alone for a long time” word’s to that effect, l like this style and also finding opertunities during market pessimism of course. Thanks for sharing your great knowledge.

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