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Kohl's stock or . The stock dropped and now the question is whether it will rebound.

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– Quick Take – Cheap Retail

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  1. BE Semiconductor industries, ticker BESI. Dutch Semiconductor Company that makes packaging machines, no debt, high margins, high dividend, a lot of buybacks now stockprice is down.

    1. Right, anyone thinking about investing in Kohls should visit a couple of their stores. The last time I was in one a couple of months ago it was not pretty. Their selection of the item I was interested in was way down from a few years ago.

  2. Everyone needs more than their salary to be financially stable. The best thing to do with your money is to Invest it rightly so it grows because money left for savings always end up used with no returns..

    1. Absolutely, investment is a safer & surest way to make more money now, mostly because of the economic inflation, I have made enormous returns since I came across him

    2. Albert Willie as your investment account manager, you are sure if making over 70% profit from your investment every week. I’m a living testimony.

    3. Wow! Nicely said indeed no doubt Mr Albert Willie is the best step to take following the current situation of the world economy, I have never believed in Bitcoin or crypto currency in all, but this has been a life changing encounter today!!

    4. working with a professional is best compared to none they have a wealth of information which helps a lot in creating wealth.

  3. I did my fair value on this stock, and it was a great buy, around 26-28, in my opinion. No significant growth or anything spectacular but still a good investment in these price ranges🎉

  4. Thanks. If retail is an option to invest, it could be Target or Costco…but, they need to be analysed first of course. Future videos with any 9f those brands? Thinking that they are the big ones. So, if the main brand of the category is too risky that will confirmed that the statement “avoid the all sector”

  5. $FBHS- Good stable and boring company with a solid balance sheet, growth and ROIC. Returning to value to shareholders through buy backs

  6. QuidelOrtho, ticker QDEL. In my view is cheaply valued. In the healthcare sector. Made a lot of money due to COVID testing. Used this cash for an acquisition which diversified the products of the company. The risk is sales from COVID quick tests declining, while waiting for Savanna.

  7. Thank you very much for the video! You upload very useful content.

    My suggestion to analyse:
    Name: Enagas Ticker: BME:ENG
    Business description: Spanish gas transport and distribution company. It manages the gas system in Spain and owns seven regasification plants. It participates in infrastructure projects related to gas distribution in other countries and participates foreign companies from the same sector.
    Risk: regulatory risks
    Reward: net dividend around 8.6% at this price
    Catalysts: just market recovery, it is not expected much growth in the medium term, it is an strategic business and the most attractive point is the dividend

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