Kaiser Aluminum KALU Getting Interesting Due To Temporary Issues

We evaluated within the Aluminum Sector analysis a while earlier, it is certainly an intriguing service that has actually hit some rough times!

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Kaiser Aluminum KALU Getting Interesting Due To Temporary Issues

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  1. This format of quick analyses works very well!! No market hysteria, no pampering of idiotic comments, just pure good old bottom up value investing! Thanks!

  2. Thank you once more for the valuable information ! There is an even better aluminium business in Greece. Mytilinaios aluminium. Low electricty cost, very high profits, owner of renewable sector until 2024 nearly 1.5 GW ( already among the 10 biggest contractors for big photovoltaic projects globally ). Very low stock price due to fear factor of electricity costs. But not the case with this company.

  3. The gross margins are brutally low. Too large of a range of outcomes at current market prices for it to make sense for my portfolio.

  4. Great analysis. However, Norsk Hydro my favorite in the aluminium industry and will stick with it to benefit from the ever incresing demand for alu.

  5. What about Bayer AG BAYN? Risk about trial on glyphosate. But PE around 10. Crop science and pharma.

  6. Hi Sven, can you look at Suzano SA (nyse:SUZ)? Cyclical company. Lowest cost producer of pulp. Reward: increase production, pulp price, economic development, carbon credits. Risk: brazil, pulp price, recession.

  7. I suggest a video on asos!
    – It trades below the growing book value (a big part probably being inventory though?)
    – sales have been growing ~20% over the last years
    – earnings were growing ~15-20% as well, but had a big drop recently & are expected to stay low for the next few years
    – pe ratio is 17 & price to sales is 0.12
    – Cash flow is very inconsistent
    – their ceo left last year & they have figured out a new one this summer

    – i was one of the happy female clients for a long time for their high quality, reasonable prices, huge range of products, fast shipping & easy returns.
    Recently i switched to chinese competition (shein) because of the lower prices (i love fashion but am also cheap & need my cash for stocks 😆).
    Shipping time is much higher on shein, some of the products there are of lower quality, & some cannot be sent back, which you have to be on a close lookout for in order to avoid negative surprises when handling the returns. That’s why most of the women i know prefer shops like asos & also they seem to feel guilty over ordering directly from china & skipping the European middle man.
    Another important competitor is boohoo (same to little lower price class), which I have no experience with

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. of all the people i asked I’m the only one who switched though because i don’t mind taking the hustle with the 5x shipping time, oftentimes worse quality etc.
      They all prefer sticking to european sellers

    2. Imo same thing would be betting against nike only because one can get cheaper shoes on alibaba
      Anyone please correct me if my thought process is wrong!

  8. Please, can you analyse the following?

    Celanese Corporation CE. It’s in the basic materials (chemicals) industry. PE is very low, dividend is interesting and margins are amazing. It’s down almost 50% from the peak.

    Adidas, you already analysed it for the YouTube portfolio and didn’t buy ’cause your wife suggestion. You said you would consider it if it would have gone down. It’s down -18% in the last month and more than 60% from the peak. They announced they are gonna change the CEO. I would like to have an update on it.

    Thank you!

  9. Bel format davvero, complimenti! Ma qualche azienda anche per noi poveri europei? Ti lancio qualche idea: Kion (Germania), Yara (Norvegia), Eni (Italia). Sempre interessante seguirti… ciao!

  10. ANALYZE FONAR CORPORATION. Bargain in my opinion. Never had a loss in a single quarter of the last 10 years. Cash is equal to all the liabilities. Business is growing. Trading at 0,7 price to book value, the lowest in 10 years. Insiders are buying the stock

  11. I would recommend MGA better than this stock. Slow compounder, beaten down, the balance sheet doesn’t have that much debt, produces a bunch of components for EVs so it’s in an industry with a lot of potential, stable cash flows, 3% dividend

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