It Seems Easy To Trade The Market

Many comments about how easy it is to trade the marketplace.

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My passion is to try to find low threat high reward financial investment chances with a long-term company owning like focus. I apply my accounting skills and investing experience in order to discover the very best services to own that offer the possibility to lead me towards my monetary objectives.
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Constantly keep in mind: "Investing includes risk of loss".

It Seems Easy To Trade The Market

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  1. Good explanation how it is. Every time you think you’ve learned your lesson, you can’t help but get caught up in the mass hysteria at the time.

  2. Pro tip: I always buy low and sell lower. Right before my dog of a company goes higher. Works like a charm.

  3. I think you can time the market or at least satisfy the urge to by squeezing your budget/lifestyle a little bit more when prices are down. If you are wrong oh well you will not remember eating more rice and beans here and there.

  4. Hi! Do you have any recommendations on how to stop looking at your portfolio daily? I would love to be able to only do it every 3 months but it seems impossible

  5. Don’t you love it when you experience two “once in a lifetime crashes” in less than 20 years? What an amazing system we live in!

    1. @Chloe Baker Wouldn’t call it opportunity of a lifetime when millions lose their jobs. Sure you can buy the dip but that’s assuming you have enough cash to invest and survive the recession

    2. @Mia Langley I’m not aiming to buy the dip. I’m aiming to short the crash with puts as I did during the Covid crash, but next time not just to hedge, but to make massive returns. we are in bear time and I’m taking advantage of it and If the market continues to rip, I’ll make big gains as I’m leveraged

    3. These next few months I think are going to be rough. I am dollar cost averaging and investing a big portion of my money into the stock market and digital asset through the help of my investmnt advisor ” Katherine Duffy Burke ” so that I can actually see gains when the market recovers eventually

    4. @Taylor Coggan Sounds reasonable. I never knew that working with an advisor to develop a well-structured portfolio is a wonderful approach to get started reducing risk of a permanent loss of capital and portfolio’s overall volatility. I was thinking of buying stocks across various industries and hold for longterm. Well I’ll give your advisor a weblook up using her full name and see if there’s a website i can reach her through.

  6. I do this with Alphabet C right now. Before the weekend I bought 300 shares for 110 each share. Than it dropped to about 104. Now it´s back again at 110. Microsoft jumped from 249 a few days ago, to now 261. It´s just stupid and I don´t like the outcome right now. It´s time consuming and I didn´t make some profit of it. Both are great stocks for me, but this timing-thing is just useless for me.

  7. Hey Sven, thanks for all your work. Subscribed to your stock analysis a while back. I have a question kind of if topic. I have heard you say both, it doesn’t matter if you have nyse baba compared to HK baba because you could just sell and buy the other. But I think I have heard you recently say you can get wiped out staying with nyse baba. It’s a real pain to transfer all my money from one broker to my ibkr, and so I have been avoiding transferring shares to HK. My thought was that they move together, so if I’m forced to sell, I will end up paying basically the same price in HK? I could be way off here. And I know, your go to is to say “do what fits you”. But what fits me is to not lose $ and do dumb stuff. So maybe you can point me in the right direction? If not, no worries. Thanks!

  8. I just listened to a podcast with the Australian economist John Quiggin and he thinks that interest rates should stay low long-term because the information economy is less capital intensive than in the past when manufacturing and other industries requiring massive amounts of capital dominated. What do you think about that?

  9. I use a small portion of my money to satisfy my need for trading and risk so the rest is save! I also have a chunk of cash for opportunities, just like Buffet and major hedgefunds.

  10. In my humble opinion, buy quality companies, more when they are discounted and sell if you need only. No rush to make money. Invest long term and enjoy (and reinvest) the dividends…you will be good .

  11. Folks don’t realize that current events are making all stocks cyclical.

    But, not like cyclical industries… This cycle is almost random in duration.

  12. It seems to me that applying value investing principles to an ETF would require the analysis of every company in the ETF. This is the same as analysing a sector. So after the same work, why buy the ETF? Why not just buy the best company?

  13. The biggest mistake you can make when investing is to think that you are smarter than the market. It’s almost impossible to time the consistency, you will miss out on great opportunities if you do this. simply DCA into high conviction stocks and let your position grow.

  14. Looking at a chart is seeing the past. It’s about the future. And the future is filled with risk. Investing is reducing that risk. Looking back is always easy.

  15. I’ve made a lot of money trading stocks. Of course, I would have made a lot more money not trading stocks.

  16. Sven I’d like to hear your take on Avantis or Dimensional funds which are similar to index funds in that they have low costs and low turnover but have a better tilt exposure to fundamentals and value than other factor funds.

  17. Great Sven! Simple, straightforward, clear message: let Mr. Market do his thing (whatever the heck his thing is) while good businesses do theirs.

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