Is SBUX Stock A Great Business At A Fair Price Now?

() is absolutely a fantastic brand and has actually been growing with time despite ups and downs. The belief is a bit suppressed and there are some concerns as it is typical for such bigger companies, particularly worldwide services. But, if they solve their problems as they performed in the past, this could be a terrific long-term addition to a portfolio.

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Is A Great Business At A Fair Price Now?

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  1. Le niveau de respect mutuel dans ce fil est vraiment encourageant. C’est un brillant exemple de la manière dont le discours civil doit être mené.😚

  2. Would a value investor that always weighs price versus value ever go to “€5 for a coffee” Starbucks, themselves?

    1. PPCIan is huge on Starbucks, and seems to frequent it as well. I bought SBUX back when he started covering it, but recently sold a tranche to buy a share of NVDA back when it was in the $600’s. That worked out better in the short-term.

  3. A coffee business might be able to keep up with inflation too…kinda like cigarettes and alcohol.

  4. Like cigarettes, caffeine is addicting without the hazards of smoking. Going to Starbucks is a daily ritual for many people.

    1. And, Starbucks is a status symbol. Nobody brings their own brown coffee mug to pour their coffee in. They proudly exhibit the Logo. Drinking Starbucks “means” something

    2. @@1Akanan1 Not in the US. It’s just another coffee shop. Maybe Blue Bottle means something to some people, but Starbies? Who cares?

    1. Same story, but more expensive and less dividend. If growth continues and the multiple stays high, you’ll get your 7-10% return, and if either fails, then you won’t. Poor risk/reward.

    2. Yes. Nike and Starbucks the same story: China problem. Very different business. Valuation standpoint, Nike is more expensive, but as Steve Job said, Nike is not just selling shoes. It is pretty much sells designs, new technologies incorporated in its products and ultimately good emotions associated with its products. For this reason, I think Nike deserves premium compared to its competitors. It had not been this cheap for long time.

  5. Love it, I just started a small position at Starbucks last week! It’s not a screaming deal yet I just considered it to be fair value right now with it being such a well-known brand, the PE is in line with the market, and they have some nice growth potential.

    1. @@TemperanceMinistry-ri2nz Will surely move on to the next investment if so. Anything can happen in the market. People who say “it will never will”, fail to act when it does! Similar to META. It dropped all the way down to $80. Did you take action? I would bet you didn’t. While I accumulated a massive position. Mr. Market is irrational at times. Your job is to identify such irrationalities and strike while the iron is hot!

  6. Hi Sven, thank you very much for your time and videos, I really appreciate them. In the future I would like to see an analysis on Ferretti, which is the biggest yacht maker on a global scale and that got listed on the Italian stock exchange last year. The company is currently growing at around 10% per year and the stock is trading at around 12 times P/E. Of course it is a ciclycal business but the market of UHNW individuals should do okay over time. Thanks for you Attention, have a nice day!

  7. Nobody needs to pay 5 dollars for a coffee that costs 9 cents to make but all buildings and houses whether new or repair will need BECN and AOS.

    1. I respectfully believe that Starbucks is “massaging” the data.
      China is in a severe economic downturn, and the US consumer is under serious inflationary pressure..

  8. Thank you for addressing this Sven. I agree with you. I am a value investor and I think I will add SBUX to my “buy when market corrects” watchlist. Maybe I’ll consider buying a little now, and average down. Maybe. Thank you again!

  9. Combining an outright purchase of SBUX with writing weekly low “Delta” (0.20 or less) call options against the position provides enhanced cash flow in addition to the quarterly dividend. Of course, SBUX needs to be regularly monitored along with the options. The “Theta Decay” and low Delta of the options should provide a good probability that the SBUX position will not be called.

    If called, repeat the process.

    Special attention should be given during weeks that earnings will be released and when SBUX goes Ex-Dividend.

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