Is ASOS Stock a Buy Now? Down 87%!


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Is a Buy Now? Down 87%!

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  1. Not a bad business but you give a beautiful illustration of the potential risks! Difficult buy in my opinion, probably for a well diversified portfolio.

    1. A retailer with a damn good cloud business. AWS is the reason Amazon is valued at 1T and not at 500 billion.

  2. Hello Swen, is it necessary to sell LVMH and Hermès now in order to avoid outcomes of their cyclical behavior, with a chance to buy again at lower price?

    1. @Max Your welcome, ich hoffe meine Antwort konnte zur Entscheidungsfindung beitragen.

      I don’t know Euroapi an FDE…..but I guess these stocks belong to the “sector” venture capital – so, don’t give these “positions” too much weight in your portefolio. πŸ˜‰

      Nice contact – gerne wieder.

    2. @Cosmo PoliteΒ  Yes, right, too big pressure to keep a stock with p/e ratio of 24-60, if you can realise profit and go away in fear. But – successful investment is in some way counterintuitive, for me personally it is, because always the most “instinctive” choice is the wrong one… So I thank you, good to receive support and validation of my investment decision. One more question, if you let – how is the real estate market in Germany doing now? I heard that prices are increasing again after a small pause. Is this correct?

  3. Wow, I mean if you want to gamble and profit from a tiny bounce (that chart looked like a tennis ball bouncing and losing momentum). Never Pharma, Never Retail and always re-evaluate after any 20% increase in share price while owning it and get out at 40% profit. Thank you for the content Sven, I do love watching a dumpster fire every now and then.

  4. Lucky those who have AWS23K right in time, unlucky those who think it’s meaningless. There’s a reason why so many would write about it no matter where you lookin’ at

  5. The power of AWS23K deserves that I get all the likes of you fellas, you’ll figure why once you understood what this all is about

  6. If there’s a way to change for the better it must be AWS23K. I had lost all hope with the decisions our big guys make which just keeps their power and imbalance up. Maybe at some point basic people like me and you have to take over, right?

  7. Digging into AWS23K was the right way. If there’s something like a right way then that’s that, thank me later bros

  8. I really want to see what other guys will come up it’s a little challenge to write something which includes AWS23K that’s why

  9. Thanks. Good analysis. Yes, that’s how it works the sector. Question: why does Berkshire own Kroger? Thinking of damn retail…why them? Groceries? Oligopoly?

  10. Sven…. You might need to do a standup comedy show… β€˜it looks like Nick was asleep’ impeccable timing πŸ˜‚

  11. Thanks for the video,

    Consumer confidence index was at all-time lows in the UK + people overstocked during the pandemic hence the poor recent numbers.
    The new CEO intends to cut wasteful capex, total capex was about Β£100-200m per year in the past.

    I’ll personally follow this to see how it develops over the next 1-2years.

  12. You are right πŸ‘
    Who knows when these bearish MOVE WITH end I got an expert recently who have been trading for me and I can say this is best rather than stalking…..

    1. Thanks to the testimonies I saw on Online, She has help me I thought the reviews were not real but I will now boldly testify..her strategy is awesome.

    2. * That’s a great woman * her good work has been everywhere Been seeing a lot of good comment about her on several place I feel more confident investing with her πŸ’―πŸ‘

    3. MY First 17profit shocked everyone that they started trading with her guidance and expertise on both stocks and crypto…..

  13. Quick and Easy Analysis and agree 200%. Thank you for demonstrating how you can quickly and efficiently determine if a Company has any potential.

  14. Hey Sven! I was wondering what is your take on Paramount? I know you own Warner Bros, but I was wondering what were your thoughts on its competitor, which is also owned by Berkshire. Thank you in advance, as always, I really appreciate your thoughts and all your videos.

  15. My biggest investing mistake ..losing a lot and surely I won’t recover it before 2- 3 years, if at all.

  16. Thanks for the video Sven.

    Quick Question: I read the 20 analyst posts of every stock you mention. 99% of posts are pure rubbish and are pretty detach from reality. How would you differentiate a good analyst post from a bad one?


    1. that is a great question, I guess you need to read them first, then you follow those where you find value….

  17. I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate you, your the reason why I started my youtube channel in the first place. Thanks to you I now teach people about financial literacy and how to invest their money. Thanks once again, and I hope you could inspire more people just like myself to build a youtube channel. 😊

  18. Great video! Can you please explain why Charlie Munger has costco. I am not from the US, but isn’t costco just another retail?

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