Investing Is About The Cherry On The Cake in Life – Nothing more

When it concerns purchasing stocks, expecting too much from it usually causes dreadful outcomes. Expecting little leads to great outcomes gradually.

My enthusiasm is to try to find low risk high benefit financial investment opportunities. I apply my accounting abilities and experience in order to discover fascinating investment concepts that offer the possibility to lead me towards my financial goals.
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Investing Is About The Cherry On The Cake in Life – Nothing more

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  1. How does this trading stuff work? I’m really interested but I just don’t know how it go about it. I heard people really make it huge trading

    1. Trading is easier with good experience especially from an expertise, Newbies who are not aware of how crypto truly works and wish to make profits from it, I would advise to invest with experts like Helen Jean Lawson, to help secure and minimize the possibilities of losses.

    2. I’m honestly surprised that this name is being mentioned here, I stumbled upon one of her client’s testimony last week in CNBC world news

    3. Well, you are saying the fact. I invested $4,000 with Helen Jean Lawson. and earned $12,000 in 14 working days.

    4. I was trading fairly a small account and I got over 200% within one month. We need more traders like her in the space to guide the teeming population of crypto enthusiasts and traders out there

    5. I got Helen Jean Lawson’s recommendations on ABC News in December last year and started following her lead and made a lot$ in two weeks. Lost my job in April 2022 and right now I’m back on top again and I always win with her guidance.

  2. Sven, you could add to the list of “Essence of Investing” paying down bad debt first (Credit Card, Bank loans etc), before investing.

    Mortgages are typically not in the “bad debt” category per se, as they are usually at the lowest rate the market can offer, but are still debt. In certain situations might be worth paying it as well in lump sums.

    Other types of debt are typically of higher interest than you can safely get returns in the market, so it’s better to pay it down before deciding to invest, at least in my point of view.

  3. Success depends on the actions or steps you take to achieve it. Building wealth involves developing good habits, such as regularly setting aside money for sound investments.

    1. Even with the current state of the economy, I’m still glad 😊 I can smile back at my portfolio of $12,500 built from my weekly trade.

    2. After watching so many YouTube tutorial videos on trading, I was still making losses until Mr. Princely Mathew started managing my investment. Now I make $6,800 weekly. God bless Mr. Princely Mathew as he is a blessing to my family ❤️

  4. Respectfully disagree. For some people investing is a tool to escape the rat race. Most people are not lucky enough to have jobs which they love.

    1. Good point. Still, you shouldn’t be in a hurry. Trying to get rich quick is a time honored way to lose money.

    2. @@KapteeniKaaos exactly. For example you save and invest from 25 to 45 then you spend all your income and just reinvest the dividend until 55 than you can leave the job and spend the dividends till 70 then you spend everything till death.

    3. @@LoSkiBum That was pretty much my plan. But it happened much faster than I thought. I was laid off a few months ago, and noticed a weird thing. When I worked, government took half my money. Now that I don’t, they give me money!

      They obviously don’t want me to work, so I garden. Why fight the government?

  5. Well explained Sven, to me being invested in sensible equities has helped me keep up with the U.K.s crazy food and fuel inflation over the past two years, good investing is maintaining what you have and possibly even gaining some wealth over time.

  6. Thanks Sven! Wasn’t expecting to see my comment in a video. Thanks for explaining the mindset around investing.

  7. With you – yes, I have lost more than 20 % my money with you being subscribed to your platform for 3 years, while sp500 is at all time highs. almost lost a lot more with russian stocks , while now your ”margin of safety, do great no matter what , it’s a buy” professional investing advises – flow 45 % down, baba 50 % down, prosus 40 % down, ffarm 30 % , veon 55 %, asos 90 % down. Thanks , Sven , i would be so much better of If I would just held my money in a bank

    1. You can only blame yourself. Investing is personal, whether you follow someone or not is personal. You can’t blame anyone else, sorry. But take it as a learning opportunity, you should do better next time (or not…).
      I like Sven, I like his content and thinking, but at the end, I will always do my own thing and use my own brain cells.

    2. You didn’t mention any positive decisions that should be remembered: short on Tesla, buying Meta and Amazon dip or long Rubis

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