Investing in BONDS in 2023 Explained!

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in 2023 Explained!

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  1. Thanks Sven!
    Very interesting video.
    So investing in long term bonds or etf is betting more than investing now? 😮

  2. I sold 50% of my portfolio periodically over the last few months. Its crazy to me that people think there can be a significant rise in the markets in the next 6 months to a year. When bonds went over 5% I’ve been buying 3 month t-bills at auction once a week. When the bonds mature I’ll have a decision to make

  3. Investing directly in bonds no but an etf is not that bad like TLT if you’re expecting cutting rates in a recession

  4. Hi Sven, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on I bonds and 0% coupon Bonds are interesting alternatives to high yield bonds or cash saving accounts.

    1. The I bond sweet spot is over. I got in when in inflation was out of control, and even with the 3 month interest penalty when I pull my 10k (max per year) I’ll be close to 8% return.

  5. We put our money on CDs. At 4.95% I don’t think your money could be in a safer place. Are we wrong?

  6. Hi Sven, as Italian investor I am currently diversifying my cash management locking up the majority of my liquidity in ccteu with an expiring date in the next 6 months so I can benefit from a high yield and whenever the ECB rises the rate, after the reimbursement I reinvest the amount in the next exploring in 6 months and benefit from that rise + for US I look for getting and exposure over the whole yield curve accumulating month over month 30/30/40% in 2B7S, CBUE e IUSV which actually are all covered against currency risk. What do u think? I might also considering starting from October to accumulate in IBGL or IBGZ for EU yield curve exposure. All this for not only yield but also for price increase looking for a rate cut over the next 2/3 years

  7. I was just thinking about adding a bond position to my parents’ portfolio since they’re relatively new to investing and are a few years away from retirement. It’s just about finding right ones

  8. In Canada we have an etf called CASH, where they put money in HISA currently paying +5%. In the short term it’s much more flexible than locking my cash in bonds or a GIC, and I can access it quickly if I see an investment opportunity in the market.

  9. Perfect explanation and great all around points. That said, LT treasuries have gained a pretty significant position in my portfolio as of late. If rates do go higher, I look forward to the potential of many more opportunities arising.

  10. This is how SVB Bank went bust. They bought bonds went interest were 0 and needed cash when rates were higher.

  11. Hahaha Sven!! I’ve been keeping 10-15% in cash and been investing that cash into TBIL (0-3 month US Treasury Bills) which yields 5.35% coupon. With rate hikes expected the low duration is perfect so we get to refinance the yields at higher rates within three months.

  12. Just buy T-Bills until the stocks you care about get within your margin of safety. Then you buy with the proceeds from the bills plus interest. Better than leaving the money in a 0% savings or brokerage account. Also you don’t pay state or local taxes, only federal… another advantage of lending money to Uncle Sam short term.

  13. What about bonds for euro investors? For example JEST (JP Morgan EUR Ultra-Short Income UCITS ETF). It currently has 3.7% yield with bonds average 0.6 months to maturity. If not, how about money market funds? That should give 3%, which is better than most banks in some countries give.

    Thanks for the great content!

  14. Etoro now gives me 5% on the cash when you are in highest tier. No commitment🙃🙂. But yes you need to get there first.

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