Investing Course #7 What To Expect From Investing

My enthusiasm is to look for low risk high reward investment opportunities. I use my accounting abilities and experience in order to discover fascinating financial investment ideas that provide the possibility to lead me towards my monetary goals.
If you are an advanced financier searching for in depth, independent stock analyses and ideas, here is my STOCK EXCHANGE RESEARCH STUDY PLATFORM (service and sector threat and benefit analysis, my portfolios):.


Are you a financier that is just beginning? Sign up for the FREE Stock Market Investing Course – an extensive guide to investing talking about all that matters:.

Investing course playlist -.

I am also a book author:.
Modern Worth Investing book:.

Investing Course #7 What To Expect From Investing

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  1. Can you PLEASE explain on “gaps” in the charts. I hear a lot of … “gaps need to be filled” … but that is not happening in all cases. So why and when are gaps filled?

  2. I love talking to new investors, its interesting see them work on the same problems I had when I started. love the vid 😀

  3. Loose bowel movements was my early experience moving from 1.5% APR annualised gains to holding Chinese stocks.

  4. LOL My country has the lowest historic index performance in your list (together with bonds even negative). But prosperity wise it is not much different from the US.
    This alone shows you that ‘stocks always go up’ is utter nonsense.

  5. Jd is down another 5% this week for no reason, following last week’s plunge for no reason. Do you plan on covering before it gets to 0?

  6. I enjoyed it Sven, thanks . How are you rightly prepared for rough times? 10%-20% in short term bonds and waiting for a decline, then you sell the bonds and buy the dip?

    1. I prefer to rebalance if necessary, but I could actually make money in rough times first!

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