Index Funds Are OK, But Won’t Make You Rich Again

are okay as financial investment automobiles and we have actually discussed them if a couple of videos. Those are specifically great for conserving functions and wealth build-up. No matter what happens you will likely be secured from inflation gradually, but the fantastic returns over the previous 40 years might be over.

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10:09 Index Funds Conclusion

Finest Strategy DCA
S&P 500 Crash If Recession
S&P 500 Assessment
S&P 500 25 Stocks Analyzed

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Index Funds Are OK, But Won't Make You Rich Again

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  1. Best Channel On Youtube. Still want better content? Then I recommend Sven’s Market Research Platform. No Bullshit. Just solid research.

  2. we love you Sven! You’re just amazing man.
    I can’t believe you respond to every comment I post 😂
    You just can’t troll on this channel! The boss reads every comment lOl 😭

  3. Hi Sven, can you make a video about the CEF with high yield ones? Thanks! Really like your videos! Bye

  4. The problem with your comparisons is that you don’t consider other asset classes in a usual portfolio. Nobody is (hopefully) 100% invested in an SP500 😉

    1. good point, but then again this is about investing in stocks and related instruments

    2. @Fabien A global ETF is the way to go imo. No guarantee that the US stock market will continue to dominate to such an extent in the next 10, 20, 30 years.

  5. I invest 80% into my All World etf to Support my Pension and 20% into Single stocks for fun and to try and be able to retire a bit earlier. If it works out, great. If not i tried it

    1. I never really liked the world etf. It’s too broad for me and just too many companies. In the past I bought semiconductor etf and sp500 etf. But now I been more cautious and only buy small shares of stock for good company I like

  6. Thanks for another great video 👍 on a sidenote, regarding actively managed funds… what’s your view on a flat fee vs a performance fee with high-water mark?

    1. I have no views really, at the end depends on the performance and the sad truth is that few focus on that over the long-term

    1. Possible strategy like dollar cost averaging but impossible to time the market. It could be the dip we see will be temporary in which case you spent all the money already investing. And then Next year or two years it really crash and you don’t have enough money left to invest. That market dip is like a holy grail.

  7. Rule number 1 of investing is don’t lose money, which index funds get an A+ for. Most people do not have the the knowledge, time, or stomach to develop and hold a diversified portfolio that outperforms the market.

    1. ETF is fine since most people want to dump their money somewhere close their eyes, cross their finger and hope for the best by the time their retire. But does that really sound like a safe strategy? To trust private large entity to handle your life saving. 😅

    2. @SlimJim JimSlim the alternative is throwing darts at companies and hoping your analysis is better than trillions of dollars of institutional analytic firepower. Which sounds (and statistically is) considerably riskier, unless you really know what you are doing. I say this as someone going through a big drawdown in my actively managed accounts the last 12 months while my index driven 401k just keeps humming along (relatively speaking).

    3. @Roger Sterling I really don’t think value investing is throwing darts. Sven’s method and his free excel sheet is pretty useful to evaluate company by company. At the end of the day there are always good value company, not every company is a flip of a coin. At least with value investing you can actually have better chance of capital gain. Put more work and time in value investing, get more return or at least increase the likelihood of a positive return. 😁. You can trust large financial institution to manage your money or you can learn about company in valuation. Which ever works go for it

    4. @Roger Sterling There so many ETFs and mutual funds they are no longer any different from stocks! Which one? Can’t just say S&P, but which one of them?! Why are there so many of then? A company you know, an ETF is an unknown and requires more research than companies. And, its just as easy to sell and trade as a stock so it doesn’t protect you from your mistakes.

  8. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  9. Would love to hear your opinion on Schd. Seems like a high quality dividend fund would be hard to go wrong. I am using it as the core in my portfolio and investing in some single stocks where I can find good value.

    1. siilarly to the one mentioned here with 3% yield, it is what it is

  10. There are 20 really great businesses within the S&P. Index those and throw away the other 480. Great alternatives though. Thanks

  11. Index funds that track international small value and emerging small value do exist for 0.2-0.3% fee. 2 things: “the problem is people don’t want to get rich slowly” and index funds set on regular automatic investments get rid of the “stomach” problem. Also, all these etf are large cap leaning which is the problem. Everyone is hiding out in the big guys

  12. What about ETFs that focus on select sectors like energy, health care, information technology and so on? Could it make sense to analyze sectors from a value investing perspective and invest in sector-ETFs if the overall pricing of stocks in the sector seems attractive?

  13. What would be your thoughts of the following investment strategy: Use index funds to create a base and then do stock investing on top of that? This way, your overall portfolio is less likely to lose money? Of course, it would be a Utopian dream to never lose money but one could minimize the losses by creating a platform made of index funds?

  14. Hi Sven, what’s your take on hedge funds? Do you think the supposed overperformance is worth the fee or it’s a zero sum game and the fee makes the difference for the long term returns?

  15. Thank you so much for making this fund video! I know too well you like individual stocks, but funds are easier for beginners to start investing

  16. Important to remember that while inflation is projected to be high this year, most central banks are looking towards lower inflation in the rest of the decade ahead. For the UK (where there is very high inflation right now) inflation is likely to rise to about 10% and go down next year. Projecting 2% inflation in around two years. That likely means that in the long-term you do not need to go too far with risk taking. A diversified cash, bonds, alternatives, and shares portfolio will probably do well enough in the years ahead. Safe cash has, for example, beaten risky EM and Chinese equities last year and this year so far.

  17. Hey Sven, thanks for the video, great job as always. Would love to hear your opinion on the “Greenblatt’s approved” ETF FTSE RAFI 1000 (fundamentally weighted) => the big secret for the small investor

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