When there is a stock exchange crash, most people stop buying because of some reason! Well, that might decrease your wealth over time.

0:58 People Leaving Sale
2:00 Bad
4:11 Buy Now
5:02 Model Portfolio

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  1. That Chart with Monthly Active User could also be People who just bought once and are now buy and holding. Dont need to be active on the app to hold stocks.

  2. That Robinhood chart would explain why there’s a lot less noise from retail investors recently. I thought I just got good at ignoring it.

  3. Hi Sven great video as always, may I ask if we could have the possibility to see Comcast analyzed by you?
    Ticker CMCSA
    Reward: sticky business, especially in the internet fibre and cellular service department, great cash flow and increasing income; ok business for the other segments,some growth potentialin the streaming and tv services ( sky in Europe); quite cheap at the moment and good constantly increasing dividend.
    Risk: I actually don’t see that many risks apart from other businesses segments struggling, competition( don’t think will be present more than what already is there for the next years) in the internet fibre segment.
    I don’t see recession and macro environment as considerable risks for Comcast, there could be of course some decrease in revenue but I don’t think Americans would cut on their internet bill, I strongly believe they will cut somewhere else before!
    I really really enjoy your content, and it has been incredibly instructional for me,thanks!

  4. Yep, buying Amazon, Google in bulk.

    Hope to see a further drop in Microsoft. I’ve been waiting for a year for this. So glad I resisted the urge to buy before.

  5. I pretty much stopped buying since 4 weeks ago. I blew most of my remaining cash around the October low, and I’m down to only 3% cash. I guess I’m timing the market here??

  6. Thanks. I find the hard part is to find the will to buy as things keep dropping but maybe more importantly how much to allocate. A video on portfolio allocation would be great. I feel many retail investors struggle with this and allocate too little when they should buy more or allocate too much and go all in when they should be patient.

  7. I thought you said you sold all your equity holdings earlier this year as well. Or did I misunderstand one of your former videos?

  8. Isn’t looking at the history of a stock pointless tho? and ‘ankering’ of what its called? If Google went to 400 for a month and was now at 200, would it be a buy because its down 50%? or is it a buy when fundamentals look good for an X return?

  9. The market as a whole is still insanely overvalued tho, no? Just because it was even MORE overvalued doesn’t mean it is cheap now. Cheaper but can still be insanely overvalued

  10. 6:05 thank you Sven, question on the calculator, do you know one where we can calculate not just extra monthly contributions but also as if we would reinvest the dividend. Example take KO last 20y, 10k starting point, 250 monthly contribution and dividend reinvested … thank you

  11. Lower prices can remain low(er)for a long time, how would you justify investing now apart from price levels? Valuations do not seem that cheap yet.

  12. Sven, first I totally agree with the video, and that’s why I always followed you. I am in the market since 1996, not with the same results as you(better than the average though), and always invested with portfolio changes here and there. But now with the objective to clarify, not to criticize, one to two months ago you said you totally left the market. So maybe I didn’t understand the difference of your model portfolio and main investments. So, did you leave the market or not?

  13. I also buy every month. I hope after lasy week its not the end od drops because I plan to deposit to my portfolio a lot next year.

  14. Great video! Thank you so much for this and all your educational content. I’ve been learning so much over the past two years of watching your channel. I’m realizing the early investing mistakes that I made, I’m trying to avoid them now, and I’m getting better at patiently watching companies until the stock meets my target price that I have set. I am excited to pick up shares at these low prices, and I’m waiting for a few businesses to drop a little more. Thank you for offering this free education! =)

  15. I don’t think people are leaving, you can see how they react the smallest positive news… They just want to buy the cheapest price possible

  16. It’s ok to be early if you’re willing to hold and buy more as the knives keep falling. A good stock at $60 a year ago is a better buy at $30 with no fundamental changes.

  17. Hi Sven I’d love to get your view point on is there value in some of the more traditional every day needs businesses . Alot of focus on tech but do you think there is value in some old fashioned style business ., ie like warren buffet and his railroad businesses ?

  18. I guess its just me that feels like the markets have barely gone down and seems to be just mega-bull-hype all the time? Constant talk about FED pivot. Unexplained rallies. Its just a small dip basically… and all that despite what’s going on… it really baffles me. I really expected this to go down way more. Highest inflation in 40 years, rates skyrocketing and is still expected to go up and stay there for perhaps years? And the market is like… “inflation is gone & rates are zero” buy buy buy buy… something is not right…

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