I’ll Be Value Investing For The Next 20 Years

I will keep worth investing since I want to invest so that whatever occurs I am ok.

1:32 Last 15 Years
4:00 Next 15 Years
7:35 Genuine Investing

My passion is to look for low threat high reward investment chances. I use my accounting abilities and investing experience in order to find fascinating investment ideas that use the possibility to lead me towards my financial objectives.
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I'll Be For The Next 20 Years

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  1. Hi sven, i have an italian 401k , investing in large cap value…i see only number of quote…what do you think about?

  2. Completely agree Sven with your view but I do not like that you mention historical data only for supporting you thesis. I mean the beginning of the video with the return of value vs growth stocks and in the middle of the video with the data of SP500. Believe me, I bought ADM one month ago, I took 30% loss on the position and I’m ready to continue to buy it now that the value is low

  3. Sven mentions value vs growth BUT that only works if applied systemically, in index funds which track value stocks, not by picking individual companies.

    1. Yea it’s hard to say those “value ” stocks were actually value as they simply had low PE ratios. But it’s interesting to see they outperformed

  4. The patience and the boring wait for just the right, perfect company for my personality, the peace that comes with it is what is exciting for me, I look forward to the next annual report, to the next announcement of the company, to the next product and whether my thoughts and the sometimes hundreds of hours of analysis have paid off in the end.

    I’ve only been watching a few channels for years and I look forward to your videos every time!

    Stay with us Sven,
    – Eddy (26)

  5. This discussion has been going on since the GFC. For over the last decade the Shiller P/E has been higher than any other time except the before the 1929 crash and the 2000 tech bubble. Even at its recent lowest in 2009 it was not near the all-time lows. A 50% correction from now puts the S&P500 around its median value. Many value picks are stagnant businesses ripe for disruption or saddled with debt in order to sustain dividend payments. With indexes over valued, growth hard to predict (even ARKK missed NVDA), I agree individual stock value/dividend investing is best. But part of me still wants exposure to growth because of the AI, fintech, genomic revolutions.

  6. i am betting on TSMC, the world will rely on TSMC for AI chips in the next 10 years, TSM is clearly the winner of this AI ARM RACE

  7. Sven, could you make a video on value etf’s ? Even in value etf’s there seem to be risky stocks. Great to get your view

  8. Hi Sven, do you own a hedge fund where is possible to invest?
    Or any way possible to “copy-paste” your value investments?
    I admire your work and find this strategy of value investing perfect for my long-term investment goal.
    Please advise, thanks in advance!

  9. Hi Sven.
    I agree with your theory. But can value investing be passive? How can someone focused on full time job profit value investing.

  10. Thank you very much Sven! Love your educational content, keep it up please:)
    Was wondering what are your thoughts on Value Trading?
    Assuming I’m a young working guy with not much money, no debt, decent risk management with a small portfolio
    Would you advise a more aggressive approach? Looking for ‘locally’ underinvested value businesses/commodities and holding for few days/weeks/months
    No day trading to avoid high fees and high time consumption, and not holding positions for years because prices never move linearly so I can try to reposition myself accordingly to make smaller mid-term profits and maybe avoiding some local downturns to try and grow my smaller portfolio more actively with due diligence of course

  11. Hi Sven, I’ve been subscribed to your platform for a few years and I had a question about your choice to do monthly transactions. Don’t you worry about the £3 transaction fee at IBKR? For less than £300 investment, you’re paying more than 1% fee + any currency conversion fee. Since you’re not a passive investor, i always wondered why that didn’t seem like an issue to you.

    For myself I like to deploy capital when I can get less than 0.5% fee UNLESS I find a really good deal then it’s okay to pay 😁

  12. Value investing is hard term. Some smart lady said that growth stock is easy to determine, just look if the company is growing. But what is value? Usually its just leftover from growth ones or the cheap ones with the middle ground called “mixed”. If Sven says value investing is risk averse but high return looking equity investing, ok, makes sense and i agree, but try to apply some mathematical model for this.

  13. Hey Sven,

    I loved watching the discussion you had with the Columbia Student Investment Management Association. Your insights into value investing are incredible and it would be amazing if I could organize an event with you. I am a senior at Phillips Exeter Academy, a private school in New Hampshire, and am co-heads of our Investment Society and Economics Association. I lead weekly discussions on value investing and micro/macro economic material and have dozens of curious students who would love to learn from you. If you are interested, please let me know.

  14. Philip Fisher put it the best – the only safety and lowest risk is in growth even Benjamin Graham came to this conclusion in his last years that “growth investing” was better because expanding intrinsic value theory and not the desire to find a gap one company leaves and the need to wait for the gap to close , which can take many years and every year it does not close your CAGR go lower , eventually you will be stuck with a “value ” company that cant growth and a better company “growth” company will outgrow and put it out of business or will make it lose share and hurt profitability which would make it a lousy investment over time . including all the time to cash out and the problem of taxes with those stocks .

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