If Disney Pushes Margins Back To 18% It Can Really Boom!

Could Flourish if they handle to press margins up across the average for the business. DTC is still pushing the whole, but the capital potential is there.

0:30 Price
1:50 Company Results
5:01 Earnings Power
7:08 Disney Stock Valuation

DIS 2020 Video

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If Disney Pushes Margins Back To 18% It Can Really Boom!

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  1. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​https://sven-carlin-research-platform.teachable.com/p/stock-market-research-platform
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  2. Hey Sven, seems you’re back on the YouTube game, instead of making 3/4 videos a month. Hoping the channel content quality will not suffer! What’s the reason?

    1. I feel great, started working out, have much more energy, and simply as I do more everything flows better. Thus more is more I would say 🙂 Just enjoying and having fun!

    2. There’s probably more money to be made on YouTube compared to the stockmarket at the moment lol

  3. I love how you ramped up the schedule lately, Sven. I hope you enjoy it also as we do, doing both market analysis and specific stocks requested by the community. I personally see Disney as a very interesting pick, great to see you covering it. Pozdrav!

  4. In my opinion Disney looks fairly valued or overvalued I don’t think there is much upside to gain from these levels

    1. They are fairly valued when you just take into account quantitative analysis based on past performances but when you factor in their management and the fact they are destroying their brand it really brings into doubt any sort of investment.

  5. Super analysis Sven. One of my favourites from your recent stock analysis vidoes. I didn’t quite follow the rationale for why we were dividing cash flows in half due to the company not paying a dividend — might you be able to help clear that up? I’d have thought that if the company makes that cash and I own the company, I should value it according to that cash, no?

    1. the second collum is value u get now from ur investement so dividends or buybacks if company doesnt do either and just invests it in future growth that value is included in the first row already.

  6. Nice video. Disney is difficult to value as they are investing a lot in the streaming business and they have a treasure trove of depreciated assets. Disney was very cheap 10 years ago. Now it is fairly valued.
    Management promised to bring back the dividend after the pandemic.

    Sven does not believe in speculating, so he would never discuss the eventual consolidation of the space. Personally, one should wonder if Apple eventually purchases Disney.

    Thanks again!!

    1. @Adam Marette Please explain why apple decides to buy Disney and why Disney would want to fall under apple?

    2. @Adam Marette It sounds like Apple is getting the better deal there, Disney’s IP alone is worth more than the market cap of the company. Apple would have to pay 500B minimum to acquire Disney

  7. Hi Sven, great content as always, can you compare Disney to WBD? The latter maybe has less moat (even if HBO library Is huge) but valuation Is wayyyy cheaper and Discovery’s management proved good at providing new content spending less Money compared to Netflix/Disney, what Is your opinion?

    1. Hi Sven, Would it possible to compare to comcast too? As comcast owns Universal that has a streaming platform (peacock), theme park, and movie studio like disney and in addition comcast has a huge cable and wireless business.

  8. Agreed, streaming services are just like the airline industry. And I feel the same way about food delivery businesses.

  9. People really love Star Wars, so Disney made a good purchase back in 2012. The only thing that worries me is that Disney messes up its IP with bad sequels and spin offs.

  10. My amex card had a deal recently on Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ package, for six months pay $13.99 and get a credit back for $13.99. So I took it of course, it’s free. About a month later NFLX got killed for the subscriber drop, but a few days later Disney reported and subscribers were still growing. Well no wonder, if you give away the product sales will be strong. I won’t pay for this package when the deal ends. The content isn’t worth it to me, which is why I didn’t subscribe before the six-months-free deal popped up.

  11. Wooo Hooo looks like someone get back into the YouTube game. I’m definitely not complaining it because I enjoy watching your video

  12. Dear Sven. Thank you very much for your Disney valuation. In my opinion 6 USD fcf per share for DIS is very optimistic. Even if company can generate such a flow this will be 2024-2025 year at least. So we should probably discount those flows little bit differently and intrinsic value should be much lower. This is just an opinion.

  13. Nice analysis Sven, thank you. Always a good lesson in a short video. I have been interested in DIS voor some time now, and i have started purchasing around these lvl’s. I do believe that DISNEY+ has allot more potential in the long run, I think it will be more like a Amazon Prime subscribtion. Where it gives more benefits to other services and products of Disney; for example: A discount in the online shop, a gift when you go see a disney movie in the cinema, access to (last minute) deals for their hotels etc ,…. Not sure how much this will add to the freecash flow but I think this might be something to strenghten the Disney ecosystem.
    Love from Belgium <3

    1. What I like about Disney is not just to be an owner of the company, but to own their IP’s/creations. ‘Snow White’ came out in 1937 and has since been enjoyed by every generation trough always different mediums. Cinema, TV, cassettes, dvd’s, blueray and now streaming. I still see people buying and dressing up as snowwhite. It gives me some comfort in owning this business knowing that behind all the numbers and people they own a treasure vault full of great content/culture/art. And if you own the stock, so do you.

  14. As good as Disney could be, I think their political stance will harshly impact their ability to grow. When you alienate 50% of the population, you could lose a lot of customers. I think Netflix may be a similar case study.

  15. what i want to see is
    some videos on em stocks that have good business models. Since you ran that video about that being the place to be for the next 10 years. I’ve always had a hard time valuing companies especially the Latin American ones and in the past, they have tended to get murdered in tandem with the rest of the markets

  16. 🗽 My estimated fair value for DIS is more in the range of $100 – 110. 🤔 … expected return 10-11% p.a.

  17. I really enjoyed your video content! It’s true and to the point.
    What was your insperation to start video content?

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