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  1. Thanks for the input! I hade some good experience investing in Dutch BESI after a thorough comment under one of your videos when it was at a low valuation. Made 100% on them

  2. Thanks for the video, Sven. Very interesting. However,–from a bird’s eye view–my only issue with this company is that the ROIC has been steadily decreasing year over year from around 14 percent in 2014 to around 7/8 last year. With WACC increasing recently, this has stopped me from researching it further. In your view, is there a chance that ROIC will mean revert? Or has it been dropping for structural reasons?

    1. The decrease of ROIC is partly explained by lower profit margins, which indeed is a concern. However, the ROIC decrease is to great extent attributable to ever increasing inventory levels, especially since covid took off. However, having regard to H2-22, there is indication that inventory level is stabilizing. On a general note, please remember they are traders and may accordingly be opportunistic; this may cause swings in roic

    2. Yeah probably just follow it because for now the roic seem to remain steady with this kind of operation…

    3. sorry, as Munger says, I can’t discuss WACC :-((

      P.S. this is a business you can’t apply the above as it is a trading business/ supply – as inflation goes up, revenues go up, everything goes up, and ROIC goes down, even if profits are higher… thus academics don’t work – plus, check what Munger says about WASS

    4. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. Sounds like you think inflation will be higher for longer then.

    1. owned in the real model portfolio, but there is a strategy around it, not discussed in the video here

  3. I like is when you share research on these unknown companies. Everybody always talks about the big ones, which is getting less interesting. No value there 😅

    1. @Max just because there is a brilliant report does not make it value 🤣🤣 you probably think Nvidia is Value

    2. @Josh Rog 1. Compare the profit margin of lvmh and Amsterdam commodities
      2. See what happens to both stocks during the recession
      3. Take a look at average annual increase of income/sales/capitalization
      4. Consider debt

    1. 5% dividend yield for a company that is growing slow… I think its reasonable but to be safe 15 is better 😁. Lets hope it drops below 18 again…

  4. Great overview! The buisness really seems interessting. My next step is to look at the history of the leadership, their compensation and the outlook on the longterm stability regarding the positions on top. As it is inticing as a longterm compounder i want to have a reasonable assurance that the overall strategy and execution remains the same as it has been succsessfull so far. At the moment it seems to me to be a good business at a fair price! Again thank you for your work and the value you create for me! I certainly learn a lot from your videos!

  5. I thought you exited the stock market? Which other stocks do you own? Those are the ones I am mostly interested in hearing your analyses on.

  6. Hi Sven nice video. Can you make one on the japan companies that Buffet bought a few days ago?
    They have a low pe and have compound over time

  7. Hey Sven. Great video as always! i am wondering if you are considering buying short-term treasuries with your cash, as cash will undoubtly lose its value, and bonds might keep most value. Buffet would probably do this but it might not fit a very opportunistic investin strategy as stocks could crash at a time where you dont want to sell your bonds. Also if we keep seeing high inflation, at what coupon would consider buying treasuries? 8%, 10%, 12% or 15% and for what term?

    1. I focus on finding great business, not on my cahs:-) just a mindset thing.

  8. As mentioned by author, the stock has gone nowhere for last 7 years (even taking into account YTD +20%), so the only alpha has come out of dividends (5% p.a)….where is the upside in this nuts & tea underperformer? Even AEX by itself in last 5 years left in the dust! Gotta dig deeper for gems, man.

    1. @Josh Rog Value 101: it would be good opportunity to buy when the price is deflated when market overreacts to the news, but do not correspond with a company’s long-term fundamentals. If Apple drops 20% tomorrow, it would be the mother of all to value investors. What I meant is, this stock is dead money returning 0% in past 5 years, meaning it hits constant resistance level and does not signal currently a good entry point. People need to stop cheering stocks hitting tops.

    2. @Michael Fishkop the phrase “hits resistant levels” tells me that you need do understand the concept of value investing better. If the stock price hasn’t moved in 5 years but the earnings have doubled it just means that it’s significantly cheaper and that the PE went from 24 to 12… i would love nothing more for this stock to go nowhere in the next 10 years and just increase the earnings and the dividend… Btw the current dividend yield for 2023 is 7.2%. In this video Google is showing last year’s dividend yield which was significantly lower…

    3. well, investing is about owning businesses, not about stocks that went up the last 7 years, but Apple then!

  9. Could you provide some insight into how did you arrive at growth rate projection of 4% for stock valuation?

    1. the business grew even faster inthe past, plus with inflation at 3%….

  10. Hi Sven, what are the two most undervalued stocks right now (including small caps) as per your opinion?

  11. They have very high debt and low cash levels, high inventory, they have also been issuing more shares in the past few years leading to increased dilution, and no recent growth in revenues. It seems more like a high risk low reward play in this high interest environment!

    There is a reason this stock is so cheap…

  12. Great vid! What do you think of the Japanese companies Warren buffet just bought? PE ratio of 5….growing dividend. Earnings yield ~14%….also, he has been issuing Japanese bonds…..so seems like Warren buffet is borrowing yen at these current low rates and buying high yield Japanese companies with the money….if rates rise, he wins big.

    1. If that is your interest why not buy shares in BRK and get Buffett to pick your Japanese stocks rather then you trying to do it.

  13. Great video, sounds like an interesting business. Another food business I like is Delfi Ltd, have you ever looked at them?

    1. One risk I do see with the company is that their leveraged acquisition strategy was likely helped by unusually low interest over the past 30 years and could face headwinds if these are higher going forwards

  14. What’s the competitive advantage in organic foods? Top line growth without moat is likely to be value destructive, isn’t it?

    1. this isn’t about selling your organic smoothie, this is about providing ingredients to the organic smoothie maker and using the skills and connections they build over centuries!

    1. I don’t see it like that, this is just a small part of what I do and you know that 🙂 Plus, the value is in the process, not the snip overview of a business!!!

  15. Whoever turns over the most stones will be the most successful.Keep an open mind.Dont always think if its expensive it is good.Ive been buying lnd.We will see

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