How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners in 2024 | Step By Step Guide + 2 Buys

How to buy stocks for novices in 2024. This course covers why and how to start investing in stocks, the life changing result of investing through compounding, how to select a broker, investing basics, monetary declarations, a stock analysis example, investing psychology and discussions about the stock market.

0:00 Investing Course Introduction & About Me
1:09 What Is Investing
2:11 Life Changing Investing
4:38 Investing Core
5:35 Intensifying Example
7:57 Simple Investing
9:32 How To Select Broker
10:22 Broker Costs
12:16 Holding Name
13:45 Broker Trap
15:25 International Broker
16:38 Broker & Taxes
18:15 Buying Stocks
19:31 Do Not Lose Cash
23:24 Two
24:45 United States Treasuries
25:40 Emerging Markets Cheap
26:56 Build Your Portfolio
28:58 Basics
29:29 Apple Stock Example
30:37 Market Capitalization
31:06 PE Ratio
32:29 Interest Rates
34:08 Dividend Yield
35:55 Buybacks
36:52 Financial Statements
37:17 Earnings Statement
40:02 Balance Sheet
42:11 Capital Statement
43:14 The Stock exchange
46:01 Wall Street Predictions
48:50 You
52:30 Crashes Are Opportunities

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in 2024 | Step By Step Guide + 2 Buys

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  1. Thank you for your detailed explanations. I have a question regarding a custody account or an account where securities are stored under the broker’s name. 
    Is it safe to have an account with the securities deposited in the (European) broker’s name in order to save money on fees? If the securities are in the name of the broker, he will sell them, lend them away, etc. What happens if the broker goes  bankrupt or does not get the shares back? Will I lose the shares or is there no difference? (I never heard that a European broker has an insurance, etc.).

    1. for example, DeGiro is the broker but the securities are held in a foundation separate from it, which makes things easier. But, given the environment, a good broker is unlikely to go bust, but then again, you never know. as all brokers are different, send them your question and see what they answer.

  2. Following your channels for years. Thanks for everything.
    I am in IB, and i cant buy ETFs, the Chinese ETF for example, because of KIID. How can i work around it?

  3. Sven, could you give us an idea of how much investing contributed to your wealth vs. direct earning? From the numbers you showed about investing and the success of your activity in YouTube and the research platform has now, looks like it is really not significant overall. 😅
    Thanks, great video!!

    1. the first 20 years was 99%, then with the platform is down, but as I am reinvesting going forward it will be up again…

  4. Thanks Sven this was a great video. I have been watching for a number of years now. I think I’m more comfortable knowing when to buy a stock it’s more difficult selling. I do find that I have done well not doing anything and reducing knee-jerk reactions to market fluctuations. People get spooked and destroy value. Thanks for producing great content! All the Best!

  5. Hi Sven, thanks for the video!
    I understand well that those ETF’s what I have bought on IB are not owned by me, but by IB?

    1. yes, the securities are in the name of the broker and accounted on you in the broker’s account, that is how it works these days

  6. hi sven, thanks for this summary,
    For new Investor, Investing is like a sport game
    Rule 1- Know the rules of the games and the movements you can do
    Rule 2- know the strategies and select yours. But value investing always works because it doesn’t focus on defeat anyone.
    Rule 3- Be patient, it’s boring. Is similar to do diet. Every one is eating cakes or fast food and you need to eat lettuce.

  7. lot of truth in this video! as an example. Last July (2022) I made $5k in one month of “investing.” In September I lost $5k through “investing.” I learned a lot more losing $5k than making $5k. changed my investment strategy completely. started focusing on risk analysis as Sven mentions, not just returns. Haven”t had a down month since. And if the market ever crashes my psychology is strong enough to hold on to my assets and buy more, knowing that it’s always darkest before the dawn! But honestly if I made it thru Sep 22 I can make it through anything. And I agree, this investing game is not for 90%+ people. It’s only for us finance freaks and dorks who love to play the game and can be totally detached emotionally from the ups and downs that come with it!!

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