How To Invest in Bonds in 2024 (from T-Bills to High Yield)

Buying has been on everybody's lip recently. Here is a comprehensive explanation of the threat and benefit of investing in numerous , from Treasuries to high-yield bonds, so that you can see what bond might best fit your investing portfolio.

0:00 Bonds Cheap Now
2:28 Buffett Loves T-Bills
5:12 T-Bills Method
6:00 Long-Term Treasuries
10:07 High Yield Bonds
13:52 Interest Rates Projection
16:15 Bonds in Portfolio
18:46 How To Purchase Bonds
19:46 My Bonds Strategy

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(from T-Bills to High Yield)

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  1. The Buffett bit was an eye-opener. Did not realize he’s just letting his money sit & sit & sit in treasuries this much, and strike massively when he has an opportunity of sees a fire-sale. Ultra-defensive and more importantly, not stupid.

  2. Great video Sven. Just like you mentioned, bonds are also good for speculation. I remember a couple of years ago buying 2 ETFs on $corporate bonds and $HY bonds, and my gains were only due to conversion rate. I learnee my lesson, but not before cashing in some gains ๐Ÿค‘.

  3. You can also get 4% with European Money Market ETFs which are replicating ECB deposit interests by investing in ultra short bonds. I prefer that instead of longterm german bonds

  4. I understand that treasury sales are getting tough, as there are relatively fewer takers for the new offerings, so if the gov’t wants to be able to sell, they must offer attractive yields, and that places an upward pressure on interest rates.

  5. Great video! I hold some cash on a MMF and in a shorterm (accumulating) T bill ETF (ETF is in $ unfortunately). I bought some LVMH shares with excess cash. Can you maybe make a video about LVMH? 20 pe and 20% CAGR of profit growth that is what Peter Lynch would call a bargain.

  6. There is also a lot of value in corporate bonds. Non-ESG companies making plenty of cash, like petrol and gas and shipping companies that do not have good access to money because they are dirty, offer really high yields for 2-3 years bonds. Prosus for example, have attractive bonds, and they could sell their shares to pay back bondholders. You can get a 7-10% yield, it’s really nice. The only disadvantage is that most of the time, the nominal value is $10k/$100k for a bond.

  7. The way I see it is that if The U.S Government was a company, would I invest in it? Would I invest in corruption, mismanagement, money printing and woke ideology? No, I wouldn’t. There are better businesses out there.

    Thanks for the video Sven.

  8. Hihi, what is your opinion on EUR Hedged ETFs on short term US-Treasuies ?
    I Have not found a 0-1yr hedged ETF but 1-3year comparison for example.
    Overall, whats your take on hedged ETF investments?

    1. I don’t know, likely the fees are there too for the offering, thus to me it doesn’t pay to play with such instruments for a 100 basis point difference

  9. Sven, everyone knows stocks are where to be. How many know gold has outperformed stocks for the past 23 years by 100%. Stocks are up 300%, gold is up 600%, roughly. In other words, holding money, cash, gold, has outperformed stocks. Measuring back to 1801 is disingenuous because gold was fixed until 1971. From 1971, gold has performed quite well, on par with stocks, up from $35 per ounce to $2,000 per ounce. Also from 1999 low for gold at $255 to $2,000 shows gold outperforms today. Dollars are not money, gold is. money. Dollars are one day bonds paying zero per cent interest. Not a good idea to hold.

  10. One thing to keep in mind is that Berkshire is practically limited to investing in large and mega cap companies

  11. Looking back 2 years stocks are now mostly unchanged (SP500) , but T-bills are up ~7%. I know I cherrypicked the time period, but a lot of people are surprised when I note this. I wouldn’t be surprised if stocks continue to go up and down with no net direction for a while longer as earnings catch up to prices. Like you mentioned , short term bonds aren’t a bad place now to “hang out and wait”. Like Buffet.

    1. the most likely outlook for stocks is zero for a very long time, so T-bills should beat them onward by far…

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