How To Invest For 10% Per Year In 5 Steps!

to attain 10% annually in 5 steps. enjoy
10% theory video – is it possible?

My passion is to search for low threat high reward financial investment chances. I use my accounting abilities and experience in order to discover intriguing financial investment concepts that provide the possibility to lead me towards my financial objectives.
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Constantly bear in mind: "Investing involves danger of loss".

For 10% Per Year In 5 Steps!

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  1. I’m just DCA into the market and small cap value, hoping prices stay low or drop lower so I can continue buying and holding

  2. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

    1. Please how can I contact Mr Steven? I really like what he has done for you, and I also want to benefit from it.

  3. A nice sixth rule would be to analyze and scrutinize your thought process and not your results. Sometimes things go well because you were lucky and other times they go poorly because you were unlucky.

  4. good advice. fundamental stuff. worth repeating regularly. and rewatching regularly. thx Sven.

  5. Thanks Sven. Can you do a video to why you are interested in Salesforce? It seems like a stock you would normally avoid, a growth stock with lots of hype and a crazy PE.

  6. Hi Sven long time brother I have been following your channel for the past seven years and you always fine to amaze me wonderful job. I hope family are safe through all this time. I feel like I’ve known you as a person so I wish you a happy Easter and happy hunting, keep up the great work that you have started

  7. make 10%? ….WRITE 8 to 12 month out of the money covered calls options on a big blue chip dividend paying stock staring at the end of every October. A stock like XOM could work. It would be wise to have a portfolio of 10 different companies. You should outperform the market on the downside in a Bear market. Use the DOW DOGS formula except do it in late October, not January. Could do it on November 1.

  8. But Sven, we are told not to sit with cash in inflationary times, so we have to buy something right? I’m being difficult, but there’s some contradiction here 🙂
    Or does a buying opportunity always mean you liquify other positions?

  9. It stuns me enormously the way that I go from carrying on with a typical way of life to making over 63k each month
    I’ve gleaned some useful knowledge throughout recent years that there are a lot of plenty opportunities in the financial markets;all it takes is just to focus on the right thing. Credits to Gregory Thomas Patchak

    1. Sir Gregory Thomas Patchak is great at his skill for a while now he has been my advisor and I make good profits weekly

    2. I agree that this bear market has contributed significantly to the growth of my portfolio. In a short amount of time, I was able to increase my capital from 20K to 160K. I essentially was just following Gregory’s instructions and directions.

  10. I’ve made every mistake in the book. So what have I learned? Buy quality businesses (ROIC > 15%, low debt, wide moat) at fair prices and just hold. Though it creates tax drag in taxable accounts, dividends give you some cash for when opportunities arise. Let cash build until something good comes along. Lastly, when in doubt, just buy BRK/B; hard to screw that up. (Yes, I just contradicted myself as it doesn’t pay a dividend.)

    1. patience is the key!

      but, also what is a fair price, and believe me, one can screw up BRK too…

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