How Long To Wait Before Buying A Stock!

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How Long To Wait Before Buying A Stock!

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    1. It depends on your stomach, but reading good investment books and learning about the business you want to buy is far superior to any complex calculation. The business will be operated by people and you cannot predict people, so it’s important to buy businesses which are managed by reliable people. Yes, eventually you have to come up with a price where the stock is a bargain, I use a version of the Ben Graham formula, but I put a lot less attention to the price than to the business itself.

    2. @SnowLeopard_CH thanks a lot for your precise answer. I know as a value investor needs to take care of the fundamentals of the business but what are risk and rewards by the numbers?

    3. @SnowLeopard_CH And yes: I can tell that one of Benjamin’s books says: go for an excellent business with fair price while controlling your motion always matters

  1. Value investing is more about the mindset than valuation. Many invest for the sake of invest, rather than buy a fairly value but wonderful business. Inflation only take effect when holding the cash for too long

  2. Hi Sven, have you looked at WBA? It’s at a decade low – strong past dividend. Ageing population could increase demand over 10-20 years. Lots of debt but management have a turnaround strategy in place – store closures, more online operations. What do you think?

    1. S&P is up roughly 60% the model portfolio has done 15% compound roughly for 5years so roughly a double with less risk so I’d say he has yes.

    2. ​@Joshua Rogers S&P did about 65% return over 5 years when you factor in dividend. Sven’s 15% annualised return equals to 100% return over the same period.

  3. πŸ—½Tech is hihghly valued, consumer staples are lower valued. Yes, if you get a LT return of 9% you can be happy. If the inflation is high, you even get more. Rule 1: Don’t buy high (don’t lose money).

  4. What do the technical factors suggest? Is it currently bullish or bearish to buy the stock? Because I was really hopeful of my investments this year, but all my plans have been disoriented. I’ve been studying the market crashes and I realized some investors made millions from the recent recession and I was wondering if such success rate could be achieved in this present market. Any recommendations?

    1. Cryptocurrency crashed the last couple years, so it should be starting a new run to a new high.

    2. I grew to a 7 figure well-diversified portfolio just by following Trisha Jean Webb’s recommendations. I buy quality firms, anticipate to hold them regardless of what happens, pay up but not too much, keep track, sell only when necessary, and be ready to course correct. also ignore the forecasts and market views which are at best entertaining but completely useless. Investing has no one way to it.

    3. ​@Randy Pelletier Did a quick web search, she has a pretty decent bio, I wrote her and I’m waiting on her reply.

  5. These are very valuable rules for anybody who wants to get rich. Unfortunately, most people who will watch this video will not really be able to apply the principles. We may not want to admit, but as Warren Buffett once said, investing is like any other profession– it requires a certain level of expertise. No surprise that some people are losing a lot of money in the bear market, while others are making hundreds of thousands in profit. I just don’t know how they do it. I have about $89k now to put in the market.

  6. @0:40


    That question is how too many potential investors feel.

    This is why I tell anyone that invests that less they just DCA every paycheck to always have a wishlist / watch list of stocks or ETFs that you keep updated so, regardless of the “market”, or the top 10 stocks in the SP500 driving the “market” performance, that you are ready to pounce or to make a sideways move from one company to a better opportunity in the same sector.

    Of course, the decisions need to be based on fundamentals rather than trends. You don’t want to be running around with the crowd as, from what I have seen, the wisdom of crowds is quite often capped at the 3rd grade.

  7. Hey Sven, thanks for your video! Could you review Proximus (PROX) a Belgian ISP currently on ATL ? For me, it seems a really good buy (poor growth expectations, but really good yields with great “moats”).

  8. Sven i am struggling with this dividend concept. so when you buy a business, who cares if it pays a dividend or not? when i do private investments, i don’t demand my company to pay me a dividend every year. i want them to reinvest free cent of cash flow into growing the pie as much as possible, until the return on incremental investment is very low or turns negative. dividends are distributed for the benefit of large institutional investors who have redemption requirements or other distributions to do. Retail investor can just sell a small portion of their holdings every year and create their own dividend stream (if you generate 8% return and you need 5% to live, just sell 5% every year and you will be fine). i know dividend investing is a big deal on Youtube … but in real life, ZERO emphasis should be given to dividend distributions. for investors, dividends can give only small indication of the underlining business, one metric out of million, that’s it.

  9. What happened to the video from yesterday, Sven? It was so good but was removed from Youtube after an hour or so

  10. I think the Best way to solve this Problem is to be allways invested. This means you Never Go into Cash but are allowed to sell a Company and directly buy anotherone.

    1. You will lose a lot to trading fees that way and have a chance to be very wrong with a bigger chunk of your wealth

    2. @spamonfire1472 tradingfees are extremly low on My Broker 1 Euro for buy and sell plus i only Trade if i See a big opertunity in the market. For example My Last Trade was Selling Starbucks for Amazon

  11. Great video Sven! According to gurufocus acomo nv has around 302 m debt and around 5 m in cash. Its pb ratio is 1.58. On the other hand rubis has 2,453 m debt but 853 m in cash and the pb is 0.82. Why is the risk higher for rubis when while they have bigger debt their debt/cash ratio is better than Acomo? Thank in advance!

  12. Market doesnt care about your risk and reward. You should always price the stock according to what them market discounts it and then apply a margin of safety. Any undervaluations are corrected in a logical period 1-5 years and then you can get superior returns . If you are ok with a 5% then you are in danger of having flat returns even if you wait for years, if the stock is discounted with 10%. On the other hand you may lose a 30% return in a short period of time , if you discount a stock with 12% while 8,5% should be applied.

  13. Most people still don’t differentiate between the Market and the businesses. We shouldn’t care about what the market is doing or where it is, we should simply look for cheap quality stock and buy them

  14. Short answer: Nobody knows! You might get lucky timing the market for a couple of years, but guess is not sustainable over 20-30 years of investing! πŸ˜‰

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