How I Changed My Fixed Mindset!

at the end it is all about having the ideal frame of mind …

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  1. Great video Sven, we all know this( I hope so) but it’s very helpful if someone remind that to us once in a while.

  2. Thank you for the motivation. I agree with you that it takes time to transition into a different mindset. Many wont go for it as it takes too long for them. Rich over night is still the most wanted… Compounding is not only limited to money, it also works wonders on education and wisdom

  3. Good topic, Sven. One reason behind that Average mindset among many ones is people believe linear growth, and people should acknowledge more about exponential growth. with proper focus/method to follow/long term commitment, people could grow 10x/100x

  4. These are very good points. It is important to put investing into perspective versus your income.
    Make sure to progress, and aim for exponential models.

    I personally just took an opportunity, moved to another country and more than doubled my net income. And I’m planning to double it again in the near future.

  5. I had this fixed mindset as well in my younger years. Learning to invest taught me to believe in myself, and I was able to buy an investment property. Have a goal/objective in mind and develop capabilities to their.

  6. “Investing is about life” – I am pretty sure I’ve heard this from you. This video is just another good example for this quote.

  7. Great advice. The right mindset is to take responsibility and control of your life, and not to blame others for your situation. Thanks for the great content as always!

  8. Sven, this video was wonderful 👍 every time i see your channel you give me so much value that it makes me improve my knowledge and my life! Thank you so much Sven

  9. Definitely enjoyed the rant and your many great points about the time and effort it takes to build your financial situation up by investing in yourself over time, I’m just not sure how it relates to the guy saying he couldn’t buy a house so he went with dividend stocks instead. Maybe investing in the market is actually a better choice for him to grow his wealth given how inflated the concept of homeownership is when it comes to building wealth. Maybe this was the right choice for him to build up his financial situation just as you described.

  10. Just wait a couple of years for prices or interest rates to come down. Besides if you find a house where Rent/(purchase price – depreciation – ownership costs) is better than your divees just buy

  11. Your point on focus is, well, on point, Sven. I have studied and taught martial arts and flown jets, and in recent years put the same focus on investing. Any skill takes years to acquire and still more to master. Some skills have to be taught in person, but fortunately investing is a skill that can be acquired by reading (and watching your videos, of course!). It’s a matter of putting in the time.

  12. From a pure income focused mindset this might be correct. But what for those working happily in (mostly social) low income jobs such as nursery , streetworkers , you name it. They do not fit into your mindset Sven which then is, with all respect, fixed too.

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