Google Stock is A Buy – Cheapest of Magnificent 7!

is the cheapest of the stunning 7.

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is A Buy – Cheapest of Magnificent 7!

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  1. They Repurchase tons of stocks. But have same Shares in 2013…. The give huge Stock based Payment. At 2009 they have still less shares outstanding. This 200 Billion buybacks hot air… If they go it will benefit investors. Before i buy stocks i watch 10 years shares outstanding. Meta stock options is huge… if you watch. the biggest ponzi is amazon. Think its worth a video.

    1. Well you cannot just compare it like that, the company was not matured in 2009 as it is today, this means in 2009 they needed capital to invest in their business, where now it has matured a little bit more (still not completely) and don’t need extra funding anymore. In 2009 your returns were driven by their earnings growth uniquely (with a little of dilution), now it will be by the earnings growth AND share buybacks, which is very good for investors!

      If you bought Google in 2009 you would be rich by the way, because of their earnings growth 🙂

    2. @@nIcO1740NiCo yeah for Sure. The Stock Option are the way to get Great people, for loser Cash. Holding Google since 2017.

  2. Hi Sven! This is your best video so far!

    So many information in just over 3 minutes 😮

    Maybe you should do more short videos like these?

    I don’t understand about what you said regarding Google being overvalued for some, and undervalued for others. Please explain about those 2 different valuations?

  3. Wish they would pay dividends instead of buybacks, but it’s a solid business. Alphabet needs to diversify further their revenue stream, I see as it’s only weakness. A good buy, but only when heavily diversified.

  4. Several things about Google come to my mind. They have a lot to lose if/when AI changes search and the business sector. I wonder how they will enter the business sector with their Gemini, considering Microsoft has a way in with their office/cloud solutions. Of course, Google also has some cloud business.

    Nevertheless, AI is the future, and Google will most likely be one of the winners in this arena.

  5. I’ve been eye balling a couple tech stocks and APPL for a while now. I own no energy stocks in my portfolio and I want to make that addition to my portfolio or is too late? i currently have a budget of about 500k in savings lying waste to inflation.

    1. I find it more productive and safe to buy growth/blue-chip stocks rather than tech stocks. However, It’s advisable to work with a fiduciary advisor for well-diversified portfolios instead of relying solely on speculations.

    2. @jaynaeckert Exactly, a good number of people discredit the effectiveness of financial advisor, but over the past 10years, I’ve had a financial advisor consistently restructure and diversify my portfolio/expenses and I’ve made over $3million in gains… might not be a lot but i’m financially secure and that’s great!

    3. @adenmcanelly4316 Impressive! If you’re willing to share, how can one get in touch with this advisor? My portfolio hasn’t performed well this year, and I’m seeking guidance.

    4. I don’t comfortably throw recommendations around, but I’ve been working with “Monica Selena Park”. God, she’s brilliant! You should do your due diligence online cos I’m sure there are others who are good, Just that it gets overwhelming finding who’s suitable

    5. Thanks for sharing. I curiously searched for her full name and her website popped up after scrolling a bit. I looked through her credentials and did my due diligence before contacting her. Once again many thanks.

  6. I think the buggest risk with Google are regulatory risk (which after the epic games trial may lower their store revenues), slower growth in cloud and hacing to pay apple more.
    Except for that their core businesses seem pretty solid

    1. Fortune 500 companies always face regulatory risk. What’s your reasoning behind slower growth in the cloud for Google ? In my experience, Google Cloud offers a lot of machine learning services that are easier to integrate as a developer and at a significantly lower cost compared to Azure and AWS. A large group of popular SaaS solutions use GCP over AWS and Azure due to cost. For example, the popular database solution for machine learning applications called Pinecone is deployed by default to GCP (Google Cloud Platform) due to cost. Furthermore, Android users have been able to use alternative app stores for more than a decade now. In the media, the issue is described as if it’s identical to the Apple App Store issue. Users do have a choice when it comes to Android. Even if Google needs to lower Play Store commissions (they already lowered them from 30% to 15% in 2021), the user base of the store isn’t going anywhere, and there are a lot of other options to monetize the platform. The EU forcing Alphabet to spin off Google Adtech might be a bigger issue in my opinion, but it doesn’t get the same level of attention.

  7. I agree that Google is the most interesting stock of the magnificent 7. My problem with Google is that it is mostly dependent on advertising revenue. I’m working in advertising and advertising budgets are the first victims of cost cuts in a recession. But I don’t even fear the recession because at some time it is over. I’m fearing the change from Buyer’s markets to Seller’s markets. If you have more demand than supply you don’t have to advertise.

  8. JD is sinking day in and day out for no reason, it is trading near its cash value, it has seen the operating margin of its Retail unit expand from 1.6% to 4.1% in a few years…
    I honestly don’t understand why there is nobody in the planet seeing value here.
    Happy Holidays.

  9. You know you’re living in exuberant times when the best available is ‘less overvalued than everything else’ ;D

  10. META is the cheapest because AR VR glasses are the future 🙂
    AI can see threw the glasses what you see and support you.
    You don’t need large screens, which saves resources, and Meta has endless advertising space.
    bought alot META last year and it is still cheap.
    META is 21% of my portfolio
    Alphabet i bought Januar 2018 buy and hold, is 13% of my portfolio.
    i am no daytrader like you.

  11. I lost over $70K when everything started to tank. Not because I was in an exchange that went belly up. I was just stupid to hold and because that’s what everyone said. I’m still responsible. It just taught me to be a better investor now that I understand more of what could go wrong. It took me over two years of being in the market, I’m really grateful I find one source to recover my money, at least $10k profits weekly. Thanks so much Mrs Georgia Robinson

    1. l also invest with mrs Georgia Robinson, she charges a 20% commission on the profit made after each trading session, which is fair compared to the effort she put in to make huge profits.

    2. Honestly, I’m surprised that this Mrs Georgia Robinson is mentioned here, came across a testimony about her from one of the beneficiaries on CNBC news, she seems to be doing extremely well…

    3. Amazing I also just started trading with Mrs. Georgia Robinson she is the best at what she does with an initial investment of $1400 I made up to $5230 in just a week of trading with her, her strategies are mind-blowing.

  12. What about the lawsuit? Any risks in there? Splitting the company in smaller pieces might make it harder to spend a lot of money on new projects or acquisitions. Or losing the deal with Apple to be the default search engine on all Apple devices could be a significant risk I guess?

  13. I dont think we need to wait a couple years to hear you in Spanish. From the looks of it, your Spanish is a 10/10

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