Google Stock Is A Better Buy Now When 20% Down!!!

is undoubtedly a much better stock to buy now when it is down 20% and the lower it gets the better it gets. It is as basic as that when it concerns purchasing great companies.

1:05 Revenues Update Q1
4:49 Stock Appraisal
7:21 Thesis

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Google Stock Is A Better Buy Now When 20% Down!!!

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  1. Don’t trade, invest in good companies at good valuations and then go to sleep. Come see your profits in 5 years

    1. @Ibrahim Ciftci Amazon is a great business. What worries me is the valuation and debt they have. Other than that, terrific business, but I still think Google is a better bargain 🙂

    2. @Confusion I agree but I think it’s important to own both.
      They could surpass Apple and Microsoft when it comes down to market cap.
      Not saying the other 2 are bad.
      All 4 are marvelous companies.

    3. @Ibrahim Ciftci 100% agree with you. I think owning 4 of these companies would be the best strategy. Diversification is always good 👍🏻

    1. Yeah, I’m waiting for it to reach 2k. I feel like if it breaks that resistance, I’ll really load up at that price point. But until then, there are better risk adjusted returns in other places in the market.

  2. Hi Sven, would be great if you speak about your strategy of adding shares in gradually. Do you have any system, do you add on supports or any other levels. Would love to know your feedback.
    Also, I would love to know how do you diversify your portfolio.
    As always, great video, and you and Google”YouTube” are the best partners man.

  3. Stock split is great for selling calls against the shares you owned. I’m excited about it!

  4. I started to accumulate 2 1/2 weeks ago. It got even cheaper now and I keep buying. FCF yield of 4,5% + 15% growth means > 19% expected return for every dollar invested now. And finally there is a lot of cash for buybacks. Looks like a 1 foot bar to me.

    1. The growth when at lower profitability is not as valuable. I would say that googles 15 percent growth adds an additional 5 percent to the return leaving a 10 percent annual return. Keep in mind that google has great ai potential

  5. I started investing in Google in the last weeks. I think this could be a good entry point, but I’m hoping for another drop to increase my exposure!

  6. Revenue from ads 80% and its only profitable segment. Their hardware business is no moat devices grew only 5%. Google cloud still no profitable and big competition from azure and AWS. Youtube slowing becuase of Tik Tok. Well maybe shorts will compensate it, but this needs to be observed through few quarters.
    There are more risks than you think 🙂 Market can start hating it very easily if there is a slowdown on advertisement.
    Its very suspicious when everyone are bullish about a certain business, I would use your worst case scenario as a base case 🙂 So you dont have to change the price targets with the stock movements.

  7. Well that would be impossible to do considering I’m in my late 50s and I’m more interested in investments that could set me up for retirement in my 60s, my goal is atleast $2million

    1. Building a good financial-portfolio has been more complex since covid, so I would recommend you seek professional support. This way you can get strategies designed to address your unique long-term goals and financial dreams.

    2. So true, Two summers ago initially I wasn’t quite impressed with my gains, opposed to my previous performances, I was doing so badly, figured I needed to diverssify into better assets, I touched base with a portfolio-advisor and that same year, I pulled a net gain of approximately $650k…that’s like 7times more than I average on my own.

    3. @Luis Vargas How can one find a competent and verifiable financial Planner? I buy the idea of employing the services of a Financial”Advisor because finding that balance between saving and living requires counsel.

    4. The advisor I use is Nicole Deanne McKay, she’s actually quite known, so you could just search her.

    5. Why is it impossible? I am also in my late 50 (in fact, 57) and have been buying lots of Google recently. Why? Because not all of my investments are to fund me in my 60s. I already have various investments that will see me though my 60s. Yet, I will still need money in my 70s and 80s. Therefore, I can buy Google shares now, and hold them for 20 years, watching them grown nicely, ready for when I am in my late 70s and beyond.

  8. Great video. I agree that Google is a great business — and, in my opinion, it’s now at a great price.

    1. Hello Sven, I’m big fan of your work and I’m studying your file. Recently I’ve downloaded and I saw a high valuation for MSFT. Sorry for asking this, do you see this valuation for this stock? Thanks a lot and have a great day.

  9. Sven, two questions for you:
    1) Have you considered moving the intrinsic value calculator to google sheets? It would be much easier for people to have a shared file with the latest updates instead of downloading it over and over again. Thanks
    2) Can you do the same video for Microsoft at the current price levels?

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