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talks about fragile socio politic topics and those are constantly hard to discuss without participating.

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Get Out Value / Put Emotions Aside

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  1. I’ve read both books Principles and Changing the World Order, I have the most respect for Ray Dalio, totally agree with your comments.

    1. Wasn’t the last great book “the fall of empires”? Weren’t the Japanese supposed to take over the world?

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    3. @TheBooban I mean, he himself tells that it’s impossible to know the future, but in changing world order he shows a nice system to understand what is going on in the world. Is that the truth? unlikely, but I didn’t find anything better at the moment.

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  2. Call me crazy but this is exactly why we have artificially induced recessions, inflations and yes-wars. All for one purpose – retain or give up We’re going through series of stress tests since February 2020 Lets see…

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  3. I admit I’m a bit biased against China because of their autocratic rule. I have not researched too many of their companies on a micro level. However on a macro level, their stock market performance is really poor. Chinese people themselves don’t really invest in their own stock market. The investment trend up till now was just buy real estate.

    I may not believe their statistics but growth was happening in China without a doubt. Looking back as a foreign investor, how would we be able to properly invest in China? The strategy a lot of investors took was to buy bonds of construction companies. That was profitable for a time but it really soured now. Tech and education companies got hammered by changes in government policies. Don’t even get me started on those SPAC listings. Too many of them were fraudulent.

    I’m trying to keep an open mind but I just don’t see China as anything but a honey trap. Investing in China should be a full time job in of itself. Too many factors to consider. Too reliant on the whims of the government and corruption etc. Passive investors would likely get burned.

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    2. Yep, why risk it all on a country without a rule of law, when one can become incredibly wealthy within the Western world?

  4. Great summary of Dalio’s “macro ” approach, which he uses to diversify and protect his billionaire investors’ principle (and earn great returns too, as you point out). Dalio on YouTube, often confuses me, with incomplete and incoherent sentences. You, in contrast, are clearly understood ! Thank you Dr. Carlin !

  5. Great video Sven thank you! Have the book on my shelf and have to read it yet! Could you share your thoughts on China currently and maybe on BABA?

  6. Nice review of the book. It explains a lot and why the Roman’s literally moved mountains in Spain to mine gold to keep up with their spending.

    Civilizations collapse when their currency becomes worthless. A good example is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Those silly beads have some type of magical value on Tuesday evening allowing one to get others to take their shirts off and see some anatomy. But at the strike of midnight they become worthless and no one will do anything for them.

    Ray Dalio’s book is worth reading whether you like him or not.

  7. Thank you for this video, I’m also reading this book now and it opened my mind. So much common sense. With this perspective in mind, what do you think about investing into China and India indexes and ETFs?

  8. I read that book. It’s brilliant. Now I’m reading Principles for Navigating Big Debt Crises – by Dalio.

    (That is … I was reading Dalio before Sven got me interested in spending all weekend reading about the copper market
    😉 …)

    1. It’s too long in my opinion and the advices are generalised. I enjoyed way more Morgan Housel classic.

  9. I believe that if this were 1980 instead of 2022 Mr Dalio would be saying Japan would take over the world. Not sure how much I trust long term forecasts. Seems like the further out they are the less likely they are to come true. I don’t think this changes my investment strategy. We will have to watch and see how much of it comes true.

    1. You just have to look at how the US dollar is trading to know we actually have a eurodollar shortage, and not a currency collapse.

  10. Great video Sven! I suggest trying to analyse Service Corporation International (SCI), by the books of most great investors you mentioned it goes as a perfect long-term investement. Although maybe still a bit overpriced because of the pandemic.

  11. Love your objectivity. I can like people who have a great personality and are not competent at all and I can also like people who have a terrible personality but are really competent. It all depends. Also, this stuff is incredibly subjective so it’s good to avoid black and white thinking at all costs.
    Huge problem in our current society.
    Thanks Sven

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