FTX Collapse – my opinion & takeaway for you…

– my viewpoint is basic, you might not like it, but it is the only one that can help you long-term.

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Constantly keep in mind: "Investing involves risk of loss".

– my opinion & takeaway for you…

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  1. Always a great show! You’re one of the last of the few channels that still are educational, entertaining, and give value to your watchers. Love the low key jokes and jabs! 😂

  2. Sven this was an excellent video. Everyone has there favorite YouTubers. I listen and just get ideas then I do my own research and come up with my own decisions. Some of the most successful YouTubers are the worst stock pickers .

  3. Thank you. First person I’ve seen not jump on the band wagon and blame the promoters. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. Learn from it and move on.

    1. Yes that is a good general rule but equally youtubers should take responsiblity to promote regulated activities and generally look out for thier audience, not just for the dollar bills from sponsorship money!

    2. They should be criticized for the approach that they promoted. Sadly they were a product of the overhyped market that’s existed the last few years. I don’t think they deserve more of the blame than our government, and institutions that poured gas on the fire. FTX had a lot bigger supporters than meet Kevin and Graham Stephan.

  4. After the news about the FTX bankruptcy, should we worry more about the brokers that provide us with omnibus accounts? I am talking of brokers like Interactive Brokers and Degiro. I have some money in Degiro and I am planning to do a broker diversification and join IB too just in case… And, obviously, I will join using your link in the description 😉

  5. I do not trust anyone, but if I’d trust to someone, that would be you! Stay well, stay hard and see you in next video!

  6. You are a great source of information. Practical, concise, thorough and simple to understand. Thank you! Learning so much with you

  7. Sometimes I see people in the supermarket doing their shopping, and they are always comparing the price, quality, price by weight, the packages, the offers, take 3 and pay for 2, and everything is done meticulously and with a specific method; But those same people, when it comes to investing their savings that they have earned with hard work, say “my neighbor or colleague invested here, it must be good, let’s put the money here.”

  8. Very true Sven. Reminds me of a TV show in the states-“American Greed”. Real life stories of scammers taking advantage of peoples’ trust. The scammers end up in jail, but not before putting their victims through financial hell and back.

  9. Thanks for the interesting video, very good points, I appreciate it. It is really important to think ourselves when making decisions, probably the best ever financial advice. But I think we need to compare crypto with the current financial system. For example, if you travel from one country to another, you need change money and will loose money in the process, also the debit/credit card fees will be added. Many cryptos have extremely very low transaction fee.

    Regarding power consumption, we need to compare with the energy that current financial system consumes: bank offices, regulatory bodies, printing physical money, and so on.

  10. Trust is interesting. I like Stephen Covey’s take (from his book The Speed of Trust): the act of building credibility, based on two factors: character and competency. It’s hard to judge either on YouTubers, so if an idea sounds interesting I check it out for my self – using other sources I do trust. This applies to the comment section too. Don’t trust me, read the book 😊!

  11. Thanks Sven, an honest video!
    I sort of agree and sort of don’t. Yes, don’t trust other people with your money, because they might be wrong. If you do it’s only your own fault if things go wrong.
    But, at the same time, some of your fellow You-Tubers were taking 6 figure sums to push FTX, other shares and products. They were careful how they worded their videos but they target naive investors. They will never go to prison, as I say, they are careful. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t bear responsibility for their actions. That said buyer beware

    1. at the end, all that matters is whether you lost money or not, once you learn avoiding stupidity, life gets easier!

  12. Takes a lot to say not to trust anyone, including yourself! I truly get it, since ultimately we “the viewer” have to make the decisions on how to spend our money! But I rather trust someone who has a simple bicycle drawing in the background instead of renting a private jet for a photo shoot to showcase their “wealth.”

  13. I lost a lot of money trusting you Sven. But I’ve gained more than I lost by listening carefully. Valuable lesson learned. 👍

  14. Totally agree with main point about trust. I consume an enormous amount of financial material online, including Kitco News, Jeremy and so forth. I would never blame anyone but myself for bad outcomes of my investments. You’re the captain of the ship, buck stops there.

  15. That’s stupid. The YouTubers promoted scams (either without proper knowledge or worse knowing it’s scam). [Edit: the YouTubers should have done their proper research as well. The YouTubers got paid 💰💰💰💰💰 a lot to promote this. Their audience were scammed out of money. Don’t gaslight and blame it on their innocent audience, when it was the YouTubers that got rich of it.]

    If you think that YouTubers shouldn’t be held any accountability, then that speaks volumes about you. Just because you are a YouTuber as well, you shouldn’t excuse their behaviour and blame everything on busy unsuspecting & not knowledgeable people (especially if they trust who claim to be professionals).

  16. Sven, if Warren hires you, promise to still make some educational videos for us. Thanks again for the valuable content

  17. Your videos are very informative. Thank you. Please consider being brief and avoiding too many metaphors.

  18. “It is remarkable how much long-term advantage people like us have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid, instead of trying to be very intelligent.”

    Charlie Munger

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