FMC Stock is a Stock To Buy!

is down but the danger and benefit looks fascinating.

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is a Stock To Buy!

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    1. Only if you consider to buy only bio foods with 7 billion people on the planet, which would mean to pay 20 USD for a kilo of potatoes. 🙂 It looks like short-term risk, but even Bayer will survive it and when it survives, it could rule the world. (One of the reasons why Germany is leading war in Ukraine right now is because of the vast agricultural resources, which to a big part belong to…Monsanto aka Bayer.:))) People lifes are unfortunately without value for the politicians….but they care about power and in order to keep it, they will make everything possible to provide (short-term) food for the people even if it’ s poisonous….

  1. Great analysis! Not just the buy/sell rating, but really all the background considerations on debt, covenants, stocking/de-stocking cycles, and value creation. This is what makes this channel valuable to learn and understand markets. Thanks!

  2. Hi sven,
    as your platform member i really love this way of doing investing: putting great business in watchlist and patiently wait until Mr. Market give us opportunities. If it happens great if not…other opportunities will arise.

  3. its a decent buy but its not a likely candidate to give 25-35% return in the medium to long term in my view. short term could indeed be 25% until the 2x then the return will likely average 10-15% per annum. Best for FMC would be to scrap the dividend and buybacks for half a year, pay down huge amount of debt and than continue from there.

  4. Investors are shifting from cash to stocks, with $25.3 billion flowing into equities currently. I’ve been keeping money in 5% CDs and i plan to invest in the stock market when my CDs mature (around $1 million). What are your thoughts on that?

    1. I would avoid the index funds, mutual funds, or specific stocks for the time being. 5% fixed incomes are the safest bet for now. Save your cash for when the market actually shows signs of recovery

    2. Its unclear which stocks and sectors will lead the market in the next uptrend. Stay away from rebalancing if you do not have guidance from a plannner and investment strategist. My finances have been in order since I got a wealth planner like Monica working with/for me. This approach has helped me stay financially secure for over nine years, yielding nearly $1m ROI

    3. @@JaynaEckert If you’re willing to share, how can one get in touch with this advisor? My portfolio hasn’t performed well this year, and I’m seeking guidance

    4. I don’t comfortably throw recommendations around, but I’ve been working with “Monica Selena Park”. God, she’s brilliant! You should do your due diligence online cos I’m sure there are others who are good, Just that it gets overwhelming finding who’s suitable

    5. excellent share. just looked her up on my iPad thankfully her page came up after scrolling a bit, she seems first rate

  5. Great job,they bought a lot of shares in 2021 with hig processo, management capital allocazione is not n.1 but probably stock willl recover in 24

  6. Sven, you didn’t mention a significant potential risk related to FMC. FMC faces a class action lawsuit for misleading investors. I believe the lawsuit could have a significant impact on the company’s future.

    1. Perhaps not the lawsuit but the fact that they lost patent lawsuits so earnings might not come back, increasing leverage. Also, looking at other stocks in the sector, the drop in stock price might be more related to the patents than a huge downcycle in the sector.

    2. Nice contribution. I think Sven just overlooked this as he isn’t looking to invest in this (so no time for due diligence)

    3. Yes, the patent lawsuit losses are definitely a risk for future earnings. But it must also be said that the management bought the stock all the way down. So the price action might have overshot like it often does after bad news. I am on the fence regarding this stock.

  7. Sven I’ve been a subscriber to the platform for 4-5 years now just wanted to thank you for the great work! Also, I enjoy the written reports but it’s very nice to get a longer video like this covering the entire process from beginning to end!

  8. Stocks are falling and bond yields are rising, but markets still don’t seem convinced the Federal Reserve will pursue plans to keep increasing interest rates until inflation is under control. I’m still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $117k stocck portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  9. MOST rich people stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then most poor people stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich but impressing them

    1. Mrs Andrea Megan is the right person to start trading cryptocurrency with.. she knows her way around the crypto world.. she has been helping me increase my investment every day for over months..

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