Facebook Stock Price Target $311 But…

typical Wall Street Design, not the Sven Carlin style talked about earlier:–RRB- NASDAQ: FB

0:00 Meta Platforms
1:00 Price
2:08 Cost Target

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Price Target $311 But…

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  1. thanks for that! As you were going through the risk reward I was thinking “no….too risky”. maybe I’m getting smarter from watching all these videos. Disney, though! That’s looking pretty cheap! Just a ‘bad dividend’, as in none, and low when there was one.

    1. I feel like Disney is a good play right now if you are looking for a reliable investment with almost no risk of losing you money. The one thing is that Disney (most likely) is not going to give you any significant growth in your portfolio. Might outperform the S&P by a little bit. Still a great company, with a great moat!!

  2. Facebook market place is the biggest market in the world for second hand stuffs. If FB could implement a good payment system, it will be great !

    1. Oh yeah! Market place, Facebook and Instagram shops, monetizing W/A. Still so many things to make money on. Like they said in their last conference call, they have levers to pull.

  3. One more thing. If you’re feeling that conservative, why not create a second expected value that simply has the bottom two scenarios at 2/3 and 1/3 likelihood? That will give you the pessimistic price (which is roughly in-line with my conservative DCF).

  4. You mentioned a few months back that you were doing research on small caps – Toro and Trex come to mind. What ever came of that research? Did you happen to uncover something that you liked and “fits you?”

    1. 🙂 still working, it is a long process! Will make a video when I finish!

  5. Still a warning about the risk,removing the emotions from investing in Meta the risk should be considered. One of Sven’s theories (delta of the delta) was proven like with magicstick exactly with Meta.

    1. yep! it is always about the risk, what is priced in and what happens if that priced in doesn’t happen!

  6. Hello Sven, great video as always! By the way I took a look at Levi Strauss & Co and I believe it would make for an interesting analysis one day. Anyways thanks for all your education!

  7. I am still feeling confident about Meta. Not putting a significant portion of my portfolio in it, but feel like it will do very well in the coming years.

    1. The economy is going into hard times. I will scoop up a lot of fb as the market falls. Getting a Faang at this price is a no brainer. Last time we had this opportunity was the dot com bubble

  8. Thank you for clarifying! Everything you said makes more sense now, because it really looked like you were seeing 7% as the best scenario for the next years. Great video and i’ll leave a like!

  9. I get your point. However, on the other hand side you invest in Alibaba, where the probability of an essential loss is even higher. So I do not fully get it.

    1. Exactly right? This dude clearly has a double standard view. He wants to have a peace of the cake without it being eaten haha

  10. Thanks for your effort!
    What do you think about semiconductors stocks and shifted sentiment regarding them? Is it time to start considering AMD, QCOM, AVGO, NVDA? And there is ASML (still looking a bit overpriced though) which looks like quite a monopoly, as far as I am concerned.

  11. Ahh ok. As a statistician, I’m willing to pay $200 for a game with an expected return of $311 over the next several years. If I can find 20 or so bets like this, and take all of them, it will work out quite well in the long run.

  12. I do not fully understand your ‘risk and reward’ general approach. You said one time that BABA is priced to be a possible x5 or x10 in the next 10 years, but at the same time that there is a risk to go to zero depending on China actions (e.g. taiwan) and USEU reaction (maybe without previous warning). I agree with FB risk and reward evaluation, but due to that I do not understand why you are accepting the risk for BABA. Is not event higher having a possibility to go to zero?

  13. I agree it’s about 10% chance for me too, that things go south due to the structural reasons. Alibaba carries the same inherent risk because of the communist china. These are my 2 biggest positions haha. Yolo

  14. Thanks Sven. Currently invested in FB, one risk is similar to what Twitter is currently facing. Exactly how many fake/bot accounts exist and are advertisers going to pull out or spend less… Could be impacted whether real or perceived, unless Zuck can quell rumors.

  15. love this video!

    i agree with your reason of not investing due to value investing principles!

    i am small time option trader. I would trade FB leaps 2024 250pt or 300pt
    and sell monthly calls to generate income whileing hold 100 shares.

  16. Whats your opinion on T.ROWE at their given price of around $120? I find it to be a good opportunity looking from the point of view of namely Grahams valuation, dividend discount model and multiples valuation giving it an intrinsic value of $208

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