The had an emergency situation meeting but I do not believe their emergency situation meetings can very same us much!

0:00 Europe
2:12 Emergency Situation Satisfying
6:33 ECB Rates
7:36 Helicopter Cash
10:16 European Insanity

Europe video –

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  1. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  2. Thanks you Sven for another great video. Content like this helps your viewers to calculate risk into their portfolio.

  3. I really enjoy your videos about European situation, as European it’s very educational and entertaining. Good work!

  4. I’m from Italy. There are very few politicians in my county who know the basics of economics and many are not heard. All political factions have debt maneuvers on their agenda and for the general degradation, many talented young people who understand the situation leave the country

    1. @Tobia Me lo sarei aspettato il commento grammar nazi, comunque oltre a non essere italiano (se non sbaglio solo di origini) è troppo bravo nel suo lavoro da divulgatore e quindi ho preferito chiedere anch’io un occhio sulla grammatica 😉

    2. ok quindi Mr. Draghi non conosce le basi dell’economia? Cerchiamo di non esagerare, se guardiamo il rapporto deficit/pil l’italia ha fatto meglio di molti stati dopo il 2000, il problema è il debito folle accumulato negli anni 80′ 90′. Dopo Draghi per ora c’è il nulla…grande problema.

    3. I’m Italian too, but this is rubbish. The situation is difficult, probably there’s no even a solution. Saying that very few people know the basics of economy is a typical Italian style of hyper cryticism. This problem started in the 80’s with the socialist party, we are still paying the consequencies of those times. There’s no easy solution, it’s not about lack of knowledge.

  5. I remember from even when I was a kid during the Euro crisis that Italy and Greece always vote for politicians that spend like there’s no tomorrow, and Northern European nations warning them of the risks. Then, when a crisis breaks out, it’s “surprised pikachu face” and waiting for an ECB bailout.

    1. @Tonio Miklo It would contradict nature if you could get more real wealth in terms of equal purchasing power as an economy overall and in the longterm by merely manipulating the currency.

    2. @Tonio Miklo You look on nominal values here only. Boosting your exports by weakening your currency just means you start to sell your goods at a disount, because the purchasing power of the currency sinks in the same time. The way to get really wealthier is not to weaken your currency but to find a way to improve your products so that customers still want to buy more of it because nobody else has something with the same quality. But that needs real work, investment and entrepreneurs. Ferrari did not get rich by selling Ferraris at a discount.

    3. @Tonio Miklo The ECB is bailing out Italy for years by purchasing their debt and thereby keeping interest rates artificially low. This increases now inflation and all other Euro states have to guarantee the ECB.

  6. Sven, your approach in sharing all these valuable insights is absolutely brilliant! Thank you!

  7. Sven, thanks for another video. I’m loving the tonnes of frequent and GREAT content you are putting out – it is truly fantastic value! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  8. I am enjoying these European-focused videos, Sven. I am from Greece 🙂 I think the current EU plan is the oldest one in the Keynesian book: When you can’t pay your debts, just inflate them away!

    1. @MrNice Not a conspiracy theory, more like central banking 101. Ray Dalio talks about it in his book “Principles for Navigating Big Debt Crises”

    2. @rgex570 Most will still be genuinely surprised. I would be surprised if we are paying back all of our debt at present value.

  9. I really enjoy your videos – please continue with those more ad-hoc news related videos.

    Do you see any chance that the EU-area gets out of the inflation spiral? Zero-interest rates have been here for more than 10 years, and it seems like there is no way out. I also feel like there is no barrier between central bankers and politicians in Europe.

    As someone living in Austria, the 1000EUR handouts is nothing new. In 2016 the government wrote a €100 Christmas cheque to all pensioners (they are the largest voting group that votes either ÖVP (Nehammer’s party) or Socialdemocrats) because their approval ratings were sinking.
    And we had weekly (I am not exaggerating ) corruption scandals over the past two years and the monthly utility bill is doubling (energy companies are state owned in Austria) … so most people are seeing that this 1000EUR handout is just a joke.

    1. impossible to predict, only time will tell, there will be ups and downs!

  10. Thanks as always, Sven.
    What do you think regarding ideas of a potential of building an economy not around consumption and personal work productivity? First time (apart of some communists ideas) in the known history with things like universal income, computer-based financial control and managing, more and more robotic involvement and eventually solving the issue of what people do with their time (space exploration, science, art, hobbies etc).
    Beside how it may sound, have you considered something like that doable in the foreseeable future?

  11. Thanks Sven. I’m here in the States, but enjoy hearing about the global situation and economics in general. Very funny comments about sacrifice examples Europeans might have to make. I am planning a trip to see a half-sister in Slovenia and was also going to go to Croatia, but now I’m thinking Europeans have driven up prices there. I did hear the prices in Dubrovnik now rival the most the most expensive cities around the world. My Nephew from Germany says his tomatoes, which come from Slovenia, are much cheaper in Germany than they are in Slovenia. It looks like in the long run, the Germans won the war after all. Thanks as always.

  12. I can remember Mario Draghi announcing the start of money printing because “they have to do something” but that “it wasn’t conventional” and he “wasn’t sure if it would work”. So the ECB was playing roulette, possibly of the Russian variation, with the EU economy basically because the USA was doing something similar.
    A horrible justification for such a gamble.

  13. Thanks Sven. You are spot on. The folks at the ecb must have poopen in hun Broeken when there was a no bid on Italian bonds.

    Yes We are in trouble in Europe. We can thank covid, the politicians, the Russians and most of all ourselves for this.

    My Dutch schoonmoeder always says how unfair it is in the Netherlands. I hope she does not see how unfair it is really going to become if inflation is not managed well.

    And yes productivity is our only salvation. Maybe artificial intelligence and machine learning can help us. There is an interesting video on Seeking alpha by the folks at iofunds saying the ai/ml can increase productivity by 30%. I hope this is true as other techniques like iso 9000, six sigma and Lean are about tapped out.

    And yes Dallio and Buffet are correct it is all about increasing productivity!!! We need it quickly!!

  14. What exactly is the impact on other EU Countries when Italy cant pay back their debt? Thank you sven!!

  15. Loved this video, couldn’t stop laughing at “the only way you can lower inflation, reduce spending you idiot”, I want that on a t-shirt. Surprised how many people don’t grasp this.

  16. Sven, I’ve been watching your channel for 2 years now and it’s ironic that for a “non-macro” guy, your macro videos absolutely nail it! These last two on Europe are amongst your very best.

    Hold on to your hats – it will be ugly but hopefully we can at least get some great businesses for good prices!

  17. As an italian I feel the need to clarify that the euro has been a disaster for our country. Not even Sven seem to understand that those low interest rates with a strong currency have been our doom, not a blessing because a weak currency would have been good for our exports and our manifacturing system while been able to get more foreign debt thanks to lower interest rates created an incentive to invest in low productivity activities like housing in the early 2000 and for politicians to just keep overspending. Now we are country that is completely addicted to low interest rates and we have lost countless productive capability since we are inside the euro. We need our currency to reflect our economy, which is not Germany, and just let the market balance things out as it should.

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