Druckenmiller’s End 2023 Interview And Article on Monetary, Economy, Stocks & More…

Druckenmiller's End 2023 Interview And Short Article on Monetary, Economy, Stocks & More …

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Druckenmiller's End 2023 Interview And Article on Monetary, Economy, Stocks & More…

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  1. Thanks for addressing this topic. Also the reference on the reading that’s something I’d like to read so thanks.

  2. I love your reasoning regarding government spending, if they run a 5% deficit, they are frequently getting 5% more GDP. If you compare US debt to S&P 500 you’ll see a pattern. Sure, correlation doesn’t mean causation, but there’s a big effect on US’s printing machine and the stock market. Which we are seeing right now, with earnings going up and stocks going down.

    We’re accustomed to 25 PE ratios, but it could also go down all the way to 5 PE ratio. Companies would still operate. We don’t really know how deep the hole is yet.

    I find Warren Buffet’s behavior on keeping raw cash prudent. In a big crisis, having cash on hand is really important and he knows that. Even if he’d want to raise, getting loans from bank or making a few calls isn’t that easy.

    By having cash berkshire can just buy what they want at face value. When our parents felt like dire times were coming, they would hide money under their beds, why do we think that this has changed?

    1. We do know what the pe ratios will look like just look at Swiss companies and Europe which is equivalent in size gdp kinda but has a much better debt to gdp ratio as a whole than usa and Euronext the stock exchange says avg pe is 17.4
      And the avg pe for the Swiss exchange is 24, and Switzerland has had a debt to gdp of 40% since 2012 so looking at Europe doesn’t really help to understand to much plus in Europe

      stock investing is the alley for wealth management and billionaires so lower pe cause only the rich really use it

      And also Switzerland is much richer than Europe and usa so it should be expected that their companies would have a higher PE ratio because they are better companies

      And I don’t think there’s a point in even looking at other countries because in many third world countries people in the countries choose not to invest in their stock markets and choose the US instead for safety and trustworthiness and they are normally natural resource related

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  11. So to get this straight: Fiscal policy made the super rich even super richer. I built a good living from nothing and I did nothing for the world? And now I have to take a cut, so the top 1% wont have to? Well, sounds like a plan…

  12. I went and read his piece. I learned a lot. Thank you for sharing.. I had questions about the subject since last time I saw public debt to GDP was 118% and wanted to know what could be the possible consequences.

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