Do You Have The Guts To BUY IN A CRASH?

Be greedy when others are fearful, however is it that simple to just go and purchase while everybody else is offering?

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Do You Have The Guts To BUY IN A CRASH?

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  1. Buying crash is not easy.. it takes time until one understands the business.. the first crash happened to my portfolio, I was panicking but then I took the wise decision not to look at the portfolio for 10 months and I also a bad decision not buy crazy but just bought 30-40% of the available cash… this made me understand the dynamics and the term volatility. the next crash happened.. I started to ignore the portfolio value and look at the business and started to purchase them like crazy.. I still remember, where I took the left over money at the end of the month from the bank to the trading account.. was literally living on pay check to pay check for several months.. now im happy.

  2. Kering SA is still a good opportunity at these levels, glad i cought it. Luxury is way better than any retailers. No margin compressions, worldwide known brands, family owned business, low debt, great cash flow machine. Sven would you consider it as a good risk-reward opportunity? thanks for your work

  3. It feels so good to buy in a massive crash when your reasoning is shown to be correct later! 🤑 During COVID I saw my investments go down so much that it was as if I hadn’t invested at all during all those years, I were +/- 0%, I had some money on the side and still had a nice steady income; I thought that COVID-disruptions wouldn’t last so I bought undervalued great companies. It wasn’t easy to keep your head cool though.

  4. Yes, crashes are amazing opportunities and if you look globally, they happen fairly regularly. Butthere is a big difference in picking up google in a crash vs Nikola or some sh*tcoin.

    1. We had the chance on the magnificent 7 and I had some other high quality stocks doing really good. Hoping to see a big crash and pick up more!

  5. Individual stocks can go to zero. However, if an asset class ie sp500 Treasuries Commodities crash in multi year lows you should go all in contrary to your feeling at the time, if you have the liquidity to do so…

  6. I know some of my cousin’s friends been working for this company for over two decades and they said they would never touch this stock of their company.

  7. Significant downturns are the only time I’m allocating heavily, provided there’s a fundamental basis for future returns and the market is behaving irrational.

  8. Hi Sven, nothing is perfect investment anyway I did DCA all the way down. I see this company in 10 years still operational. You are right nobody touching Meta around 90 or Google below 90. For me is better to do DCA on some companies and then just reduce position to the point I am happy with. As usual thank you for all your knowledge and experience you are sharing with us

  9. A ROIC around 1% makes me stay clear of this one. Buying in crash is ok if you have sufficient knowledge about company and management. Otherwise it’s all panic – been there, done that. Not my cup of tea 😂

  10. If most of the market is in YOLO mode and a stock like Walgreens is still getting annihilated, I’m more inclined to believe that the market is right about Walgreens and its valuation should be low. It’s another thing entirely to buy when the market as a whole is in a deep bear market … totally different situations.

  11. I love to buy turnarounds. You have to know your stuff buying turnarounds. Nonetheless for me it’s never acting without fear. It is acting despite fear. The fear is always there when I buy beaten down companies. But I act when I think I know enough and the risk and reward looks promising.

  12. I have always set up alerts when companies I like reach a certain point. In the past it’s been a mixed bag on whether I have the guts to buy them when they hit. When I don’t, I usually regret it. (ANDE at 35 just this year, for instance, or KHC at 31.10)

  13. I have 3 years learning here and there and I did had the guts to do it with a bit money I did made a profit of 20% and pulled out 😅 maybe I won like 200 dolars but I learned a bit more it’s a lot different to do it in real life your senses are charper to learn more at least for me 😊

  14. Its very hard to time the market or try to predict the direction of the economy. Its easier to focus on:
    1) Understand how the company makes its money and how it plans to make more money.
    2) Its debt is low relative to its profits.
    3) Sales and profits are rising.
    4) Its trading outlook is positive and there is still growth to come.
    5) The valuation looks cheapish relative to its growth potential.
    6) Its stock price chart is on the uptrend.

  15. Thanks for the video Sven, was wondering if you could cover also Rolls Royce (RYCEY) ? It had a nice run in the last year but still seems like there’s plenty of room left to recover from old levels. What do you think ?

  16. Buying in a crash is not difficult for me, my main problem is the lack of SIDELINE … I do find a lot of opportunities right now, a lot of stocks really got hammered, but if the whole market crashes I will have less cash to react to buy cheap high quality stocks, that only come down, when the whole market loses sight. So, how much sideline do we really need? Or is a big bond investment ideal to shift if there is a crash? Maybe a nice theme to discuss, Sven?

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