Dividends Are The Answer! Dividends Will Make You Rich!

are the answer for in this market, however not just for this market, dividend are the response to all markets and to all . Here we explain it!

0:34 Dividend Aspect
3:49 Buffett Dividends
5:08 Incomes

Intel Stock Analysis
Cisco Stock Update
BEst Buy Stock
Verizon Stock
Rio Tinto Stock
3M Stock

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Dividends Are The Answer! Dividends Will Make You Rich!

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  1. Great video as always. I would like to see a video about crocs, a stock without dividends, but?which looks quiet undervalued after a big decline.

  2. thank you for your video! I want to ask you about your view/thoughts on covered call ETF like JEPI,DIVO and the high yield ETFs( QYLD, RYLD, XYLD). These provide high dividend yields. They yield comes from selling calls. Take DIVO/JEPI for example it has high dividend paying companies for some of the portfolio, and then the other portion of portfolio sell call contracts. DIVO/JEPI have negative returns abut less negative compared to SP500. Plz give your views/analysis(perhaps a good video idea?)

  3. Every time stock prices depreciate everyone runs to dividends. Buy high sell low investors. During the pandemic nobody looked at value/dividends.

  4. I think it’s a semantic issue. You are referring to dividends but in the Berkshire case you talk about Buffett reinvesting those earnings for you. So you’re really talking about free cashflow + high ROI within the company. That’s the key.

    1. Buffett is one of the few managers that gets a free pass on the credibility of management when they say “if we do not find a better place to put that money, we’ll give it to you”.
      Anyhow, we are in agreement I think. High ROI or return of money in the form of dividends.

    2. That’s how I see it. Buffett knows he would be burning money if Berkshire suddenly provided a dividend. If Buffett knows he could turn his cash into 110% or 115% –why would he hand it out to investors? Companies with a high ROIC (15%+) can turn $100 into $115+ instead of appeasing investors who want risk-free investments.

      I think Apples huge ROIC is what attracts Buffett to it, rather than its 0.63% annual dividend yield. I prefer companies that have the capability of printing money rather than handing out their money.

  5. 20% of my portfolio is concentrated in just two stocks RIO, VALE for the fair valuation and the dividends.

  6. I believe there is a huge misconception about how growth rates work. A small difference in growth can lead to a big difference in final outcome, which is why low cost index funds are to be prefered compared to classic funds. 1% higher costse can lead to almost 30% lower return over a typical investment livetime (40 years), 2 % higher costs returns 50% less over this period.

    Same concept with dividendds, if we exclude them then the total return seems very low. But if we exclude price increase and only include dividends, the final outcome will also bad. That´s simply how growth rates work and I see no reason only lookin at price returns like the Dow Jones does. Only (real) total return matters.

  7. I give you a good dividend-like Sven for this video. Greetings from a dividend enjoying fan :). Plenty of decades here (I hope..).

    Maybe there is a other positive thing about dividends. It works motivating and is good for investingdiscipline. It feels like periodic rewards. Always nice to get those. I think that dividendinvestors have a easier time psychological to keep up strategy and discipline.

  8. I love to listen to your ideas as I have my mid-morning coffee. Both lift me up. Thank you, Sven. Always great content!

  9. In 2020, I bought oil and banks. I ignored futuristic, progressive media liberals. With dividends and trimmed capital appreciation, I’ve already built another “wash tub” for the next opportunity. Dividends pay us to wait until shares go on sale…

  10. From my understanding,the purpose of buying dividend stocks is to maintain a steady cash flow but dividends tend to be slow and boring if you’re not planning to retire soon. I’ve rather opted for a more aggressive approach and so far i’ve made close to $475K in raw profits from just q4 of 2019. Investing has no one way to it. Feel the pain of discipline early or feel the pain of regret later. I wish everyone well!

    1. Only downside is paying tax which you must on dividends, im from theU.K. so the American authorities have the 1st slice and the British authorities the 2nd, not great but hay ho

  11. The video that I was looking for after our critics to you about valuing S&P by dividend yield only. Well defended.

  12. You are right about Buffett. He hates to pay dividends but loves to receive them. This point is commonly misunderstood.

    Another nice thing about dividends is that the investor gets to decide how and when to reinvest them. You don’t have to reinvest in the company that pays them. This, in fact, is what Buffett likes to do. Get a dividend from A and reinvest in B. The share buybacks are all well and good, but if the company is not a good value, then better to have the cash in hand.

    I use index funds for a large portion of my portfolio, but I also invest a large portion in individual securities, doing my own research. Investing on your own can be rewarding (or not), but it’s not for everyone. It’s hard work. Badmouthing indexing is just plain ignorant.

    The whole notion of index funds being “value traps” is overblown. As Niklas Lehner says in his comment, the extremely low expense ratios and almost zero turnover (virtually eliminating the drag of bid/ask spreads) makes up so much ground that any disadvantages of a number of overvalued holdings will be overcome. And another thing, the S&P500 is only one index. Vanguard’s largest index fund, by far, is their Total Stock Market Index Fund, which seeks to replicate performance of the entire stock market, including microcap stocks. It’s funny to hear people like Cathie Wood making claims about Index funds and then ignoring the fact that Vanguard’s Total Stock fund owned Tesla shares 5 years before she did. In fact, nearly every stock portfolio on the planet is a subset of Vanguard Total US Stock or Total International Stock, or their Total Global Stock Index funds.

  13. Thanks Sven, got me thinking now, when Buffet bought Coke in the 1980s was their dividend rate much less than present 2.8%?
    Just wondering if l hold onto Apple long enough could it eventually pivot from a ‘buybacks’ company to a high dividend company 🤔, if so that makes me think that l should possibly hold onto Apple for life or at least until they reach an egregious valuation of 50 × price to free cash flow yeald. Which begs the next pondering question, has Apple the same staying power and moat as coke over decades? I bought three years ago so im in a good place. Alot of questions and ‘ifs’ there l know 😏

    1. those are the essential question that only time will give you an answer to!

  14. Regardless one can do a discounted return analysis on earnings, dividends, free cash flow, etc… It’s all the same, just the P multiple needs to be adjusted

  15. This video is super-interesting. At this point I wonder whether you will cover some dividend aristocrats to see how they look now, and whether there might be something interesting to look at.

  16. Thanks for the video 🙂 But Sven, wouldn’t you rather have a company with a high ROIC (15%+) re-invest their cash into themselves rather than hand it out to investors? That money could grow to 115%+ and help the company make more earnings over time, which would be more beneficial to shareholders than dividends. Why not just take profits every now, and then and call it a ‘dividend’?

    I recall that Apple has a ROIC that’s over 20% –they would be burning a lot of money if they increased their dividend rather than use their free cash to re-invest in themselves.

    1. Apple has a ROIC of 20% on the money it can reinvest for growh, which is very little! Keep in mind no company can grow forever! But of course, if your real ROIC is 20%, reinvest!

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    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

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