Debunking Canadian Solar Stock – A STRONG BUY! (NASDAQ: CSIQ)

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  1. Risk: What happens when governments stop subsidizing solar? Will consumers (corporate and residential) still find value in the investment?

  2. Really good due diligence, Sven. I love stock reviews like this where you focus on risks when everyone else superficially gives a BUY rating and that’s it

  3. Yeah Balance Sheet looks very impressive with BV/MC= 1.5, but gosh operating margins at 5% this looks more like a retailer, looked at some of the competitors all of them have margins in low single digits. Need to do a deeper dive mabe there is some potential there.

  4. Hi Sven. Could you have a look on Latin America commodity stocks? Brazilian Petrobras ($PBR & $PBR.A) and Colombian Ecopetrol ($EC) seem to be extremely undervalued. PE ratio around 3 with 20% dividend.

  5. My Blackrock Oil and Gas converted into a Renewables fund when oil was at a bottom and renewables at a peak (ie worst possible “exchange”rate). Since then, O&G stocks up 3x+ and renewables in the gutter. BR cost me a fortune…..Renewables have been a terrible investment.

  6. HI Sven, great review. Always love an alternative perspective and finding valuable information. As a share holder of CSIQ, I didn’t know about the take private moment. Something to consider and look into.

  7. Love this video! I had this on my shortlist but I felt like I was missing something why people have no trust in this company so I was planning to look deeper in this myself. Feel like you covered quite a lot of ground already.

    What do you think about the more reputable solar stocks like ENPH? Are they getting into interesting territory for you or do you want more clarity on earnings and a lower price first?

  8. Professor sven you know how the game is played I’ve watched so many of your educational videos and no one on you tube comes close

  9. I was considering buying into this business, but to be honest i just felt there was something off about it. Glad to know my suspicions were valid

  10. A relative on the management team? Deal breaker red flag to me. I’ve seen enough companies with the red flag of the CEO hiring relatives and subsequently tanking the company. The rest of Sven’s great due diligence are just more nails in the coffin.

  11. It’s awesome you covered this company. I have had it on my watchlist for some time but never invested in it. There has been that thing I could pin point that was making me hesitate and I’m glad you brought clarity.

  12. The big issue with Solar is that we are likely to be in a completely different environment to the last 30 years. Higher interest rates and higher commodity prices. Solar has very low return on energy invested. It uses a vast amount of cheap coal power in China to produce these panels. In a fairly dark place like Northern Europe or Canada the amount of energy produced is actually lower than the amount used to initially create the panels with all the mining and fabrication. Things can change dramatically with these long cycles.

  13. Sven Congrats for hitting this spot on and in detail! Always remember that if something is too good to be true, usually it IS too good to actually be true

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