Dalio Suggests Stagflation Ahead – Best Economic Assessment!

suggests ahead as the has to balance in between high rate of interest and a slowing economy. Nobody knows how will things really evolve but generally 's assessment of the situation is the very best one from an essential perspective.

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Dalio Suggests Ahead – Best Economic Assessment!

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  1. Thanks Sven, I have one question about the stock you are holding, Forfarmers, don’t you think that the stikstofcrisis in Netherlands will have big impact on the share price?

  2. Thanks, Sven, great video!
    Don`t you have any plans on making a dedicated video for discussing Flow Traders – its current situation and probable future scenarios? They had quite some jumps in revenues (2020) and also liabilities (2021), so what are your current thoughts regarding the near and mid term future of this business given the situation the economies are in and a liquidity squeeze which might theoretically influence FLOW as well?
    Will be great to hear your thoughts also about Liberty Global.

  3. Nice video Sven! Ray made lots of mistakes (like every investor) but he is probably one of the biggest macroeconomics experts, so it’s good listening to his words.

  4. 4:57 Well, not sure how was first. But there is a book from Daniel La Calle ( 2017 ) “Escape from the Central Bank Trap” that predict a lot of things happening now.

  5. Great video as always. One thing I hear all the time is the half-true statement “the only way to raise living standards is to increase productivity.” The sentence is true, but the last 40 years have shown huge increases in productivity, without any improvement in living standards in the US and Western Europe. There must be more to the story! Productivity growth is necessary, but not sufficient, for living standards to increase.

  6. Thanks Sven. Negative real interest rates of 5-7% would be the dream scenario for OECD Central Banks for the next 5 years. They can’t issue a manifesto saying We 😍Negative Real Interest Rates. So ultimately nothing is off the table – Yield Curve Control, Capital Remittance Controls , Taxing Unrealized Capital Gains. #1 Investing Rule for such times – Rules ate gonna change friends, and change a lot!

  7. what most do not understand is that consumption (population growth) automatically inflate the price of commodities….for instance copper mines now have about 10 times less copper per ton mined in less than 30 years…all commodities are finite

  8. Dalios idea of cyclical changes in world order, which is at the core of his hypothesis, sounds good. But is it really backed up by hard data or more based on cherry picking and confirmation bias? He bases his “cycles” on three “empires” dutch, british, american. Though his inclusion of the dutch is already on questionable ground and his timeline is not really consistent. And if you exclude the dutch you have only the british and the americans, the latter not yet out of their “cycle”. Thus, yoz end up with a single full “cycle” from which Dalio extrapolates a lot….

  9. Hi Sven, as always thank you for the content quality. I’d suggest you to do soon a new episode of you analyzing 10 european stocks, even if the outcome was poor last time, i see value in companies like De’ Longhi and others. Keep up the amazing work!

  10. Hi Sven, I know you are 100% invested but some of us have cash reserves for emergencies and it seems like there are more attractive places to park it: ibonds, treasuries and CDs. Right now a 3 month CD rate is 2% and 1 year is 3%. And 5 year is potentially expected to go to 5% by next year.

    Would love if you could do a video on the history of inflation and rising rates and their impact on CDs, etc. And where it could potentially from here.

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