CRASH – My Prediction, FED(Recession/Economy) & Strategy!

are crashing and lots of wonder what to do. Well here are my forecasts, my strategy and what one can understand versus one can't know!

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S&P 500 outcome video –

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CRASH – My Prediction, FED(Recession/Economy) & Strategy!

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  1. Good evening fellow Sven. Things are about to get very ugly especially in Europe. By the way I have clicked subscribe and smashed the like button.

  2. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

    1. With the 2020 precipitous drop to 2000s in a month !! it is clearly not retail investors that suddenly got out

      it is the big market movers

      What is your opinion on the big market moverrs versus retail in regards to the very slow drop compared with the one month 50% drop

      I have seen no tech traitor or value in pest ment YouTuber or economist describe that event and what was really going on in regards to the market precipitous drop compared with what we see now

      I wonder if you were considered doing a video on that

      It’s almost like an autopsy and I don’t know why no one bothers to talk about it ??

      My guess is that the people on media are corporation driven sponsorship driven. So they aren’t going to examine it closely


      YouTube creditors
      are just very naïve as producers

  3. I don’t know how you can be this productive but i would watch 24/7 lol

  4. 10 stocks weekly analysis. Nice ! With the multiples going down, two great businesses are starting to get closer to a reasonable price : Copart and Fair Isaac. Maybe GARP ideas for one of your next lists ?

  5. My generation never faced real inflation, wars or big market downturns until today. I’m not concerned about myself considering that my personal balance sheet has no debt, but I’m extremely worried when I’m looking around me and I’m not sure how all these events will play out in society long term. I’m trying to see such events beneficial in the log run (let’s say 20 -30 years, I’ll be ~60 then) but I would dare to ask you how you manage to keep your focus while you can easily see the thunderstorm ahead?

  6. Q2 readings are the most anticipated ones since long long time. My bet is that we come back to the positive numbers. People have huge purchasing power and spend like there’s no tomorrow, which is of course great for the economy. Inflation is present and its high indeed, but doesn’t kill the ability to spend and companies to operate. Moreover, look at the unemployment rate. People have a lot of job opportunities and digitalisation plays huge role in that. Do you remember any downturn in the history of the markets, when stocks went down significantly and we didn’t experience any wave of layoffs? Internet makes economy bulletproof and Sven you’re not the only person, who takes advantage of diversification of the income streams mainly by leveraging digital channels ; )

    1. @Jakub Knitter it will not stay that way for long. This phenomenon has been happening since ages and will keep repeating for foreseeable future. The thing is, in modern world, monster of high inflation is only tamed by killing some part of economy.

    2. @Jakub Knitter I am delaying purchasing of another property by two years. I had planned this in 2023, now this will be done in 2025.

    3. maybe not that fast, things change, but let’s see, anything can happen!!!

    4. @🌍 Distant Relative 🌏 Haha second property? I have none, so I assume that you’re way older than me. Imagine your situation if it was 2008. How about your family? Are any of the members struggle financially because of something else than unwise spendings? Where do you live and have you noticed smaller lines in Starbucks and gasoline stations?

  7. My top two holdings are trading at forward PE of 1 likely somewhere over the next five years. Now the only thing I care is that those companies wont go bankrupt before that.

  8. I feel as though the FED is going to drag this out. I think we will see extreme volatility longer than we need to. Personally I will continue to buy which ever of my stocks are down he most. Excited about the distant future. Now is where we make our money. Great vids Sven.

    1. I share this exact sentiment. I haven’t been this excited about my salary+dividends in a long time.

    1. Everyone called him Sven, you were the only one who used the formal title Dr. Carlin. 😅

  9. I can’t thank him enough Frederick Kurt for bringing me out of big debts to a millionaire. God bless you 🙏

  10. Sven, thanks for being a guiding voice, I started investing 2 years ago and I decided to listen in to you for a more “fundamental” perspective. I won some and lost some, but I’m glad I learned to not be greedy in my first 6 months (options trading was tough). I cashed out 4 months ago now I’m cash rich waiting on the sideline, keep the honest videos coming!!

  11. Thanks Sven. I can predict the future..My wife has just told me what’s going to happen if I don’t do those little chores she has lined up. Sometimes the future is just bleak, bleak either way

  12. Another really awesome video. Jam-packed with entertainment (comparing investment headlines to the Kardashians – hahaha). Also, lots of good, down-to-earth wisdom – like 30year loan and being a levelheaded investor, instead of a greedy risk taker. Good job, Dr. S!!!

  13. It is an awesome time to keep buying stocks. If I were to time it. I know for a fact I would buy high and sell low. I have done the lather before trying to time the market. It is not fun. Buying and holding ETF’s are fun, easy, and I don’t have to watch my stock picks one at a time drop 10-15 on a index down 3-4% day.

  14. it’s great hearing your thoughts on the actions taken by Central Banks. I also believe that the noise needs to be tuned down in our heads and just focus on the business, no matter what the market says. Thanks for the great video

  15. In a recession people obviously behave differently. To be ahead of the market you need to think ahead of what will do well, and where the money will flow to. In Europe the aging population will tend to save more, invest less in speculative stuff and more in the likes of Bricks and mortar also in managed investments so Banking will do well. Across all Europe there is an accommodation and housing crisis so real estate will continue to boom so again Banking is going to do well.
    But sadly for many investors none of these YouTube taking heads predicted this over the last 18 months when regional banks were on the floor.

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