Copper Mining Stocks Investment Guide (SIA Natural Resources Conference)

Detailed Mining Stocks Investment Guide with the majority of the elements that will affect your investment returns if you have an interest in buying mining stocks. This video has my viewpoint but also two great presentations from the SIA Natural Resources Day Conference in Zurich.

0:00 Purchasing Copper
2:07 Key Elements –
3:03 Inventories
4:00 Cash Cost
5:37 Speculators
7:11 Production Costs
8:44 Life Of Mine
10:25 Diversification
11:50 Marcos Hernandez CIO SIA
12:16 Need
15:00 Supply
18:15 Bob Brackett Bernstein
21:19 How To INvest
23:50 Recycling
23:34 My Method

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Investment Guide (SIA Natural Resources Conference)

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. I’ve been in oil stocks since 2020 but I think I’ll eventually switch to copper stocks because it is less hated and probably better outlook long term. I think current valuations make it a 50/50 coin flip upside vs downside. Thinking I will be able to get a better price with likely another leg down in markets

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. a lot of markets are manipulated so you need to know where and when to invest

  2. Couple of other things to consider? 1)dividends. This can be very enticing for investing in mining. 2)some miners dally in oil which can significantly hedge their production cost?

  3. This is top quality content Sven, maeby even your best video to date. This Will be one too return to watch again in 6 months.
    Thank you.

  4. Lovely video, Sven thanks. Interesting times
    What a shame EBITDA is a bullshit non-GAAP measure. Ok as a general guide but not to hang your hat on. I think I will stick to costs and looking at the company. That said, it’s fun to try and guess copper prices. Guess being the main word.

    Looking forward to reading your detailed report on individual companies on the platform that’s where the value is

  5. Thank you Sven, these are the videos I enjoy, no noise, long-term macro economic view, education that show the path but your viewers have to choose to take that path to further educate themselves.

  6. Sven: do you think it is worth the effort to find the best u.s.copper stock? If copper is as important as everyone says will there be geopolitical issues with investing in places like Peru, or Chile?

    1. lazy subs? RESEARCH PLATFORM 🙂 There is just the core of it all in one email weekly!

  7. Thanks, I’m glad you were able to go to the conference and see what and how people are looking at copper and oil. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  8. You spoke about “Anchoring” in a recent video while reading comments on Intel. I looked it up and think it’s important to make a video on this type of bias and maybe other biases in investing.

  9. What do you think of diversified miners, like VALE or BHP? (I’d also add Rio Tinto to the list, but you have talked about it in the past already.)

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