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Stock Exchange is fun, but never ever go overboard and one thing that I consider given however possibly you do not know it is to never invest the you require!

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My 5 Core Investing Beliefs.

My passion is to try to find low risk high reward investment chances with a long-lasting organization owning like focus. I apply my accounting abilities and investing experience in order to find the best businesses to own that provide the possibility to lead me towards my monetary objectives.
If you are a sophisticated financier trying to find in depth, independent stock analyses and investing concepts, here is my RESEARCH STUDY PLATFORM (organization research study and risk reward analysis, stocks to buy from my covered stocks list, my portfolio):.


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I have to do with long-lasting investing but my better half has to do with something even more essential; long-lasting health! Naturally Ana YouTube Channel:.

I frequently get asked about brokers, here is a low cost broker, a global one that allows you to purchase on international markets, and also provides complex options like options for when your investing abilities grow. In the meantime, it is among the best services I have actually discovered for global financiers, likewise based upon your comments and inputs:.

Brokers video:.

Always remember: "Investing involves threat of loss".

Cash For Living, Cash For Investing, Cash In Portfolio Now!

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  1. Your soft-skills and mindset videos are hands down my favorites and where I think you have a unique perspective on YouTube because I always learn something new or have old lessons reinforced.

    1. @Mike T You’ve never heard of soft skills? They’re often the most important. Unless you’re a robot.

    2. @Mike T Awesome. The investing world can be very left-brain and chauvinistic, so leaning the other way will serve you in life.

  2. Sven I am 25 and I started working at 24 so I have very little savings but I started investing a 40% of my salary every month, due to the fact that I move from one city to another. I see investing as a way to build wealth and then pay my home mortgage with dividends

  3. I’m investing only the money, that I am ready to completely loose, without this damaging my lifestyle.

  4. Thanks Sven. This is probably one of the most important videos you have done on investing. Why?

    I’ve done ok out of investing and am fortunate to have no money worries. To get to that point involved realising my luck outweighed my stupidity and by asking myself the following questions:

    Do I owe anyone money? Can I pay them back? Will I be OK if I lose my job? At what age can I retire? Can I afford x or y? Etc etc. These are the type of questions you need to ask. The rest is just noise. When you can answer them, you will realise you are investing but you don’t really need the money! Sounds counterintuitive

    Some guys could talk the hind legs off a donkey about football and who is the best goal scorer. I like to do the same about metals prices and inflation. That doesn’t mean they are important, even to me, or that you should bother listening

  5. Good one – for a follow up you can make a video about “should I invest if I have loan repayments every month” 🙂 For most clicks – “buy or rent your house, that old chestnut”

  6. One small exception is medium term savings in a 1 year euro bond, technically this is an investment.

    1. Which bonds exactly are those? Didnt they have negative yield i nthe recent past i.e. you were losing money by holding them?

  7. Hi Sven. Very good content again!

    I’d have a question. Peter Lynch in his book and you in your older videos both mention to buy a house first, before you start investing.

    Many of the younger people face the problem, we need to save for 8-10 years until we’re able to make a down payment on a house.

    Wouldn’t be better to invest the money, instead of waiting 8-10 years and leaving the money untouched on a savings account? That money does nothing and we lose a part of it every year due to inflation.

    What’s your opinion?

    1. Thats a tricky question because we do not know how smart you are as an investor!! Its better to invest if You are smart, but most people are not that good in investing, especially with a modest timeframe of 8-10 Years time is not on Your side.

  8. Sven, but what about those who live from dividends? Those who live with 4% rule etc

    I am investing only for the reason one day live on dividends

  9. I disagree, investing is not just cherry on a cake, its not just about growing money, its also about preserving it, especially in times of some types of calamities. Even stocks, just like holding that MERVAL stock index funds in Argentina during their hyperinflation, it offers at least some protection. So this is why investing if literally for everyone, who is not bankrupt and/or unemployed. Also so many people just waste their paycheck instantly on that “cake” part so to say, and they dont have any spare for investing, saving etd. With that pace they will never seen the “cherry”, they might lose the “cake” too.

  10. I’d still have financial concerns if I was a trillionaire, that’s how I have money to invest, if I didn’t I’d blow it all.

  11. You can never predict and control everything in life – divorce, disease, disaster or all of them can strike and force one to sell stocks even at the worst possible time. In any case, even then one with accumulated wealth is better off than someone who has never invested but spent everything and more.

  12. Thanks for the content Sven!
    “I don’t earn 100% of my salary, I just earn 70%”, that’s how its been easy for me to invest, lifestyle and spending expectative should go below that 70%, otherwise it won’t happen.

  13. Thanks Sven. I would appreciate if you could analyze Mo-Bruk. It is a waste management company who makes money mostly in Poland. It pays a really good dividend, around 11%. Really low debt, strong margins and it grew a lot in the past years.

    1. It diluted the shareholders for two years but it is starting to do some small buybacks. It is in a strong position since Poland need to reach the waste management standards established by the European Union. It is also one of the few company in Poland who manages certain type of waste, like medical waste. I valued the company using the Damodaran dividend discount model spreadsheet, using a growth rate in revenues of 8% for 5 years and then -3% for the stable phase. I started using a free cash flow of 113 millions and a discount rate of about 6% (1.03% Germany 10 year bond and erp of 5.08%). A ROE of 17% and a beta of 0.9, using the industry average. From my valuation, the company is worth around 1.4 billion and now is traded around 1 billion. From what I saw the did not do expensive acquisition.

    2. I also found another interesting company which pays a 19% dividend. It is called Persimmon and it’s the second largest home builder in the UK.

  14. You are such a responsible YouTuber. Fellow personal finance wonk here, and I wish there were more YT personalities like you. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  15. This is the primary problem very few people are in such a place or ever will be. A lot the people watching your video’s investments are related to their life they are trying to use the stock market to stabilize their life. Most of the profits companies have had in the past 25 years have been the result of giving their employees salaries to the stockholders

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