Buffett Buys 15 Stocks and Sells 7 ?!?!?! Why Formula One ????? VZ out????

bought 15 stock sin Q1 2022 and offered 7. That is a lot of activity for Warren and one may question whether he is still sharp to handle all that cash at .

1:10 HPQ
2:12 Kroger
4:58 Shop Capital
5:50 Wells Fargo
6:09 Pharma
6:53 Activision
7:39 Small Positions
8:23 MCK
9:52 Celanese
10:53 Oil Stocks
11:46 Verizon
13:49 RH
15:58 Formula 1
16:34 Paramount
17:26 Conclusion

Videos mentioned:
Kroger 2017
Kroger 2021https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dpm_9rBT20.
Pharma Stocks.
Oil Stocks Video Oxy CVX.
Oil At Historic Lows.

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Buffett Buys 15 Stocks and Sells 7 ?!?!?! Why Formula One ????? VZ out????

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  1. Could you make a video on stocks with best dividends that you find most valuable? Thank you for your great content 🙂

  2. Moral of the story, learn his concepts (value investing) and use the method to research your own companies to buy for your own investment, don’t blindly follow what he does and take his every move as gold.

  3. So much for investing for the “long term.” Buffett’s been buying and selling positions like a retail investor.

    1. Also the long-term comment in the past by Buffett refers to the companies that they buy to own, not the stock portfolio.

    2. @Christopher Nash What’s the difference? They’ve owned Coca-Cola for decades. KO is also in their stock portfolio. Not sure what your point is.

    3. @Tyler P you don’t know what my point is. It’s simple , the hold is forever quip that Buffett says about holding refers to the buying of companies not the stock portfolio. Thus when you said that “so much for long term” it meant to mean that Berkshire has always been known to move in and out of stocks when either the story changes or if there are better opportunities .

  4. Buffett is a day trader now, it seems. Do you think he’s looking at candlestick charts over in Omaha? 😂

  5. Could it be the sign that Buffett’s lieutenants, rather than Buffett himself, are making many of buy/sell calls these days?

    1. Yes. Buffett most likely made the oil calls, the bank calls (they reduced WFC for a while now) and selling Verizon (which I think they treated like a cash position). Might have bought some Paramount too, due to high SG&A of Geico.

    2. Do think it’s time for him to take a step back. Charlie also. They will forever be legends regardless!

  6. Crazy how many people in this comment section think Buffett is making all these investment decisions by himself and not Greg Abel and others

    1. Might not be him but don’t you think he’s keeping an eye and would let them know if its a mistake?

    2. @Manmohan Akash I believe that with the case of Apple, which was picked by Todd Combs and Ted Weschler, not Buffett, he learned that he needs to trust his liutenants more because there’s opportunities that he doesn’t understand but they might.

      Also as a shareholder of BRK.B, even though some of those buys are uncharacteristic and speculative rather than more traditional value plays, I like that they get to make decisions on their own now, because at some point he won’t be there, and I want them to get their feet wet well before getting control of the ship. They have plenty of cashflow coming in every year anyway if they miss with some smaller speculative plays.

    3. Greg Abel runs Berkshire Hathaway Energy, the investments are handled by Buffett, Ted Wechsler & Todd Combs.

  7. Hope to see new video on VZ valuations by yourself. To me selling VZ with that 15% depreciation for BRK makes no sense.

  8. Hi Sven really good episode thank you. Do you show which stocks you own bu any chance, made me curious

  9. well, Buffett is not investing for himself. He’s investing for berkshire the financial fortress so his investment strategy is definitely not the same as before imo.

  10. It’s pretty obvious to me that he is trying to dump cash… probably because he fears hyperinflation. And he is buying stocks that will be well in a high inflation low investment decade…

  11. Sven – the one guy not afraid to take on Buffet and question his decisions 😉 GREAT! keep up the honest analysis. BTW as a new investor 1½ yrs ago i learned most about investment by going back and look at some of the old stuff on this channel – made me reflect on cycles/valuations etc and (to some extend;-) avoid the hype stocks and focus on importtant stuff, making me quite happy about current situation. Thanks.

  12. I am buying.. I have been buying and it’s comforting to see that Buffet is buying too. I don’t give a lot of attention what Berkshire is buying, because there is a lot behind the scenes that will never be revealed. In 2008, he was buying 6 months prior to market bottom, so maybe history is repeating itself here.

  13. I find it strange that he has been sitting on so much money for so long without buying because the market is toppy. Now with a slight drop he buys a lot, even though I would say, based on the macro situation we are in, stocks could just as well fall a LOT more and I would expect them to do so. I know you shouldn’t try to time the market, but this one seem pretty obvious to me. But who knows, maybe we are back to all time highs again by the end of the year and buffet bought at the right time.

  14. I don’ think it is a “new Buffett”, so to say.

    For one, it is unclear how many of these buys were actually done by himself. Buffett mentioned in the annual meeting that people often wrongly attributed the purchases to him.

    Secondly, Buffett did similar buying in the past. For example he once purchased a lot of Korean stocks in a short period of time, as the general market there was low. In this current high inflation situation, all these purchases seem to be better alternatives than cashes, which BRK has too much. Yes, not all the buys here will be a killer. But in terms of opportunity cost, they make sense.

  15. I’m impressed that you covered so many of these stocks before – when the WERE in fact good buys. Keep it up!

  16. Being overweighted oil and gas since last summer because of good FCF with $60 oil, it trilled me to see BRK go long oil in a meaningful way. Game has changed in this sector. Massive FCF’s now.

  17. I was also very surprised by the companies bought this quarter, especially after so many opportunities that Buffet passed in 2020. Inflation is maybe pushing him to make use of his cash now and forces him to make less prudent choices.

  18. Thanks for your candid feedback.
    It’s sad if Buffet is a setting sun. It could be he’s letting Ted and Todd have the full reins and their style is different

  19. Trimming positions by small amounts.

    I have three theories.

    1: They realise a stock is reaching a high value, maybe over valued?
    So they start selling, with the intention to sell more as it gets higher.
    – exact opposite of buying a bit, and then buying even more if it falls lower.
    So basically, it’s not a fundamental change of thesis about the business, but just practising a margin of safety in reverse.

    2: They often can’t sell all in one day, or in one week even, without tanking the price.
    They may have a specific number they were willing to sell Kroger for, as soon as price dropped the stopped selling.
    If it goes over the number, they sell more.

    3. Todd and Ted only manage 30 bn each. If they see a new idea, like FWONK, they need to trim Nu and Stoneco in order to buy.

    What do you think?

  20. I agree that some of these stock purchases leaves one scratching one’s head! Ted and Todd most likely have more input.
    Personally, as a BRK owner, he should forget all of this piddling around and just buy the BRK stock back. Shareholders get more bang for their buck especially if you believe in the inelastic theory of stock buybacks!!

    I am not sure why he does not own more Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. He should have bought them in 2019. Microsoft and Google have tons of cash.

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